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  1. A good idea is to balance Ranger Blessing first. Scatter shot also stops crossing so you have two things to stop crossing. everybody can use crossing to their advantage, crossing till vital skills are up.
  2. LOL I do understand that but to stereotype people or mc as evil or anything like you said because of some people is childish. We both have those in each sides and as Coolstallone mentioned spartanss when he was still playing his BD always attacked MC, and Cutiee has been like that eversince, I can name a lot of elves that also do those things, Djabrix was even an ass when he told that he wont attack questor and yet he did and brang more elves. Oh and for the record I do have elf friends, Cevilone, Gerza, Technoilfe etc. edit: It often happens to me that some elf initiates the attack then when i fight back and some other elf/elves arrive that I look like the villain that attacked first and whomever he sees. @Gaga - you even killed one of my characters multiple times yesterday even if I was just passing thru, I don't hold a grudge against that, this is WARspear after all but it's all about mutual respect.
  3. They behave bad because they are bad in the first place, you just notice that now because now you are on the other side of the stick. Get it? When I encountered those people when they were elves they did the same thing especially when they know they can kill you. In any angle that you look, it is their ego that makes them act that way or they have fun messing with people.
  4. LOL Odin, that would trim them down a good bit.
  5. Since Rogues and Bladedancers are the ones carrying dual weapons, I think they should be the ones that should have a skill that lets them attack twice and ranger blessing changed to a buff that increases accuracy of the ranger or makes his attack a sure hit for X secs.
  6. atleast good rogues has brains to stun and run, bad rangers ONLY can atk and atk. LOLOL. The stupid ones rely on their gears and just attack and when they win they think they are pro, tell me if that isnt overpowered. They don't call it a no brainer for nothing. LOL
  7. You mean it's not a bug when you are in the 11 - 14 bracket and you get to fight 15 - 18 brackets? I had to fight two noob druids thrice and we still lose because me and my partner were outgunned, I had to force a draw on the last fight.
  8. Windlass

    Warspear Comics

    :good: Nice, maybe we should have a lore section here in the forums. It would be cool if people can write about their characters and what you did is even better.
  9. I know, they Mountain Clan is allied with the Damned King, so MC would still get the class, if not in faction then as allies, unless they make a twist on the game lore. we practically have death knights and necromancers as envoy NPCs.
  10. There is already a Death knight in-game although he is an NPC, and if ever they introduce that class Mountain Clan would have it. As for mounts, it would be cool to ride them but it should be that you can't use them in battle mode.
  11. The range is only 2 to 3 cels even at max level, but position lag sometimes show that they ran a longer range than what it really is..
  12. Is that what you call as a "half face palm"? LOL, kidding.
  13. LOL, "the best" at spending, I have to thank them though, for keeping the game running. Nice win lose ratio, hahaha.
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