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  1. Jaydog lol! :rofl: btw theres no rules against disturbing so.. no chance of banning him.
  2. ycheung


    roar is AOE so it can effect an entire group of mobs, however sap works on 1 enemy only so i think its even. :)
  3. I have a feeling something bad will come :bad: . Please developers prove me wrong..
  4. Battlefield series. Vindictus. Elder Scrolls series. Devil May Cry 4. Command and Conquere. SpaceMarines. Crysis series. Mass Effect series. World of Tanks. Fallout series. are my favourite. :good:
  5. Yes this should be fixed or changed i asked ppl with+10 equip and they said it took more than 100 signs to amp :wacko: 100signs =4690mc so thats about 20-30ish euros i think :facepalm: wtf i can buy 3pc games for 15euro :wacko: :wacko: so point is. pay money for the best weapons or buy new games. i just cant decide.. :unknw:
  6. nah no drops :bad: not even a sphere :facepalm:
  7. ycheung


    First off you "strygwyr9" DO NOT have ANY hard evidence that I am multiboxing. Just because me and my brother's IGN's are similar you assume I multibox. The first letter in our names is the initials of our first names and the "cheung" is our family name. Incase you didn't know siblings share the same family name.... On the otherhand, I "ycheung" have proof that I am a completely different person to "acheungg" who is my brother. We both have facebook accounts, different email address' and if it's necessary, i can upload a picture or a video of me and my brother playing warspear at the same time to the ADMINS only. referring back to your post...why would you include "greedily" and "noob"??? Firstly, I got the drop and YOU DID NOT so it is MY property. I can do whatever the hell i what with my baton, destroy it, use it or sell it, BUT since my brother IS a shaman he can use it. Thus i am not being "greedy" because YOU didn't get one.....sounds a lot like jealousy when you included "noob"... And how is hunting with my brother unfairly?? he doesn't give me any of the rare drops and we sometimes hunt with 2 other players. TIP:get some friends and hunt together.... :facepalm: Also.....U dnd't gt WELL TRIED BATON nd I did :tease: :tease: hahahalolololz u R the "kid" :P
  8. Will you guys add a new way of showing the chance of success, instead of low chance/average chance mabye use like 10% chance to fail? and when ur weapon increases so does the percentage of fail +1=10% +2=20%...etc imo i think that would be more assuring of buying/using signs ::)
  9. they can put numbers in their names like -NAME(1) -NAME(2) :unknw:
  10. inv my bd :) Players name: ycheung Level: 15 Class:bd Where do you live?: Ireland ;D
  11. ycheung


    thats unot nice ⊙_⊙ :'(
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