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  1. without offending anyone but the administrators do not want mc, look they give an improvement to the mouse to be able to move to the location where it disappears what is the function of that? copy of the magician's skill, a skill that doesn't work either, be serious or be a man and give something functional, half a lifetime and what a good change with the design of the dk, it was drawn by the administrator's son who is 5 years old
  2. an idea of the necromancer totem is that it summons minions without the need to use the skeletons of the players or monsters, and also a way to guide the minion so a target, since sometimes a minion is close to a boss and will attack to another target that is not even close. They could use an ability of the necromancer to make him attack a target with either the deadly eye. Necromacer has had some not so good improvements that we say are mediocre if we compare with his enemy the priest, the necromancer uses high combo abilities and only has 1 stun.
  3. only that, why is so low put onlye 1 sec xd it doesn't work if the rat moves slow, they should give a speed increase to that ability
  4. @holmes too good to be a basic skill, besides that it has a cd too low, the sorcerer has a cd of 20 seconds now because they did not touch the templar, and in that he is right the skill has no limit if he pushes 4 and 3 more arrive he pushes them and there are already 7 affected. Where is the logic to the administrators or is it that only mc see the good of their skills and that is why they neferte them
  5. Сегодня я к вам с вопросом, почему у вождя в пвп такой плохой магический урон, они не оглушают персонажа по площади, и к тому же его сильная сторона в пве это урон по области в пве, это наоборот, это его слабое место, Почему такой плохой дизайн магического пвп у босса, в чем была задумка босса или они выводят персонажей только по обязательствам, проще сделать персонажа храмовником, который хорош в пве фарме, чем сделать вождя это хорошо в пвп, и люди у него есть боссы в гильдии, потому что он единственный пижей, у которого есть магический урон в этом районе, но играть в пвп одно удовольствие, это уже некрасиво, другая проблема - его щит, ты помогаешь своим союзник и они приходят тебя убить а чем ты защищаешься, если ты убегаешь они идут за твоим союзником а если ты остаешься они убивают тебя, если у тебя есть билд пве он не работает для пвп и наоборот. следует дать такой же бафф паладина боссу, разделяющему щит, или они должны были просто дать Мусорщику навык оглушения вождя, я не знаю, почему они помещают комбо, которое служит только для потери время, mc все комбо, мы этим не пользуемся, мы хотим, чтобы умение просто нажимало и выполняло свою функцию, пожалуйста, смотрите на свои ошибки, не просто продолжайте ставить одно и то же, комбо навыки в комбо. Мы надеемся, что-то хорошее для Выложил, так как это фракция с лучшими классами сбалансированных пвп и пве, один или другой были уничтожены, но хорошо.
  6. вы не правы так как магический урон того класса не работает в пвп только его физический урон, у вас может быть 1к магического урона и вы не получите больше 300 или 400 и то с людьми нормального пвп набора и с теми величия 100 или 150
  7. @HolmesEs un chiste ,nefertean habilidades del brb pero no buffean hanilidades que pudiera usar si usa espada de 2 manos ,ultimo deseo deberia de aguantar unos seg y curar un % del daño recibido en cura
  8. but it is a penetration that you must accumulate 3 times and it is not very profitable to say, you will tell me that the skill of the passive boss of clans that you must use a skill 3 times to obtain penetration is better than the skill of the hunter or seeker that They only use 1 skill to increase penetration and also it is not a big deal to upload that skill that is said
  9. Hello, today I come with a proposal for the physical chief, as we all know the idea of having a character with speed is to hit fast and have passive or active skills that increase some specific parameters, but the point of the topic that chief only has an increase in speed in his ability should have penetration increase since speed dmg have more than 1 buff in his skill for example seeker penetration+speed, hunter speed+penetr, rogue speed+cd so why not give the boss an extra buff either of increase in damage or penetration, since critical, precision are easy stats to obtain all kinds of speed the most difficult parameter to obtain would be penetration also that no boss weapon has that buff of speed + penetration or brings penetration or speed but not there is a weapon that has both stats and for other classes if they have weapons with those 2 stats. I have already made a modification in the hunter's skill because not in the boss too, another thing is a bit i Innovators and I say this because the Server BrTournaline on the Mc side is running out of paying players and there are fewer and fewer people due to the absurd buffs they give, with the idea that they promise a lot and in the end it is not.
  10. У меня есть 2 вопроса, есть ли шанс выпадения предметов масморра или это просто везение, а другой в том, что они выпустят нового персонажа в этом году для "заброшенной" фракции и они не торопятся, чтобы дать ему дизайн и ценные навыки и умения
  11. Gelsin

    WsCalculator Data

    I didn't know that, but it's good to know, thanks and sorry to the administrators for that
  12. Almost a month has passed and the information has not been uploaded in the application to calculate the new level 32 weapons and equipment, why haven't they been uploaded yet? it's been too late The administrators could leave a comment on why the data is not yet uploaded in the application.
  13. Well, the chieftuian has been a class dedicated to pve more than pvp, and normally people use a hybrid boss, but today I'm here to show you that even if the physical boss isn't visible, it's not bad. Advantages: If we want a totally physical chieftian, an advantage that it will have will be its explosive blows to quickly kill live t4 or bosses, because it has no area damage, all that damage is concentrated on a single target while eliminating the enemy quickly and you will have the feeling of not using so many skills when attacking and only using speed increase and shield with frenzy, a way to build the physical boss and equipment would be like this: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/es/74388 Build physical chieftian would be: Wolf 5/5 Trash 5/5 3/5 eagle or heals. This varies depending on whether they use speed maces that have magic. Experts frenzy 4/4 Couro or the boss's shield 4/4 Bestial Wrath 4/4 (depends on weapon gives speed or penetration) Relics to use or look for: They would be those with increased damage/penetration/increased speed/precision or critical. It will be easier now to see which relic is doing better due to the latest update, you just have to see their abilities and click on the icon where it appears a sword/shield/or fist and it lasts for them which relics can be equipped on their character. Disadvantage: Due to the loss of his magic side, the hordes of monsters or the ability to heal will be null and also the magic attacks, that's why it is very difficult to get a boss if his magic AOE damage since he loses the ability to heal en masse with vampiric. Besides that in gvg he is without the ability to help and do damage in the area. What stats do we look for in a physical chieftian, firstly it would be penetration and speed, then precision and critical because the boss can reach 50% critical easily and precision has a passive that helps him if an attack fails gives him a certain amount of precision, in the equipment of the link that is here: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/es/74388 We will see that it has 40% speed + 20% added to the ability, it reaches 60% but at the same time in the layer we use the spring event since it could use 2 spring speed 32 mace but it is not yet in the database but with boss and using weapons and accessories that have attack force it is necessary to have penetration but at the same time not so much since the attack force helps the chieftian. Chiefrian with a basic attack of 1k with 20% in penetration with critical between 40% to 50% and precision 18% to 28% and speed from 40% to 50% + ability will give a basic damage between 1900 to 2.2k and with serious critical at 3.8k to 4.2k only in basic, already added Frenzy that gives 5 attacks of 45% of the user's physical attack would be 1k to 1.9k for 5 attacks that would be added 5k~8k depends since not all 5 attacks will be critical / they can fail/be blocked. Recommendation: If your idea is to use physical boss you must have gold to be able to arm him well and spend set sing to raise his weapons but once armed they will kill everything quickly and more if he has guild buffs lvl +7 ~ 10 they will see a huge difference in his hits . Postscript >>> The data of the blows given It is from Guild Level 10 Postscript 2 >>>The data may vary depending on your weapons/or accessories Postscript 3 >>> Don't have them tell you that a character is bad in some way if he is equipped well, has good stats and they have calculated everything and they are sure that something will be good but focus on something and finish it so they can say it is good or not . I leave you 2 screens of how the physical boss looks, one +8/+7 maces lvl 30 with craft penetration weapons and another with physical attack force lvl 30, and the other screen is 2 weapons 32 with attack force speed with weapon +5 both
  14. когда весенние команды 32 уровня поднимутся в калькуляторе
  15. Я не использую ни один из этих способов оплаты, они потеряют многих игроков, которые пополняют монеты.
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