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  1. Is it possible that elf meet elf in that gvg? We have only met mc ones by now. @Akasha
  2. Is this a joke or are you for real buffing bds again? Like.. resist rush wasnt enough?
  3. Serpentus bug still exist... If you hit the boss without weapons and no eq, you deal 0 damage to boss and mobs don't spawn. You are able to kill the boss without the mobs spawning. @Akasha @Higgings
  4. Fix the incorrect work of Serpentus. There's a bug with the Serpentus boss. When you stun it, for example a rogue gouges it and hits boss afterwards the mobs don't appear and your able to kill the boss without the 4 or 5 mobs spawning. Please fix that ASAP, thanks
  5. 14:00 CET is way too early for Eu - Emerald. People are working on that time.. at least delay it for 1h. Its an European server and not an Asian server.
  6. Exactly the same event like last year and the year before
  7. Dg 32 bugged at the bird stage. When you enter next room, you get kicked out of game and can not log in.
  8. That has been going on since such a long time.. in old 3x3 they just stay afk and share with each other
  9. So I have a question. Since new arena will be 29-32.. What will happen to the people who are rank 1 now at lvl 28 and just lvl up to 29? Will the ap just reset like from 24 to 25? It would be kinda unfair to lose the ap.
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