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  1. I was replying.... And sent the chat by wrong click... but read the older messages that I said and u gonna understand why I asked here...
  2. At the moment all what I have is less than 2k gold...and haven't else axes to farm for money... Can't go ayvondil with damage less than 400 or more than 300.... Don't forget the defense of mobs or bosses.... Can't solo anything... And arena axes are all what I have. So any ideas?
  3. New update...wow I'm the weakest now because of my arena axes... & Starting to think about stopping from playing now...I can't kill any boss...or whatever...I don't know what is the reason from that update... Just feeling like I'm lost in this game now... All what I was enjoying in this game is killing, farming fantasy bosses...the adventures of the world of Warspear...exploring...not just PVP,arena... So Game over?
  4. This means new version even the One without effects?
  5. Maybe a mistake happened like delete warspear server by wrong click...omg imagine that all warspear R.I.P
  6. Ohh when we will get new expert skills... I want skill for rogue which can attack by lighting dagger and make the enemy stun...it will be cool
  7. Update....where are you Come on.... Here we have awful storms..want to see the update before I lose internet connection plz...
  8. Wew few time and we will go Halloween event !!!! I want damage rings!!! drop plz :[
  9. Hope they release the warspear version that one without effects.... I hate my old phone but it's my only way to play warspear these days... :/ faster GM all waiting !!!
  10. Relax guys..... When updating done and servers online again you will see that you were waiting for something deserve all that time to wait....
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