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  1. Babocool

    I need some new achievement to complete

    yeah if you win them by yourself its cool.. if you pay 10 people to spam for it, its not
  2. Babocool

    Castle Throne

    screenshot was made from a video 3 months ago. lvl 11 and 12 skills should be banned from castle.
  3. Babocool

    Castle Throne

    so theres no answer for that?
  4. Babocool

    Castle Throne

    so is there anyone who could explain me how that works..? do you need a higher lvl castle for that?.. because it didnt work at lvl 4 castle..
  5. Babocool

    Castle Throne

    How could a player heal and barskin the castle throne? I saw people could shield it as well. ( priest skill) When me and my guild tried that, it didnt work.. so how could anyone heal, barskin and shield the throne?🤐
  6. Babocool

    Castle Defenses

    if you want one.. win it fair and dont ask 5 guilds to protect you :D
  7. Babocool

    Vladeath Lyzoic Vs Elasiribd Roid

    where are the loses vla?
  8. Babocool

    2 Vs 2 Arena Best War Buffs

    scared nub where are the loses?
  9. Babocool

    Locks vs resistance stun

    just a game..
  10. Babocool

    Arena Award eq

    Is it possible that a arena award Armor lvl 22 get to lvl 24 when you wear lvl 24 award boots? i seen a shaman he won 3 awards in lvl 26 and 1 award in 24. He has full set lvl 26. He didnt won 4 seasons in lvl 26.