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  1. Yes, mountain instinct. But you may need a Speed Build in order to maximize this skill. Pathfinder and Explosive are also nice skills. They deal a lot of damage in Scenarios like tech
  2. Higgings

    No comment!!!

    Okay, it clearly doesn't work. The conversation ends here.
  3. Higgings

    No comment!!!

    Just make sure you guys sort out your problems peacefully. If you do so, there is no need to close the topic.
  4. I believe the damage ones are worthy to be levelled up. However, the skill which gives you speed is no to understimate: speed + critical hit allow you to outdamage rogues who have different builds easier
  5. Hello! Could you please upload your picture again? Something went apparently wrong during the upload process.
  6. Yes, it might. It's okay then, don't worry. Our admins shall warn you if something is wrong anyway. Good luck! 🙂
  7. We can click on it and enlarge if necessary, but if you manage to make a bigger size of it, it would just make Jury's work to evaluate your creation easier 🙂 up to you, my friend 😉
  8. That's actually a very cute piggy. Good luck!
  9. Thank you for your application! Just one thing: the link you shared leads to a whole youtube page and not to a video.
  10. Hey there! Is it possible for you to upload the image here instead of posting the link of that? Just to avoid download problems
  11. I would have loved if there were more roots all around the body... just a bit more. 😁
  12. Yes, You can edit the suit and add something else until the 15th of February
  13. The level system is a feature introduced after the existence of the game itself; once there was no level but something else. When then the level up system came, weapons started to have a required level in order to be used, but those who already had that item equipped before this feature saw their lv1 characters using (in this case) a lv9 bow.
  14. But this is the whole point of making a Build. In order to improve a statistic, we lack of another one. If we want to improve our accuracy and penetration we would automatically focus on them and not on other stats like Energy Regen or Critical Hit (compensating our lack of stat with pots and scrolls) That's called "weak point" and it always existed in RPG's.
  15. This is why I also venture an idea about checking up how players use their classes' skills and which one is the most/less used and Nerf/Improve it if necessary more often than once a year. I agree on creating a lot of expert skills so that everyone can choose among which skill suits more perfectly to his play style and which one does not. I believe that doing this will teach us more ways to create builds and to study some new combos, as I stated in a post of some time ago.
  16. Heh, we have a Usain Bolt here. Although it is annoying this does not go against any kind of rule. Unfair in a moral matter, but nothing else, my friend.
  17. It would be nice just to underline your effective entry for the contest. Once you do it you can also leave those suits to be available for everybody, but they won't clearly take part in the contest unless you want to change your entry with something else. In few words, make sure developpers see precisely which one of your suits is going to take part for the contest :)
  18. @Anguie since you posted several versions of your suit, I have to ask you which one is officially going to participate in the contest. Just asking in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. Thanks for the comprehension :)
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