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  1. OMG i was gonna take break from game for a while, that's on hold now loooool
  2. I think it's time to take a break from warspear for a while ,I've met many great people, and many not so great ,but good luck guys in game and in life ,xjaybo over and out
  3. The person who keeps this drama going is jayrox ,everytime he comes online its the same ,wolfsy is a scammer wolfsy did this wolfsy did that ,jayrox angry cause he got kicked from legends,me and many others r fed up of his lies ,so stop ur trouble making jayrox and grow up.
  4. Damn just spent 500k in last tourny for legends EU, better do some hunting fast, by the way nice pic meandyou
  5. :pleasantry:Nice xjaybo ranger EU.I'm gonna be op looooool :shout:
  6. Good luck chrystall, hopefully we'll see you back soon if not you'll be missed
  7. Yeah im in Thecore and yes 90% r very trustworthy .but im the most trustworthy.people I dont know even ask me to transfer.guess my reputation is op and trustworthy:-D
  8. Thx soloooo I think ur right with ur list
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