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  1. You may try to use a an active skill book on your character that you already have and use it. If it allows you to use it (thus you'll have x2 same active skills) then it shall be the same for passive ones. Relics is kinda different cause you basically use them to improve a skill, after all. Otherwise, let's wait for the answer of someone who already experienced stuff like this. (Or an answer from devs on monday xd)
  2. I am not sure, it would be like having 2 books of the same active skill for a character
  3. I wanted devs to look into another thing which kinda bothers me (but I think also every guild in every server that holds Maliat's Castle). This is the scroll achievable at T4's castle, once the Workshop Is built. I understand the thing that a higher tier castle shall offer better items than lower tier castles, but following this logic it is also true that lower tier castle shall cost less than higher tier castle for the same reason. Yet, the owners of Maliat's castle pay the same as everybody else to level up the castle or any other building. We receive the same potions, the same relics from Tower of Magic building but not the same scrolls: that just doesn't make sense if you ask me 😕 Hence I am here asking @Reivenorik or @snorlax if it is possible to at least have better bonuses for these scrolls since, at the current state of things, it is basically useless even having a lv1 workshop for Maliat Owners. I Thank you for your kind attention 🙂
  4. You may want to improve your entry with a description of the minion and its skills in the future I hope. After all, there's still a lot of time left 🙂
  5. I can assure you that making happy who knows how many people at the same time is not that easy as it may seem.
  6. Higgings

    Account sharing

    I have to tell you both guys to contact and report him to the support team. They are the ones in charge to deal with these problems, I fear; the forum is not the right place for reports like this I bid you both a nice day!
  7. Not to mention the work of Icy Relic of intractability, which works in a wonderful way with this skill. And many of the things you wrote were unknown to me, or at least I didn't pay attention to it. Very nice, very good attention you give to some details. Chapeau!
  8. It’s forbidden to: Make a full copy of existing superhero, cinema and game heroes. Use other’s and downloaded from the Internet artworks. at the current state of things, the artwork you put is not original and has been taken from the internet. In order to fit to the contest's rules, your artwork must be original. Not following rules may lead to disqualification.
  9. It was meant for those ones who, like me, have got horrible skills (and that's a compliment on my own case) on pixel drawing, as well as no experience at all.
  10. Hand-draw works ain't going to be accepted?
  11. These are very delicate situation in which, as once r0land stated, it is hard to define a real guilty. Everytime you give your datas to a foreign player you are aware of 2 things: 1- You are breaking EULA, thus, you might be banned for that 2- You are dealing with a player you most probably don't know irl, therefore you might be possibly get scammed from him. This is why we hereby recommend players to keep their datas as much secret as possible. I might sound really harsh and I apologize for that, but I fear there's nothing much that developpers can do in this case.
  12. Actually I don't even know what's this app either
  13. Any of you here knows a site where I can check the whole list of relics made so far? I remember to have seen one on the calculator site but it seems I was wrong. Thanks in advance!
  14. The same error might be found on our equipment also. I noticed on my lv28 character with lv22 amulet. If you desire, I can provide screenshot of that item in a normal state and in arena.
  15. I noticed that too. I found the same error in both lv14 and lv28 arena.
  16. Yep, you answered me indirectly. I thank you a lot!
  17. If I win 25 fights on lv28, am I getting all of the 3 rewards once the countdown goes to 0?
  18. From my sentence you get one and one thing only: If resist works against blind -> works against any other CC. But thanks for having reported it: our developpers will definitely check everything asap and eventually fix it 🙂 I am sorry to hear this 😕 . I bid you luck dude. Unnecessary aggressivity. I please invite you not to use it here ^^
  19. Keep in mind that an answer might take from 5 to 14 working days.
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