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  1. @Cardinal okay just checked. It seems this error has been corrected. Thanks for your interest on this topic!
  2. Just a moment. I will check it soon!
  3. Higgings

    Block and Parry

    Precisely, but mind that this calculation works if you are fighting a monster that uses a melee-ranged attack, since these two statistics both work against them. Once you'll fight a ranged enemy of any kind, only the Blocking statistic will be taken into account (assuming obviously that you're wearing a shield)
  4. Would it also be a problem to sign on everyone's proper map the Immersion Capsules, once we reach them, from which we can enter or leave one of the islands on the Archipelago? This might save us from a possible meeting with a Dead End on the submarine labyrinth, especially if we are close to run out of Oxygen.
  5. We needed like 4 minutes more to complete it, last time we tried. I agree that adding few mins more would be the best in order to complete the event.
  6. Russian side is kinda full of such requests. No official answers yet, but since there are few bugs still so I suppose we will have another restart soon or later. Only then we may see if they actually intend to change this mechanism. Let's see in the future.
  7. Higgings

    Class Balance

    Okay, thanks for these thoughts. We will see what devs have prepared for us soon enough!
  8. Higgings

    Class Balance

    This topic is being moved... I see no suggestions here.
  9. This can be a good alternative. Had to spend my last doubloons for 4 vials T.T
  10. This is unfortunately what I find more frustrating. I like the whole concept of the map and it's mechanisms and I am sure everything will go better once we start studying our Talents there - but when I have time to log and will for some quests and then I find my char, stuck on an island because I ran out of Oxygen and can't litterally move unless I stay 45m AFK... well...
  11. I don't think then it's AIGRIND's fault in this case, but iOS' store 😕 Anyway, they usually put the APK file on their site - you may try to download it until the store has finally got the updated version of the game. It contains the latest updated version of the game and you may try to play from there
  12. Higgings


    I'd honestly say that the damage dealt becomes dangerous once they crit you. Once new expert skills come, we will see the damage of these monsters less dangerous than before. Not to count the lv32 and the weaponry available. They yea hit hard, but I am confident that it will be sorted out once we go on through the game: we said mobs were overpowered at T3 as well - we ended by soloing their strongest bosses.
  13. Higgings

    Class Balance

    I am not getting the meaning of the topic. You say you'd bring balance suggestions, but I see only statements, without objective points but what you noticed, and not even those are supported by solid bases. The thing is that we will never reach the so called "balance" because everybody is used to look on where the grass is greener: Legions state that the damage output on PvE hold by Sentinels is extremely high (forgetting of Hunters) and Sentinels say that Legions are the best on PvP due to their Stunning Skills at their disposal (forgeting of Druids) Moreover, developpers usually play both factions so what would even be the point on making this disadvantage you're speaking about? In any way, we will see what devs have planned on Autumn: in fact, they spoke of such update coming in this period.
  14. Higgings

    Oxygen system

    I disagree. It just needs adjustments but removing it completely is not good either and it would make the whole "unde rwater" scenario pointless.
  15. The bug shall disappear once you download the version 8.0.0 of the game.
  16. @Peony ,have you guys checked the bug with the Relic of United Punishment? I am sending the description of the problem here: Btw, thanks for these starting changes!
  17. I'm sure it does, I'm just saying that we lived with this for 11 years without considering it as a serious problem. Since this is a new feature, it is fair imo to give it a bit more of attention.
  18. Let's think for now to one thing at a time, shall we? I believe that being online and waiting 1h 15m for a complete refill of the oxygen is a bit more important than waiting 10 seconds for a complete refill of the Energy and 1m for the HPs
  19. For now, it seems to be the rule. But it seems also that our devs are discussing about this, whether to change this completely or appointing some adjustments. Only time will reveal their plans and their decision.
  20. This is the most fascinating "Joy-Hate" comment I ever read before xd.
  21. This is a bit frustrating. But I am sure that they will tell us more about this soon. I believe that we may have another server's maintenance due to the fix of some bugs, soon or later.
  22. Hey! Have you updated the game to the most recent version?
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