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  1. Thanks Warspear!!! ^^ Opening the God Chest's (the 5 free) Good luck for all and thanks for this present
  2. I m no thinking in go more out the forum but now in mc's faction are lesser equip options in market than elf land. Some months ago are lot different. New players see it and go elf. I have lot chars high level and its more easy buy equip pro with market in elf, and more cheap. Ok, u mean the arena equip is better? But if u are mcs and newbie surely elf's troll u xD Sorry for my English. Its only my experience. With patience and luck all can be great. Good luck people! Have fun
  3. If u no likes wars in US and the elf bonus, easy, not play wars and go off one day. The wars is 3 per week. I agree wars in now unbalanced between mc's and elf's, but we only can resist and hope some day change anything. Why no change bonus war from 24 hs to 12 hs?
  4. Agree in revive countdown in this hour, for one minute or more. Or made more banners with lesser hp in outside camps. One question: In middle of war the game stopped and kick me out. My brother see it more times in ur phone. Later lot of people in same area make lag in war. Im a the only?
  5. Sorry, but why us sapphire is first? is the last in become a day Br is 00 hs? its near the same time in all Latinoamérica. 14 pm CET = 10 am Argentina = 5 am Los Ángeles? Its US sapphire! Use US time xD (6 pm to 11 pm US primetime). Sorry for european and asian players, but Us-Sap is an american server and its priority the US time. I talking for a lot people in vacations get up at 12 pm or near. I got up and enter the game when system says 45 min, and 2 flags destroyed. Us Sap need the last time.
  6. If someone have more than one char, need buy the smileys in all chars or only one for account?
  7. I update the phone app but when I login system says app need update. The app says 4.7.0 and ok I touch yes in the question, go to app store but the Google Play only give me Open or Uninstall. And these one and other time. I waiting for update. I cant play at the moment
  8. For example: If someone guild is only the leader, or only one player chars, and not come in ten days for someone internet or health problem (its possible). What pass?
  9. Try to made a system message to make all leaders know this (like to no exchange acc or play everyday for get free gp). Surelly lot of people play the game and not come here. Make this only leader > heir. Explorer status now obtain more level i think. Heirs are very some. Try to extend more days, scammers are everywhere. One or two months ago i make a topic with this point. Its only a sugestion for lower possible future problems. Other point: If are more elfs in the game (the halloween event I remember info see 52-48% but I dont know if sapphire or what) not is a problem for devs. I have time in this game and I made and growth the 12 chars of this game in a decent or high level (im not pro) and all the chars have great skills. some people like elfs for urs ears and are more popular in tv or films. I think now great population in game have both factions chars. Mc land is more cheap in market. Rangers is the most used player, but is normal, all people look 10 dmg and think play arena. Stop cry and enjoy the game. Nice job
  10. When u say If a guild leader is absent for 10 days, the leadership automatically goes to the next player by rank who was online during this period at least once... Is for all guilds or only lv 7-8 guilds? Im a double guild lv2 leader and need to know this point.
  11. Other too: What pass if the last member leave the guild?
  12. Hi, i need to known what happen with one guild when a leader leave the game for lot time. The guild leader keep with this range or months later change these to the first in come to game? Thanks
  13. All starts with Harad Banner nerf. Now all the skills become nerfed. The next time no cry to others skills, now we all have problems with ours skills. If someone buy one skill, later no joke the players nerfing the skill, all of we buy a skill for the description and later change the power and says omg i wasted my money. Keep all chars have op skill and everyone happy.
  14. This game need spanish, in Google Play u can see all the day are new people wishing these. All my quest I never read, surelly have lot of work making history but a common latinamerican player not is a english-language fan. But I like more english than portuguese. I wish in the future Warspear look and think in Latinoamérica. Better late than never.
  15. If devs go nerf secret link, the next update give a shield skill to druids. Thanks a lot
  16. Druid is amazing now? Ah well, I think is time to back play with my druid. I no play for some time. Some minutes ago I feel how much a only necro make fear attack to 5 at same time and joke a lot and I think the game is crazy but now I see all have a op skill. Its great! The druid is the most nerfed char in the history of warspear. In the past druid root and make cry everyone melee oponent. All the best new skills goes to the priest. Druids need become op, are the shamans in the other side. A shaman is the most powerfull char in mc/forsaken, why druid not become op with one only skill is are the fighting healer? Stop cry, make u one char of everyone and be happy all super skill, or try become better ur main char. This game win the most amp and def char. Why reward the vagrancy? Work hard and cry less And think not all the druids have secret link. My druid not have now these and surelly u fight with 4/4 secret link druid. If all wait new updates for cry skills, make a lv 14 char for play arenas without new skill. Simply
  17. not die is the best tip lol. and fast internet connection, if u have lag, surelly lost. if u are all +10, the lag surelly dead u. lol
  18. great job, nice guide. i think lot people says no have gold but later buy skins or suits, i think better is buy bags and stalls. when u have a good bag storage and stalls, u never go low money forever. if u no have bag surelly all become more hard, its only time. no forget all starts in 0. only no waste ur gold in unnecesary things.
  19. one rogue without stealth not is a rogue. if u go to arena, surelly u go versus a banner, or traps, or everywhere. if u have 5 in stealth is great, make ur attack more powerfull, and can wait more time if u think are banner, trap or whatever. rogue not is only go to attack, in the past yes. now this situation can made all of we more strategic. not waste ur steath when u start the arena, make u invisible when u are near, surelly the others attack with banner, u go back, wait some time and steath are working when banner stops. 4 or 5 i think is a 1 sec diference. if u need go to elf territory, need 5
  20. Thanks, i thought this too. And i think is good for the game. All surelly hate this change, but all are living forever in Irselnort. I am one. We need walk and try lucky in Norland and Ayvondil, and help people in Irselnort quests.
  21. Some quest have chance to become spoiled. I think if some mob or enemy attack u when u are waiting and later the box, for example, dont let u touch again (x), cancel quest and try again. I remember the quest but i no need go to gg cave to find the helm and i done it. Surelly someone granite mob attack u and u need cancel and try again. Good luck. This example works better in the quest where u need teleport u to pvp cave and when u cant touch the stone in first attemp, cancel and the second column teleport u again in the cave.
  22. 1 vs 1 in duel will be become more funny the game, and the winner win gold or arena points (1 or 5g i think). If not like this, call this battle a "practice" and only battle for fun, without reward.
  23. Ok, I have a rogue high level, and I have a paladin. I can watch the two faces in first person. I know how much banner is hated in mc/forsaken land, and I hurted this. But i think need devs fix it. If u are near lot of mobs in map3-4 or lab surelly u become dead if u not have high amp in def. And u need make a lot of damage if u need kill this or stop for some time. If this skill only can made 50-60 damage, u really think in use it u purification can dead example 500 or 700 dmg? I think u not use it. Now the only use is for dealt dmg in rogues and become out stealth. Surelly next low skills in others class, but no its funny for all, I have chars for lot class. Sorry for my poor english. I wish need some fix in banner. I think the best way is not spliting a lot for all near mobs or people (example dealt damage in two or three max near mob). My brother have a better paladin and he buy every day hb, and now not are happy and think in left the game fot this update. im not happy too. But I want some fix in this situation. Thank you for read.
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