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  1. I dont think any of this is needed for Castle. What really is needed for Castle is a rework. I understand that inside Castle (Forest Heart) the gates got 250k hp and the Throne has 50k hp. Thats fair cause its 30vs30, but then, if you look at t2 castle, t3, t4 and T5.. In t4 Castle are 60 players allowed to participate.. The Gates are 250k hp and they got 0 def, as well the throne with 50k hp. As far as I saw, most t5 (70 Players allowed) (Sea turtle Castles) are being captured by the first wave.. The gates die in less than 10 secs if the attacking group reaches it. The attacker wave gets through and the defending guild cant do anything. They can just watch people walking to throne. The game should increase the HP of inside Gates and Throne. It makes no sense that The Sky Sanctuary(T4) or Sea turtle(T5) Castle has exact the same Gates and Throne HP like in Forest heart (T1). I understand having a Castle, upgrading it, is a risk of your own cost, but.. I dont know how fair it is for the defending guild, to have the exact Hp the same hp at gates and throne as in Forest Heart. My suggestion is. If you level up your Castle, The HP & Def of Gates and Throne should increase. as well the strength of the npcs helping you to defend it. My guild has successfully defended sea turtle Castle, but still.. it was a sweat defending the 0 def gates.
  2. agree to this. whoever gets the crown first.. basically won the GvG.
  3. Go fight for your wins and stop do it in the easy way if you complain about tickets being wasted.
  4. 19 bosses killed in gvg event by phalanx, only down left gave reputation. Event failed.
  5. I have a question, we have tried the event "Forgotten Hallways" twice now, both times we failed. In the second try ( 2nd stage)0 portal appeared. Are we doing something wrong? What do we exactly need to do there?
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