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  1. For me, more annoying is t3 questing that is more or less impossible. The mobs hit harder than t4 mobs. I mean, what the f...?
  2. That will be exploited to the maximum. All you need is a char that has the quest for dg. You complete the dg, cancel the quests and your party get extra things (rep, knowledge or something else) and you repeat it.
  3. There is a cap so people don't finish it too fast. Once you finish it, there will be nothing to do once again and all will cry that there is no reason to do quests/dg once again. Also, those buffs are kinda like mini books. Since books are expensive, I believe that you should work hard for those too. This cap actually also help new players since all people are questing and doing daily dungeon and sea baits. I help new players with their sea baits, t4, t3 quests and dg since I have to do them anyway nowadays. This knowledge tree system is not at all p2w since all can earn it equally since you can't buy anything with mcoins. If you like easy earning things, just play an idle game. You are asking for extra way to earn knowledge points, but I bet you are not doing daily t1-t4 events and that's a lot of points.
  4. zsefv

    Map Marking

    If you are in a party they are already marked. Many marks make you don’t understand anything (check alliance events where there are commanders markers, and it's a mess)
  5. No one demand because each category of each level bracket is controller by 1 guild or a hand of players if it's about low level arena. No matter how many rewards you would give, you will only help the op people that control everything and not the noobs. I don't know how to rework it either. Crucible was something new that I enjoyed, and I think that's the way to go in my opinion. Even the seals from now are kinda fun and there are some intense fights in it.
  6. Looks more like scared of high level arena to me =)
  7. Why would anyone care about low level arena, since it's pointless to rank there because the equipment is so much better at higher level? The problem with low level arena is simple. It makes you stuck to a certain low level for 1 month, and people usually want to get to 28+ as soon as possible.
  8. I think that the quests/dgs are pretty understandable since all the veterans in this game were at once newbies, and they didn't need additional help. Actually, the game was much harder in the past for a new player. If that doesn't prove that they want new players to join and stay, then nothing does. There are also a lot of players that are willing to help, I know one myself that is using his free stamina to help others instead of spamming high tier dgs. An AI should in theory play better than anyone
  9. Also, if you have an empty guild, add AI to fight for you in GvGs
  10. Just team up yourself with someone +10 Then join a top tier guild, not that hard. Usually they require a pvp set that it's easily doable in 5x5. I don't think you should think about pvp only from 1v1 circumstances. I do think that a +2 should not win vs a +10, that means they balanced it, so amps should always matter and that it's a thing in all mmorpg games. Upgrades in general should matter. Buffs aren't that expensive to buy. About books, there aren't so many players that buy books and in EU server, legion side has way more books than elf side. They also give such a small advantage in big fights. Atm, in pvp, no matter where (1v1, 2v2,5x5,gvg, etc) cc skills are winning you the fights. All are at least +8 since it's not that hard to get it, and all are using buffs since they are cheap.
  11. Hello there, The way lab it is right now, it's well-balanced. I always see tanks willing to help. None thinks of lab once they unlocked Ayvondil map. Also, there are better ways to grind in the game once you unlocked t3, t4 and t5. Each town starting from t3 gives dailies that reward you much better than the lab in both exp and gold (even gives you additional items and mobs drop bars, def3, dmg3, etc.) Maybe in the future they will add a new section to the lab that will be targeting players that are lvl 30+. Regarding your rework for the lab nerfing mobs I don't see it happening. Lab was done in the past with players that were close to your lvl and there was no issue completing it with a tank. If you find trouble finishing lab, try to find a guild/players that are doing it daily. That way, it will be easier for you to complete it if you love lab that much.
  12. This is the POV when playing legion side. I played both and believe me there are many combos on each side that are annoying. Shaman heal totems spam is really painful since all elves dmg skills are equaled by totem's heal. Charmer dogs spam that deal AoE dmg is a pain to see since they re in a huge number. Barbers are so annoying in arena and they also there to give you a hug if you are a dmg class. Warlock area silence (no need to say more about it). Etc. The same goes for elves, since druid are pros at wasting you in arena. Pala is an op partner but i still managed to win them with the proper strategies and the right party. Rangers deal massive dmg if you let them do their job. Etc. The list goes on, but in theory you should really know your own class strengths and play around them. Also, know your class weaknesses and try to remove those by teaming up with other classes. Try to learn the best party combos vs different situations (how to deal vs full dmg parties, who to invite versus a waste party, etc.)
  13. I still think this is one way to do it. Past/present event also fits the map. You can also add a prize like in event gvgs (winner and consolation prize. For e.g. something minimal but useful like : consolation prize one 50% gp and ap pot and for the winners one 100% gp and ap pot). I still think the stars are enough to help you in dg spams in order to get your desire prizes. We're going to war for "fun" and not for 1 bar or pot. (Also, winning/losing a war is used as a strategy by top guilds. That's why you see some guilds joining or not. An e.g. is if you know you have a castle def next week, and the war is before the arena season ends, you usually don't want to lose that war, or you want to make it a draw. Your enemy will afk in the war if they're on the same side as you, so they would let their opposite side ally guild to win it, so they have more chances in the attack. There are a lot more to add to this, but I will let you find out by yourself)
  14. It is hard to balance wars imo since if you give rewards by killing other players you can just farm your alts. Also, even rewards such as even more % GP would be highly ignored. If people are lazy to join the war, i m sure they are lazy to spam dungeons also. In my opinion, the best solution would be replacing the war with the alliance events (e.g. the event with past/present where you can get stars based on how many flags you captured inside the cave).
  15. @Holmes I do have a question tho. Will the baits activate if I don't have the quests, but I have guild event "Rusty Wastelands" active? That could be a problem since most people don't stack t4 quests nowadays since you use it for daily knowledge. If none from guild have the baits quests, that will be impossible to complete, right?
  16. Well, I will give you 1 example where you can't do that. In EU server, elves can't really attack since it's 1v3, soon 1v4. If we'd leave our flag to attack, that'd result in an instant lose. War needs some kinda of rework definitely, but I don't think this is one of them.
  17. I bet you have a dmg class like seeker, rogue etc. Think for a solution that reward all players equally. Also like someone said before, replace mcoins with imps : That would also not work for templars, warlocks that usually just def and not attack.
  18. I really disagree with this. That would affect pvp hardly. A healer should never be able to deal damage. You should try to create another dmg char for dg and keep your casters for pvp. That is what most healers in my guild did. And as you said, you don't need to be overpowered if you have a good tank in your party. A +8 should do the job with decent ls equipment. ^^ (This is not a long term solution in my opinion, but it is a start for you healers, that are left behind in dg spams)
  19. Hey fellas, we all know that the process of creating a new char is not appealing for 1 big reason (having to grind t1 and t2 reputation in order to progress to the next town, completing easy-hard dungeon for the respective town). In order to make it easier for both old and new players, I thought of the following: If you have the quest that asks you to do easy/normal/hard dungeon, the reputation requirement is deleted. I know that there is the birthday event that eliminates this reputation requirement, but what if you want to create 3 new chars? None actually wants to do map 1-4 that many times in a month because it's tiring. I truly think that the rep requirement is obsolete, and it just kills your fun having to wait 2 weeks in order to pass to the next town. (I do know that you can spam the dungeon to get reputation, but that's not a fun way to do it and good luck trying to find someone willing to help you, wasting their stamina on easy garden instead of going mermen dungeon)
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