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  1. Divinemyth hmu #hit me upp fr fr and anyone who knows him that reads this could u point him my way got something id like to say lol.
  2. any lvl 6s who r on elf or mc that want to do 5x5 arena at least 5 times a day post here :blush:
  3. And instead of arena why not just meet up at a pvp spot on 2nd island and pvp
  4. And these guilds r a hella active atm lol cant go to arena once a day without seeing someone from these guilds
  5. If your really want to do this you should talk to the guild leaders on the game because not everyone has a fourm account
  6. Buying grinch cape lvl 4 and lvl 5 crossbow if anyone has it on us sapphire pm me here
  7. I bought miracle coins with Paypal almost 2 weeks ago and i have not got them yet i have already sent in 2 tickets. But i have not got a response yet. I have bought from you guys many many times before and this is my first time having this problem. Please reply to my emails so i can revive my miracle coins and continue buying more. [email protected] is my email address
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