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  1. Congratulations to every winner and everyone who took part in this contest! 🙂
  2. Developpers are already aware of this situation and they are doing the utmost to solve it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Okay then, I'm starting with my own art! Name: Higgings Server: EU-Emerald. A happy easter to every member! I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 😊
  4. Where should I upload the art? On a separate place in forum or even here's good? EDIT: "Upload your art below" Okies! Doesn't matter
  5. Hah, touché. But in this case,how about incresing the number of pieces that a "set" can contain for certain objects(tickets, potions, signs of imperishability...) like 50 pcs per set?
  6. Then go and try yourself, since apparently nothing will happen. I don't have neither the need nor the will on seeing the private correspondence between a customer and the support team, honestly. From my point of view, I warned you that buying coins through VPN leads to a ban, thus I did my job. If you wanna follow or not that counseil, it is up to you.
  7. Wouldn't it be a drastic measure, just cause the lazy-boi gets your same reward 😥? After all, if the event starts failing, those AFK guys will either leave or start to work in order to achieve the dynamic event. Won't change much in terms of completing an event successfully.
  8. They actually would earn on bag pockets xd
  9. I didn't make that ammount but I have to agree with you. The x2 drop thingy is very profitable when it comes to craft materials and items.
  10. Your account was blocked, by chance? Because the reason of blocking is not exclusively related to the use of bots, but also to repeated violations of one or several rules at once.
  11. Hello there. The support team represents the customer service itself, and their answer may take a bit of time because there are several players like you who send them a lot of messages, daily. In fact, the ammount of work they have is huge and they try to answer everybody as fast as possible. If it is something about a bug, then you may try to write it here if you desire, but anything account or payments-related shall be discussed with them, through this following link: https://warspear-online.com/en/support. I bid you a nice day, and our apologies for any inconvenience.
  12. Hey hey! No bugs there: when you use an expert skill, there is a Cool Down delay to every other expert skill you have (of 2 seconds ~). This system was there since the introduction of expert skills 🙂
  13. @Angryman you have already received an answer about these kind of topics: I have to ask you to stop flooding the forum with the same topic, especially if they have already received an answer.
  14. The forum is not the right place to report players who break rules. There's the support team for that,guys. Send a ticket to them and attach on your message these screenshots. They'll know what to do. Thanks for the understanding and I bid you a nice day!
  15. Hello there! These kind of problems are sorted through the support team. Please, send them a message with all of these screenshots attached. This is the only way to deal with who breaks rules, I fear. I bid you a nice day!
  16. EU-EMERALD server shall be now a bit more stable. Would you mind to check wether you can or not log right now?
  17. Was going to ask the same, @Reivenorik
  18. Not even a 100% chance to get +10s?
  19. I won't lie, I never heard of this second case you described. If you leave a guild without a castle and join a guild without a castle as well, you shall be able to participate in the war normally.
  20. Fortress items can't be crafted. Those craftable contain the part "Royal" in their name.
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