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  1. They want a picture of YOU "Playing Warspear",not a picture from the game :facepalm: .
  2. LOL,aww man looks like another contest I won't be participating :'( .
  3. LOL,at my place,7 eleven is like everywhere lol(not litterally,you know what i mean :spiteful: ),anyway i'll try to read it a little bit more,probably i'll just stick to SMS too. :wacko:
  4. I just read little bit,they say "7 eleven" sell MOL points too(lol),so thats pretty convinient. :good:
  5. Can you guys give me any reason that I should buy through MOL rather than SMS,does paying through MOL make MC cheaper.If there's nothing really benifiting using MOL then i'll just stick with SMS(and skip all the reading :crazy: )
  6. :lol: :lol: Sadly no,lol does anyone in our server has "blade sudden of doom" guys?,lol I don't think so,if someone did have it I never saw one.How many russian already own "Blade of sudden doom"?
  7. Hmmm,i never amp my items very much so maybe i didnt realise it as a problem,hmm but then again many agree that the "Amp system is not a fair system" lol.I did say noobs have problem with gold,lol.Hmm there's something that you said that gave me a thought for another topic(If i'm not too lazy lol :spiteful: ),at least the devs has respond that they will be producing new items(I think lol....),Lets see what happen... EDIT: Yes actually i did think of that,i did think that the reason the devs devalue mobs drops was because of limited value,but devalue the value of the mobs drop doesnt improve the game so I think maybe i will try to address that on another topic.Devs need to give the gold value not by devalue the drops or make the amp price so expensive since we already use a lot of real money.Devs need to make a good item that can be bought with "Gold" that was the reason of this topic.I'll try to talk about this in another topic,but since dev has reply let see what happen first.
  8. I still think gold "holds some value" but not a strong one,I really dont want to explain long so i hope you see where i'm going,one have to ask a question "What is the value of gold?",the "Traders of drops" will ask of this,the "MC items trader" will ask of this.Mostly one will come to the conclusion "To repair item for free",and thats the only reason of "value" for gold. Not everyone have gold problems,when they do the "MC items trader" will try to sell a few items and its not that hard to "recover from their Gold problem" and what if the MC trader have enough "Gold" to collect and doesnt spend it?,why would he want to trade "more real money items" for "Gold" because its almost worthless for them infact if they have gold problem they can still farm for it for "FREE". When the ppl with lots of "gold" doesnt spend much,it makes it worthless for them,cause there's really not much to spend to.If I have a laby drop,I would probably not trade it for "worthless gold" cause why would I want my hard earn farm to collect more gold that probably i cant spend much on it,rather ask for MC items. In the end the conclusion is "What is the value of gold",not only from your prespective "cause that you can trade MC items",you must think from the "MC item trader" perspective too.What is the value of gold for them?,when they have enough and doesnt spend it, they dont need more gold and stop selling "MC items" Anyways i just hope devs give the gold more value and snorlax Dont dissapoint us ;)
  9. LOL?,actually you can turn the sound from the game off,here it is: 1. Click "menu" 2.Go to "setting and log out" 3.Click "setting" 4.Go to the "Game" section 5.At the "sound volume",just make it 0 All done :dirol:
  10. Do I think devs only care about money,probably yes lol,if not they would have stimulate the free currency better instead of putting more and more MC items. :facepalm: Oh well maybe there's no hope but we'll see...
  11. Hmm,they already giving runes and crystal for free,I think pots would be a great idea,since pots is a useable items that you want to buy again and again,maybe not as strong like the MC pots but just like the daily quest.Runes and crystal we don't need it on a daily basis as once you use it,it is enough.While pots you can use it at war,on a quest etc,its like toothpaste(lol) you use it and keep on buying it :) get what I mean?,so that is ideal. It would be great from time to time to upgrade shop equipment,maybe this month a good pendant is being sold and and lets say 10k lol,so everybody wants to try and gather gold so they can buy the speacial of the month. Just try to make something that can make "gold" become valueable,because if not all free currency in game are totally useless.I mean I have thousand of arena points but of what use?,hundreds of CC but cant buy anything good?,Gold well it still has value but it is getting weaker.They gave us all these free currency but doesnt help stimulate it,each time update only new MC items.
  12. I just thought of something,the currency of gold it still has its value but the value of it is very small because the player doesnt use it other than repairing weapon and if not to trade items.All veteran players doesnt need gold except for repairing wpn,cause there's nothing else to buy also less and less ppl are trading items for gold and instead most of them asked for MC items.Some players have 50k(I heard) and nothing to spend on except for repairing or maybe if someone wanted gold for trading.But still to me "gold" is losing its value,I mean why would I want gold?,I dont need anymore wpns,I dont need the crappy items in the shop(lol),all I need is for repairing(without using real money) or if someone wanted to trade. With such limited ways to spend everyone's collecting more and more money but doesnt spend it,it is making us harder to trade with gold as it's losing its value,well the only one that seems to have gold problems are the noobs but even they will pass that period as there will be nothing more to spend. You guys always update MC shop,how about update the shop in the game?,why cant you guys make something that is valueable to spend gold with? From time to time update the "shop" and give us something new so we can spend our "gold",this will make trading for gold easier as it has a value of obtaining it.
  13. Buying "gold" with MC=$$?,no I dont agree with that idea.Cause that will lead to inflation,the currency of gold even tough it doesnt have much use(cause devs dont update item) we still use it for repair item and some of us still use it to trade for item.Even the rich doesnt have the pleasure of gaining it easy and had to farm or do quest for gold.But what if the currency of "gold" is open to the players with buying gold using MC. Let's say 10 mc = 1000k gold,the rich will probably just bought it from the store,and they will almost have no use in trading or selling for gold.Then they will probably make the price higher(when selling items),even tough maybe not the rich but middle class will sometimes buy it too for easy access,because of gaining gold is becoming easier for ppl with money,the prices will go up for the demands of selling items.This will also cause the gold to become less and less valueable. Now its very hard to farm gold,4 gold tops I think you can get selling a drop,must do daily quest to get a hundred gold,all of this takes time and when the easy instant access is open I believe that the prices will go up and where does that leave to the players that is poor or cant access MC,in the end they almost can't buy anything as either the prices are too high or the "gold" has lost its value on trading things. But this is only my logical deduction...
  14. A good idea,but I don't think that will happen ;) ,not many entry at the warspear drawing contest,so I doubt many will a enter a comic competition. :dirol:
  15. I understand about your reserving name problem,but that will affect the other normal players too.Hmmm,I think 1 month is a bad idea(maybe longer),cause I've stoped playing warspear for 1 month and a half then came back to play again.Plus resetting our char without our notification is a bit cruel cause we put our time(and money for the ppl bought MC) in it.Hmm I dont know,I know i'm gonna retire from warspear,just dont know when yet.But when I do I just have this idea of revisiting it again 1 year later just to see the changes and maybe play a little bit. :drinks: EDIT:Oh you put a notification option at poll,I think that would be the best way.
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