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    Janier reacted to r0land in [2016.04.26] Update Warspear Online 5.7: Temple of Seals. Preview   
    nope, there were no such news in our announcement
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    Janier got a reaction from Morgana in [2015.07.13] Warspear Online 5.0: Kronus's Labyrinth. Preview   
    Just saying because sometimes expect much of anything and is not what we expected, I do not mean to be bad either I hope you understand me ... And the Bag's true I can not take all the quest
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    Janier reacted to Tood in [2015.06.09] Unique Surprise Chests for everyone!   
    The legendary chestz
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    Janier got a reaction from GRAAv in [2015.06.26] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter II   
    it means 1 mcoin = 10 gold *-* a set of sign cost 2390 gold, okno
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    Janier reacted to Tood in THE POWER OF ELF = OUTNUMBERED & OVERPOWERED   
    Acts like an elf "Praise Nuadu! These peasants really worship the movies of the Iron Man"
    Ed Stark = Guess who
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    Janier got a reaction from heavybowus in Skill Fixes/Improvments   
    rogue is a melee class but I can throw knifes and jump to you, there ranged skills but bd have counter and it's that bad?
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    Janier got a reaction from Morgana in [2015.06.08] Preview: Warspear Online’s 7 years anniversary!   
    Too lazy to do

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    Janier reacted to Kevin Glenn Severo in [2015.05.27] Development news. The birth of new Evil   
    really excited i expecting this update will be good
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    Janier got a reaction from Morgana in THE POWER OF ELF = OUTNUMBERED & OVERPOWERED   
    In today's war we will see our outnumbered and overpowered elves :v
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    Janier reacted to TheQuestion in Boss Invasions/Random Spawns!   
    Been thinking about a funny/fun way to make the game more interesting and engaging! random boss spawns all throughout the towns and areas!
    Ayvondil is an island that is very unseadydangerous right? its meant to be intense and crazy? i haven't really read the story line but im assuming so, lol. anyway, yeah, why dont you show that?
    So Basically: this suggestion is about really making ayvondil a really interesting map and more engaging!
    Random Spawn
    World Chat: WARNING The great Spawn of the Depths has appeared in the East Gate Of Maliat! Go Defeat Him... If you dare!
    the boss gets spawned there and is just busy killing people around that general area. players from either factions are able to go there and kill the boss. after the boss is dead, any player which was in that area and helped kill the boss has a chance to get an item for it
    Town Invasion
    World Chat: WARNING: The Allmighty Faceless is invading the town of Tlaskoe!
    this is when a boss actually invades a town and kills players within it. same as spawn, players gotta kill it. anyone who was there helping to kill it has a chance to get a drop.
    the bosses will go away after, 30 minutes?(dependent on server populations) each player who helped kill the boss gets a chance at getting the drop (NOT DEPENDANT ON PARTYS and youll see why) To make it more Interesting, the bosses mobs can also come along! it also doesnt always have to be bosses/ but maybe mobs that drop some seriously nice loot for players! _______
    Also: i really want this to be mostly specific to ayvondil because aside it from being the latest map, no one ever really goes there because not much goes on. also, it should serve as a chance for players to not only have fun but get some of the latest and greatest gears .
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    Janier reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.04.16] Bonus for Battle Victory. Lasts the whole weekend!   
    Attention, everyone!
    Bonuses did switch off after 24 hours. There was a trouble with servers, culprits are punished But this bonus boost will be active for 72 hours on the next weekend, due to this Friday scores.
    Our sincere apology
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    Janier reacted to ninjamato in bug/error in crafting?   
    The license only works when gathering materials
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    Janier got a reaction from Morgana in Top Elves Overall   
    true, some of those mentioned here sound like "I'll choose my friends" but it's ok he says is him opinion
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    Janier got a reaction from lallouss in Zeus Mr Warspear Beauty Contest Spring 2015   
    Smell like, gayness... XD
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    Janier reacted to Janier in [2014.12.12] It’s dungeon time! Unique costume and more guild points!   
    Serpent *-* the only costume that I like
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