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  1. This class is really interesting also his name could be Forest guardian.
  2. We need Swamps chapter 2 for sure, swamp's the most enjoyable place in Warspear, maybe some different theme tho like Forest maps or deserts full of sand with puzzles and weird mechanics
  3. Mohamadhk


    I suggest to make some small cute creatures that can buff players and follow them wherever they go like small flying bird or cat or even Bouncing Egg or Ball. Pets could have stats and they need to be leveled up by doing quests that give Pet Exp with players quests or feeding them some special food to make them get Stronger, more Survivability and their buffs gets better each level. Maybe give each pet a skill that player can use as Pet Skill. If pet die it will start a counter time that makes them revive after it ends or using some special potion or scroll to revive them without having to wait. We already have minions i know but they are limited by time and they can't be controlled somehow, having permanent pets that we can take care of is something cool to see in Warspear.
  4. Poco X3 is a strong Device even tho it's in the Midrange section, I spoke aith the Devs and they are aware of the issue, it's related to Warspear not the phone, Cuz Warspear can work on potato phone normally while 6GB ram device having issue? Btw i know the solution for now, Go to settings in game and put sounds volume to zero and the game will work normally.
  5. Omg i have the same issue and same phone too.
  6. Im using new phone called Poco X3 and the game is like working on low fps like lagging, when i put sound Volume to zero from settings in game the game work normally, please fix that issue if possible.
  7. Thank you guys for your thoughts i just Edited my Post hope you read it again if no problem, it make more sense now and added more Ideas.
  8. My suggestions are mostly from what i experienced in other good MMORPG games as example one of them had factions rivals like elf and mc sides they had Black trader as black market, other games had a pity system when you aren't lucky enough with drops or even enchantment or amplifying. @GalaxyRekt
  9. You dont need to make rare items easy to be [email protected] at least increase the drop rate a little bit like sometimes we could go hours inside dungeons and not get something useful or rare, same also with Event chests it's gambling to open them if you want some rare stuff, if that's not ok then what about: Make a pity system?: when there's a limit where you go and spam dungeon for like 100 times and not getting anything really rare you get something 100% at the 100th time or you can choose the reward at the 100th time. Also another pity system for amplifying gears would be fair too.
  10. I wish if we had permanent minions like adding pets system.
  11. 1- The story in Warspear need really big improvements like small cutscenes for quests(if someone doesn't like it just give them button to off cutscenes). 2- The arena update that gives Disadvantage stats for using arena gears isn't necessary, like why we need to wear new gears to battle other players? I remember how good was the game in past while we use same gears for PVP and PVE now we get ganked by Other faction and die easily while doing normal quests outside of arena cuz they wear PvP gears while we are battling bosses with PvE and it's just pointless and waste of time like i have to get 2 sets in every character for PVP and PVE, please remove the disadvantages of using arena gears in PVE. 3- Warspear need some way to change character's server, when I created character in past we had no events and no war the game suggested me to use US-sapphire while i live in EU-EMERALD time zones, now War time and Events time all at very late time like 2am 5am 6am in my region time. 4- Classes and both Elfs and MCs side aren't really balanced even tho you are doing your best to improve it why making different classes for each side? Here's an idea: -Rework Classes, both sides can have same classes and when players reach lvl 20 they can choose between 2 classes ex: im lvl 20 assassin i can choose Rogue or Seeker as an advanced class. 5- Add a black market that let both MCs and Elfs use that has higher deposit cost than normal one, but same discount on profit %10 like normal market. Let mobs give exp after killing them, many games did that and add a lock setting for level if someone doesn't want to level up. 6- Give costumes luck stat depending on Name colors category like: if im wearing costume with purple color name that give high luck rate than gray one. 7- Add Swamps 2: new swamps map for higher levels. 8- Please do something about Signs for amplifying armors and weapons either make them more obtainable as free to play or increase amplifying rate(like something noticable). Hope warspear get more love and care!
  12. I was replying.... And sent the chat by wrong click... but read the older messages that I said and u gonna understand why I asked here...
  13. At the moment all what I have is less than 2k gold...and haven't else axes to farm for money... Can't go ayvondil with damage less than 400 or more than 300.... Don't forget the defense of mobs or bosses.... Can't solo anything... And arena axes are all what I have. So any ideas?
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