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  1. please, Contact me via private message, specifying which one of your entry you want to keep and which one you want to delete. 🙂
  2. One member - one suit. It is an important side of rules everyone must follow. You'll have to decide among your suits and which one is going to take part in the competition, otherwise you might be disqualified from the contest.
  3. Yep, everything's fine now.
  4. Bru, try to upload again the picture please: I think something went wrong during the uploading process
  5. I am sorry to say that every partecipant must choose one and one costume only in order to fit our contest's rules. You need to choose the suit, among those you created, which will participate in our contest. Mind that not sticking to rules might cause the disqualification from the contest.
  6. I am not sure if AIGRIND can help when it comes to earning free coins through the sponsor's list. I believe you should contact the support team of the app you signed in and gave your infos to.
  7. One contestant - one work You'll have to choose between one of your works, I fear, in order to follow our rules of the contest.
  8. The rule of the 1 player - 1 costume only is still there, right?
  9. The selection of the crafting works are random. It might be annoying indeed to wait for the craft job we are desperately looking for, but there is nothing to do if not having a bit of patience.
  10. I will direct everyone else who's facing my same problem in this section from now on, until this problem gets fixed. So that we can see how many people have got issues with this relic approximatively.
  11. Ahhhh that's good to hear. Thanks batman! 😄👌🏻
  12. Hello everybody! I have recently bought this new relic for my character, a deathknight, thinking that it'd have increased the absorbed damage an enemy deals me (in other words, according to the description, the relic should ignore 40% damage from my enemy; if an enemy deals me 400 damage while having Dark Shield without rage actived, once I activate it having the rage buff on it should deal me 240... right?). Testing this skill out with the relic on, I realized that nevertheless if rage buff is on or not, dark shield skill does not have any improvement at all. Therefore, I am here to ask, how does this relic work for a Deathknight. Thank you a lot for your time and have a nice day! 🙂
  13. Take my info as "definitely not official". As I specified, I am not sure if that's what I actually saw or if it was something else.
  14. I might be wrong, but I'm sure to have seen an amp-alike system on a pair of boots, in a video/screenshot
  15. Higgings

    Little doubt

    uhm I have noticed something in these last days, by surfing into the forum into the Bladedancer class' section. (sorry for reviving this topic, but I'll take this also as an excuse to hear your opinions) as I clarified here: I remember the counterattack skill of bds that it used to heal the character through life steal, if the skill itself managed to trigger. I mean... uhm... shouldn't it be the same (logically speaking) for the a shaman as well? That shield after all deals damage, so it shall heal you a bit back if its effect triggers.
  16. I believe this thing will be adjusted. You are not the first one to complain about this problem.
  17. Would you mind to also post the link of that topic? Recently some people in game asked me questions about this topic but I couldn't find any link.
  18. hah very nice! I can't complain either,I got 2 fury crystals. I hoped for the CoolDown ones though xD
  19. Just received my set of chests! Thanks and great job to every winner!
  20. Events like this current one ^^ (14th January 2019)
  21. Not really forbidden, just it would create a negative visual impact, also known as Visual Pollution. Just try to use normal sized letters from now on please: you can be decisive even writing normally :)
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