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  1. You guys are working with that right now as well? Many of us can't log in the game. 😕
  2. Waw... gimme a sec ._. EDIT: okay, more than a min
  3. Yea! Torture for them! No vacations for them! What do they need them for anyway? ... They inserted greatness items back for 6-16 if I remember, under many other's request. It seems they ain't that careless after all, huh?
  4. Don't forget to add your Character's name and the server you're playing in ^^
  5. *The youtuber farts* "CUT HERE, ME OF THE FUTURE!" *Forgets to cut* 3m Views
  6. Please, try to write this directly on forum and not through a Word Page: it will be easier for us to check it and evaluate your work eventually.
  7. Multi is not allowed indeed. Am not sure of why they haven't banned it yet, but I'm definitely sure that you won't make them/him banned through the forum, my friend. Perhaps they need more proves for that or more details. You may try to see if even others have reported this/these player/s for multilog and in case to try again. This is the only thing I can tell you.
  8. The rabbit... where's the Panda...
  9. @Holmes we are not receiving something like this on the international section I suppose, right?
  10. @Pangglii you were asked already to contact our support team in order to sort out these problems; the forum is not the right place for such matters. I have to ask you please not to create further topics about the same conversation. Thank you for your understanding.
  11. Higgings


    Hello and welcome to the forum of Warspear Online! I hope you'll have a pleasant moment as long as you're here!
  12. I must make a correction: they were lv30 2h weapons.
  13. I can say that on a lv30 weapon, a crystal gives 21.5%, without great charm. Not sure if that would help you too much though 😕
  14. The photo you put is visible on my screen 😕 idk, perhaps it is something with your internet connection
  15. Hello there! I am sorry to read this, but such kind of problems must be sorted out through the support team only. Send them a letter using the following address: "[email protected]". Mind that they may not reply during weekends, but only during working days (monday-friday) and that you may need to wait from 5 to 14 days for an answer (if lucky enough you won't wait for too long anyway) I bid you luck and a nice day!
  16. I gotta say one thing though: I hope you guys won't take until the next summer for a class balance/new skill set: an update like this is needed before anything else before even a new PvE environment imo. Another advice is to split these updates in several more little updates, in order to keep a sort of continuity in updating the game.
  17. Had no idea this song was translated in several languages.
  18. If he is phisically there, yes. But this picture is clearly taken from the internet (check yourself) and it would be unfair for those who have actually taken a real image.
  19. 1. The image is not original: in order to compete in the contest you'll have to put an original image, and not one searched through google 2. You haven't put any kind of warspear logo in it: currently this entry cannot be considered as valid. You have still a bit of time though if you want to participate in it with a real image.
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