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    Blazeferno reacted to heavybowus in Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero   
    Bd has good skills, other classes not? Wait wait.. Deathknight? Nono.. Shaman? Naaaah. Warlock? Omg those suck... Rogue? Goodness.. Ranger? Bish pliz... Druid? Never.
    Set that brain in think mode before put that keyboard on service
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Usama Tayyab in [2016.03.31] New rewards in Dungeons and other changes on Blissful Island!   
    lmfao.... nt dmg accessionaries i think....
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    Blazeferno reacted to r0land in [2015.12.23] New Arena Season awards   
    What is "skill balance"? I will ask this question every time I see word "balance" in posts.
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    Blazeferno reacted to PoleyKathi in [2016.03.28] Forum availability   
    Just a simple Server switch nothing tragic, 2hours of no forum how should we survive this? Good god pls no!
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    Blazeferno reacted to Raislin in Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero   
    Not against locks and dks with maxed stuns
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    Blazeferno reacted to Kaleidoscope in how to get ayvondil quests?   
    Not everybody, some complain about them and call them "gay" lel
    I personaly wore it, and find it an alright costume
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    Blazeferno reacted to Morgana in how to get ayvondil quests?   
    Hah shut up Blaze
    and good luck Vonmoger
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    Blazeferno reacted to TheCabbage in Remove magic defence runes from miracle coin shop   
    Casters are supposed to have more mdef than pdef
    You have to think about low-amps, too - at that level every rune matters
    Don't forget PvE - having high mdef might be the only way to survive some bosses
    If casters didn't have op mdef, they couldn't tank at all, even other casters
    Remember, defense is not linear: higher defense numbers means less % added - meaning that in the future when more powerful gear is added, the defense +10 people have won't be much greater
    A wise man once said: Don't nerf the overpowered ones, buff the weaker. Should there be a buff to phys def instead? (no, please)
    And if Aigrind makes money with these, why should they stop selling a profitable product?
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    Blazeferno reacted to ColdFootedMole in [2016.03.15] Warspear Online 5.6: The Honoring of the Spring King. Release   
    Asking GM will just get the reply "hmm maybe level up?"
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    Blazeferno reacted to xxdeaathxx in [2016.03.11] Dungeon treasures: knowledge rush   
    - a brand new unique expert skill book "Enhanced penetration" (for any class) is added to all Dungeons on Heroic difficulty
    If it s good as they say i offer 1.5m for it, pm me if u get
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    Blazeferno reacted to lallouss in Top 10 Deathknights (Sapphire)   
    We have dk in US? 
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    Blazeferno reacted to lallouss in Power of Blades Glitch Report   
    1. Im a paladin
    2. Skill should work as its defined nothing more nothing less
    3. This topic isnt about counter attack
    4. This topic isnt about mcs vs elf
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    Blazeferno reacted to Lexie in [2015.11.30] Update Warspear Online 5.3 Warrior's Path. Preview   
    "New notifications
    You will receive push-notifications after selling items via the Secondhand Dealer on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices."
    Could you please explain more?
    Also... i hope there will be disable exchange option in near time
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    Blazeferno reacted to Higgings in [2015.11.09] Game servers stop   
    So you are basically saying that non pay to win players deserve less probability to drop very useful things couse they might do smth with the items such as selling them lower than their effective price to other players? So according to you, People who spend real money have less advantages than someone that pays 0 and might get your same items? I read that more as Jealousy than Unfairness, mate.
    These are just thoughts ^^
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    Blazeferno reacted to Osmium in [2015.11.09] Game servers stop   
    DG 26 was just fine. Why fix it?
    The one that should be fixed is elm not DG 26. Haloween is a seasonal event. Rare drops comes from seasonal events. It won't be rare when everyone has it.
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    Blazeferno reacted to Nosotraes in [2015.09.11] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Preview   
    That has actually been suggested. But I don't think that will be added.
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Lexie in [2015.09.11] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Preview   
    hahaha cool nestle
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    Blazeferno reacted to Lexie in [2015.09.11] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Preview   
    Sounds awesome !
    But also means more money to be spent
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    Blazeferno reacted to GRAAv in Jaalax, Taker of Worlds   
    If you can read I'm not gonna write my characters name on my drawing & ruin it I actually like this drawing ~ as powley said tho

    haters need more proof? I'm sorry I went to a art school & know how to draw 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Hidayat Bayu Karvindi in Lord Condylura (UPDATED NEW SKILL)   
    Lord Condylura
    Created by Quinnz_EU-Emerald
    Lord Condylura is actually a star-nosed mole lives deep down under the land of Arinar. The Lord Condylura start eating the dead body from every fallen warrior caused by war between the realms. He is not just eat their body, he also absorbing their power. And after a long time, the Lord Condylura turns into giant and strong. He starts digging hole under the land of Arinar, creating a giant labyrinth cave. And also his nest where he can rest, eat, and gain power to create another labyrinth all over the land of Arinar. So he could demolish all the buildings and everything on Arinar and eat every warrior that fall.
    Skills and Behavior
    - Escape
    Definition: The Lord Condylura will dig a hole and disappear under the ground. And it will come out in random places. If the place where he come out near a player, the player will stunned. And also while he is underground, he will recover his health 5-7% of remain HP!.
    - Rage
    Definition: Increasing his physical damage, chance of critical hit and defense but decrease the magic defense.
    - Blind
    Definition: The Lord Condylura throw sands to blind the player for a short time. While this buff is active, all attack to Lord Condylura will be dodge.
    - Triple Slash
    Definition: By using his claws, he will slash the player 3 times. This will be so deadly if the 'Rage' Buff is activated! But there's chance the player will dodge, parry, or block this attack (if the player got high stats on dodge, parry, or block).
    - Got better idea? I'll be so glad to hear. Everything is up to developer to decide which better.

    - The Lord Condylura will use skill ‘Escape’ for every time his HP drop 10%. And will continue every drops 10% from the remain HP.
    - Lord Condylura will use blind and rage If player Critical-Hit him too many times.
    Note: the ‘Nest’ (area/map) where the Lord Condylura spawn is should be wide enough so he could use the ‘Escape’ skill and come out in random places (sometimes can be on the same places). And I advice the developer don’t put too much HP on it because of his ‘Escape’ skill also contain Regen and Stun. The 5-7% regen is from the remain HP.
    This is just my idea, developer can change!
    HP: 600K
    MP: 1K
    Base DMG : 360
    Sorry for my bad English
    Thank you guys, please support me and wish me luck~

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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Tweek in Gorden - Elf demon   
    looks like balanar to me
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    Blazeferno reacted to Hourai in Nimrod the Colossal   

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    Blazeferno reacted to lallouss in The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>   
    New video:

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    Blazeferno reacted to 342621117mk in Adding stats to the outfits to increase the power of ur char   
    A costume is a costume, if you add stats to it, it would become no different from just weird looking armour, and that would completely defeat the purpose of having a costume in the first place. Also, if they had stats, then there would be amping involved, which only increases the problems that already exist.
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    Blazeferno reacted to Maleshaman in Worst/Least useful skills and why   
    Rogues- all they do is stealth.
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