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  1. First of all I am few minutes late to submit this, hope I can be forgiven for that. EDIT: even more late, since moderator needs to check this post first Commander Rutle During War of The Spear, there was a tribe of so called "Rutles", referring to turtles of course. They were living peaceful live on a pretty safe area on Norlant Swamps, but one day they were attacked by bloodthirsty gnolls. Most of the rutles were slain. This one was able to survive because of martial arts skills he owned. Not only did he defeat every one of the Gnolls, but he also got title "Commander" for his achievement.
  2. Storm Conjurer is a humanoid sheep with a hood covering his burnt, almost completely melt eyes. As he was struck by a lightning centuries ago, he gained immeasurable power of conjuring storms. Few are brave enough to challenge him. Jopenecro EU-Emerald🍻
  3. Probably that technopolis has highest drop chance and berengar's tower has lowest
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