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  1. Nop Only as long as you are on the 5th sector of Ayvondil and if eventually you'll meet an elf on that territory. They won't work in arena
  2. please, carry on the conversation here
  3. Tell me a thing - you're still playing the game? secondly Here is where you and many others out there didn't properly get. Right, I'll try to clarify! Let's start with the respect thing: when we speak of respect in its form, the thing that it is obviously meant in this place (and willingly - ? - mistaken by whoever thinks the way you do) takes another meaning than the very meaning of the term itself. Your "respect" can be seen as: "if you treat me fairly, you earn the same from my side". Fair, right, but unfortunately, this is not what I and the forum rules have meant with it. Bringing respect on a forum simply means bringing it to the place you're in, and not directly to the person (though, this doesn't allow you to be aggressive or unpolite whatsoever); I don't care if you respect me or not - this is not what I am asking you - but I care when you disrespect who thinks differently than you, using an aggressive behaviour or, worse, not really polite terms: you're in a place that can possibly be seen by kids; don't forget it. The second thing is still linked to terms, but differently: you see, the sentence "You're a good boy" (basic example, just to make you get it ^^) can be as first seen as a compliment. The point is that, since the language in general takes many forms and meanings dependently on the context we use them in, even this polite term can be seen as aggressive and disrespectful if we hear it from bullies who just threatened a kid in a school and the kid had to obey them without any other choice (another example - always good to clarify). The way you use "Fanboy", which contains normally nothing bad, used on another context might result as disrespectful and aggressive, and the bad thing is that you are aware of this. Long story short, man I won't argue with you further - there is no point on that and this is not the right place for that either, so I ask you to respect rules of the forum and keep a pleasant environment here. I don't think it's that hard, after all. P.S: I never banned any form of criticism nor deleted it in any way. If with criticism you mean "This update sucks, you are just leeching money from us", then this is everything but criticism, and should be treated as everything but criticism.
  4. @zherot If you're here to write your criticism valorizing it with arguments - you're more than welcome If you're here just to spam "P2W game and who managed to do so is a P2W fanboy" and other stuff by fact also disrespecting players, you definitely are in a wrong place. Again, I invite you to keep a pleasant environment here and to respect players. There won't be further warnings.
  5. Correct, correct. I'll redirect every topic about this same problem here. I can just say that devs are aware of this problem already though, and they're trying to sort this situation out asap. Unfortunately, not always this is as easy as it may seem.
  6. Nah, lv29 still. I am taking my time on lvl up And I have got another character to bring to lv 32... so, I am definitely taking my time.
  7. I appreciate these changes a lot. Oxygen Vials are slowly becoming more accessible to everyone and a bit more easily. Not to count the gold given. Thanks for this!
  8. First thing to do in these case is putting him into the ignore list. If he creates lv1s, then report him to the support ([email protected]). There is chance for him to receive a mute as disciplinary measure. I bid you a nice day!
  9. The event is very funny - but you should really consider to make it a bit more "rare". I believe twice a week will be good enough, even cause it will make earning Rep a bit more worthy than it would be, if the same guild keeps reaching the 1st rank. Or guilds in general.
  10. I didn't expect a whole new topic for this, tbh xd
  11. The only one respawn statue represents an Anti-Stuck method imo. If stuff go wrong you may just suicide and you'd be back to the main island
  12. @Cardinal okay just checked. It seems this error has been corrected. Thanks for your interest on this topic!
  13. Just a moment. I will check it soon!
  14. Higgings

    Block and Parry

    Precisely, but mind that this calculation works if you are fighting a monster that uses a melee-ranged attack, since these two statistics both work against them. Once you'll fight a ranged enemy of any kind, only the Blocking statistic will be taken into account (assuming obviously that you're wearing a shield)
  15. Would it also be a problem to sign on everyone's proper map the Immersion Capsules, once we reach them, from which we can enter or leave one of the islands on the Archipelago? This might save us from a possible meeting with a Dead End on the submarine labyrinth, especially if we are close to run out of Oxygen.
  16. We needed like 4 minutes more to complete it, last time we tried. I agree that adding few mins more would be the best in order to complete the event.
  17. Russian side is kinda full of such requests. No official answers yet, but since there are few bugs still so I suppose we will have another restart soon or later. Only then we may see if they actually intend to change this mechanism. Let's see in the future.
  18. Higgings

    Class Balance

    Okay, thanks for these thoughts. We will see what devs have prepared for us soon enough!
  19. Higgings

    Class Balance

    This topic is being moved... I see no suggestions here.
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