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  1. What is the drop rate of the avenger? And what is the costume worth? Thank you
  2. How can i get quest in ayvondil cuz i did hard but still couldn't get quest pls explain thank you
  3. I sure do with my lvl 6 bd named sukkel but i cant play every day
  4. The elfs are an alliances we are all together and the mc are also an alliance. But i like the idea. Good luck
  5. and where do you get those catalyst
  6. What is better arena bow or arena xbow?
  7. Or 5powershot 5bless 3scatter and 3fire arrow
  8. I like vampire costume ( i wish i had it) and i like mountain panda and the full killing whisper set, it looks nice and orange is my favorite color!
  9. Awesome and good luck with it!
  10. And now the costumes are at a high price in market so only people that pay for the game can buy them.
  11. Ranger is indead really effective but necro also
  12. At 00:00 midnight is best to do cl quest ;)
  13. me too at school will be at home in about 4h
  14. yanniz

    Your ranger stats!

    Me too i like bow of sudden doom but what is btter between arena bow and cbow pls tell me
  15. yanniz

    Your ranger stats!

    Wich bow is better arena bow or arena cbow?
  16. The elf got stairs cuz the invisible of rogues and also because all the mc can heid in passages and caves and elfs cant
  17. What is the totaal amount of skill points you can get until lvl20?
  18. Yes but with my ranger lvl17 now i didn't get 2 skill points at lvl10
  19. There is a problem i think. My friend lvled up his arena char to 10 and he got 2 extra skill points instead of 1, and they say that lvl20's got 2 extra skill points after the update with new skills. Pls gamemaker fix it or change the skill points of those who didn't get them. Pls
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