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  1. That's warspear - no matter how much you spend all day playing, you'll always have things to do in the game. Infinite fun.
  2. Eu gostei de várias coisas, mas vou deixar minha opinião pra cada uma, pois acho que precisam repensar sobre algums desses novos efeitos. Uma coisa que não gostei é que claramente tem alguns efeitos que são melhores e outros que são piores, sem necessariamente por "ordem de necessidade", simplesmente porque sim e pronto. Estilhaços é uma skill bem simples de usar, basicamente o que o mesmo de sempre que o mago faz que é pular e usar estilhaço vai garantir redução de danos de até 14% e por razoáveis 8 segundos. Não é ruim, mas a própria habilidade de aparo dá muito pouco aparo, e é um pouco difícil conseguir aparo nos equipamentos, fazendo ter uma chance muito pequena de ativar o efeito. Não vejo muita utilidade nisso, normalmente quando um seeker sai do invisível é porque foi atacar alguém, ou porque foi atacado, e quando é atacado 99% das vezes é com stun, que faz o personagem ficar parado e inutiliza o efeito. 10% é muito pouco, quase o mesmo que a regeneração de vida curaria, a menos que a luz celestial dê crítico, mas mesmo assim e pouco. A skill corre risco de ser resistido, de esquiva, só dura 4 segs, e o efeito não é imediato igual ao do mago, terá que esperar cada hit do exaurir, o que reduz ainda mais a eficiência desse novo efeito. Ter que usar outra skill só pra aumentar a duração também é ruim. Surra é uma habilidade muito forte nos gvgs, mas fora deles poucos usam, a não ser por uma arena 5x5 ou outros lugares com muitos players. Basicamente faria a skill ainda mais forte nos gvgs, enquanto outros Caciques não sentiriam nenhuma mudança. Causar só dano fisico deixa charmer fisico ainda mais forte e excluios charmer mágicos para o esquecimento.
  3. I think this is all a waste of time. Before it was a discussion of how bad rogue was, then came comparison with other classes, then came the discussion of skill numbers that one side has and the other doesn't. Basically they say "rogue is bad" because they die easily even with pvp set and 60% dodge, because they are stunned, because another class does something better than rogue, or even because the kick in the back is resisted, because there is no anti stun or attack force, simply no argument. What was supposed to be a discussion of rogues has turned into a discussion of "legion classes don't have that". Seems like they want to win only using 1 skill, want to be more defensive than tank classes, and want to take damage compared to the seeker just because the rogue doesn't have skills the other class has, or because the other class does better. They always want to compare rogue with bd, and one even said that parry is better than dodge. How does a rogue with 60% dodge more easily, since he has skill that reduces accuracy by 45%, and it's very difficult to achieve 25% accuracy with gear, even putting on helmet and gloves with precision and precision crystals on everything? Why then after the back kick adjustment that let the skill reduce accuracy to negative, did everyone suddenly start using precision gear and precision crystals on everything, just to fight rogues? Why are they using pot to see invisible rogues when rogue is so bad? The topic author's knowledge of rogues is also questionable, he stated that dodge build is useless. So why ALL pvp rogues in the game are build dodge? Obviously there is something wrong with his rogue..
  4. I agree, but all good shamans are using the pots in the arena, and it's quite common to see the totem healing 1k400. And even so, he said that the shaman's aoe healing is weak, but it isn't, a good shaman can heal around 800 per healing, which is not weak at all.
  5. It's not immortal. He has 3 stamina stacks, but they can be removed with a simple negative effect, your group can play aoe skills with debuffs to remove them and then stun him, and believe me the legion side has a lot of these debuffs. The paladin's shield is not unbreakable, it's like a normal shield only stronger and on 2 people, but it's obvious that if you try to break it yourself you'll need a lot of hits. You can also try the dispelling relic, for a 20% chance you remove the shield. Or a chief can remove the shield with his skill that removes positive effects. By the way this relic and the chief skill removes the druid's patronage, just try. Shaman has a very strong aoe heal that heals 1k400 per 3 segs with castle pot for each ally, is that weak? And he has another skill that decreases damage by 50% and removes negative effects. Mcs don't have support skills that save someone from death, but they do have for survival. And while elves have a lot of support skills, mcs have a lot of debuff skills. no elf can reduce damage by 50%, reduce magic def by 80%, or reduce penetration by 25%. The devs will see this in their rational analysis.
  6. Even if you're a bd, rushing in a crowd is suicide, you'll be an easy target after you stop running. His shield even helps a little, but 1 hits hard and already breaks. And the parry only works against melee classes, it's an easy target for boss, hunter, shaman and padlock, not to mention the parry (skill) only gives 5% on 5/5, and on average the parry you get with pvp equipment is 15%, while dodge works against any attack and even some stuns, and you can get easy dodge with rogue skills and equipment (you can put dodge crystal on rings), reaching 60% or closer. Probably someone will say that bd can use set 32, yes he can and it changes the situation, but that's because he's technically a tank himself, but he doesn't have the defense of a tank. A unique approach skill he has is rush, and using that means he'll be putting himself at risk for damage. So if you are rogue and want to play as a BD, you are playing wrong.
  7. If you want to be defensive like a tank being a dmg class, you better choose another class to play.
  8. I agree. While the greatness bonus gives you 320+ hp, set 32 gives you 2% hp each stack = 20% max. It also gives you 4% resilience, and 32 gives 2% damage reduction each stack = 20% max. The resilience in the main stats of the greatness set could be an advantage, but the 32nd set has other good stats too, for example the armor of a 32nd set has magical block and def, while the greatness one has resilience and dodge. While you struggle to catch the long-suffering imperials, which takes a long time to complete the entire set of greatness unless you get top 1 for several seasons in a row, going to the arena every day and getting angry at the other players, someone comes along randomly who drop item 32 on tw and someone arrives, pays with gold and already has the item in the bag.
  9. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with rogue. They don't play depending on stealth, nor do they need it. The same goes for the seeker, he doesn't need his invisible, and even if he did it would be even worse because he would lose a stun. Detection potion helps but doesn't win the fight. You can't always win either. If rogue were that bad, there would be no pvps rogues in the arena rank seals, crucibles or 5v5. Some rogues level tt and flurry for more stun and a stronger combo, but others sacrifice one of the stuns to level extermination for 70% easy speed. Stun is not all now, there are many ways to avoid it. Also, no class can have everything perfectly decent, it's all a matter of build. Resistance to the rogue is unnecessary, he is already quite strong and even dodges stuns. I even agree get a better area damage skill, but not too exaggerated, just so it's worth it to make it 4/4. Hunter is no better than ranger on dps. Also rogue is better than hunter, daggers have much better dps than bows.
  10. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    Another reason to nerf the relic mechanics is because of books and other fury-related relics. I don't know if there are charmers with these books, but it would be a big problem because these books would come to the game when the Christmas event arrives. There's a book that increases rage by 6%, basically about the same amount you get by putting a rage crystal on armor. There's another book that automatically triggers rage when 2 party members in the same location are under control, and worse, triggers rage for all party members ! And even worse, there's a book that automatically activates the rage when the character deals critical damage or critical healing!! This makes the rage last even longer because the relic does critical damage while the rage is active!! The charmer can activate the rage without even attacking, and with this relic, it's almost an auto-win. Players assemble their charmers with fury gear, sacrifice other important stats, while others buy books and relics and have more chances to activate fury than these other charmers, without any effort!!
  11. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    I've been thinking about this subject of nerfing the charmer... I think the devs should review the nerfs they are preparing. Because some nerfs can destroy someone's character. I understand why they buffed the call from 30s to 22s, but also they haven't looked at what it would do, maybe because it was buffed in the test server days. Currently you can't remove the Christmas relic from the call, many charmers already have it equipped and are even equipped with Christmas items just to have more fury to activate the relic. But you can't leave it as it is either, the mechanics of the relic in the call are very broken. The current mechanic is that as long as the charmer is in rage active, the dog will do critical damage to attacks and continue doing as long as rage is active in the charmer. This makes the relic 5x more effective than any other when equipped on call, because the dog can attack about 5 times until the rage wears off, or even more if the rage activates again. Basically a single activation of fury causes massive damage. My suggestion is that: When the rage activates, the dog's next attack will crit, and it won't do any more crits, until the rage activates again. This would make it more balanced like the other abilities the relic can equip, and "rage charmers" can use it normally, as they'll have enough rage to keep triggering all the time. And you can't put a limit on the dogs he can summon either, because of the "charmers cd", which have accessories and reload equipment, they set up their character to summon more dogs, putting a limit would destroy their character. The only limit you could set is to nerf the dog's lifespan, and decrease the lifespan increase that the pact skill gives. This would balance the charmer without breaking the "charmers cd" purpose.
  12. Acho que pode vir um novo item equipamento ao personagem. ✌
  13. Comparing classes only in one scenario is not right, there are classes that do better in other game scenarios than others besides arena, there are classes that are bad in arena but are very good in farm or gxg, compare what they are it doesn't have and what the other different class has is simply comparing a weak point with a strong point. It is true. But healing totem is very good heals a lot of hp every 3 sec and in area, and it's up to op so it keeps healing while the shaman is taking a lot of stun. and he also has this one that reduces damage and removes negative effects, there's nothing wrong with the shaman in terms of support. Yes charmers are moving to the "brokenest build" and they forgot the bird, and they forgot the blessing too. The skills are there, they don't want to use it. The bird can take more than 2 hits, as it can now have resilience, and has the damage reduction of the pact. Druida tem muitas curas, mas ele paga por isso em outros cenários de jogo. Querer buffar uma classe de mc por simplesmente não ter cura como um druida, é querer ser bom como um druida sem ter desvantagens. A cura precisa ser usada quando o personagem está sendo atacado, e ele tem muitos, mas enquanto estiver atordoado, ele não pode usá-los. Outros bons buffs seriam aqueles que podem ser usados antes que o personagem seja atacado, por exemplo, pássaro, pele robusta, totem de cura, barreira etérea, escudo sagrado, proteção contra sangue, etc. Honestly, chief has more damage both single and aoe than mage, at least more damage in a short time. Army has a larger area than other skills in the game, and this makes getting more people in the skill more easily, and the skill does a lot of damage in a short time, more damage than the mage's. Eagle eye can be even stronger than the previous one as it still leaves bleeding. But for that the chief would have to be magic or hybrid, if it is physical it would be pure unique damage. Mage is only area damage because he can only use staff, but he also can't change his build to a better build for a situation like chief. Also his stun has a chance to work, it's almost impossible to stun 5 at once as one or the other will resist or dodge or block. And the stun time is short.
  14. Sure, legion has less cc, but not in a massive way. Control lock is better than templar, flow is more pushing the enemy away, for control it's not so good as the stun time is very little, and truth touch is bad compared to any of the lock's cc skills. But in quantity the legion loses. Still, stun doesn't mean battle won, chief is living proof of that, you see him everywhere in the arena even though he doesn't have any stun. About support, you can't just count cures. Shaman and chief can use a skill that reduces damage on allies, the shaman's also removes negative effects, the chief's is one of the best damage reduction in the game, and it's the only dmg class that has a support skill. Charmer has the bird that heals a lot, and with a 4/4 pact and a little cd you can let 2 birds in 2 different people at the same time. Also having many abilities with the same effect also means that the class won't have other equally good effects. For example, druid has many cures, but has no good skills for gxg (tornado and punitive roots are bad), has no good debuffs (bees slow attack speed, but this is useless in pvp), and there are no others good buffs besides healing (there is one that increases penetration, but weakens as more people are affected. And it's also not as good compared to other buffs that other support classes have). Those who play lok know that they have to do more than throw circles on the ground and wait for someone to step on them, so much so that the top 2 of the 5x5 arena on my server are locks. Shaman's Totem isn't bad in the arena, as you get stuck when you're stuned, unless you're up against a templar. Chief doesn't need stun, he has more damage than mage, has anti stun, has healing, mobility, removes buffs, reduces damage he takes, and reduces damage others have.
  15. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    It's not a question of "can't win", charmer is not invincible, but it's also very difficult to deal with him and his pets. Because a single pet does more damage than damage classes and aoe damage classes, because of a stupid relic. If you took 2k crits seeing your party also take the same damage because of the dog's aoe damage effect, caused by a single relic, you'd understand what I'm talking about. Before someone says "kill the dogs", as if it were as easy as attacking the city mannequin, I want to say that for you to kill this pet, you need to spend your skills, or even break your own combo, just to kill a pet. Classes like even a mage would need some hits and skills to kill them, and besides if you're VS a good group, you won't even be able to effectively kill the charmer without leaving a pet or two alive. I wanted to see if you would dare to go attack the pet with a shaman healing the charmer and the rest of his party, letting the charmer survive long enough to summon another pet. But as I said charmer is not invincible, many people have complained about him on the forum, and with good reason. It's not because they can't win, but because it's out of balance.
  16. They were reborn in the t2 statue and started attacking the npc tlatloc and then logged off... very suspicious of that.
  17. Again... this time with mc classes. I killed 4 of them 20210818_222339.mp4
  18. I was looking for a quest objective in the caves on map 4 and ended up finding these bots, and well hidden. All are lvl 13. As soon as I entered their place, everyone was off at the time, and only enter again when I leave. I recorded a video. and also i play in serv Br-tourmaline. 20210818_102703.mp4
  19. That's true. Pvp rogues don't even study this skill anymore, some even leave 3/5.
  20. Seeker only has 1 skill that has a 100% chance to stun, the other 2 are with chances. Are you sure you're not fighting someone much stronger than you? Ranger doesn't kill that easily unless he's extremely lucky to activate the blessing 3 times in a row. Seeker also doesn't kill anyone in 3 hits, unless it's critical hit, but that doesn't happen in pvp because of resilience. And I also think you're playing wrong. Against ranger you can simply combo him and kill him easily without him being able to counterattack, if you use kick in the back first you're giving him a chance to combo you. Against seeker is the same thing, combo first, kick later. stealth makes sure you attack first too, assuming there's no one else who can spot you. Simply use the poison before any attacks, like a normal buff. When comboing, use flurry of steel first, it will poison the target, then the skill that gives you healing. Seeker can't hit 2k on someone with the same amp as him, ever. Make sure you're not going to fight using set pve against set pvp. And also the only skill he has a chance to use on gxg is the one that pulls someone to him, he'll hardly have a chance to attack someone. I never said that... I said IF he had the same attack strength as the seeker has with exacerbation (attack strength = stat). I just said what would happen if rogue got a big buff.
  21. You also have to look at the positive sides of the class rather than just looking at the negatives. You can't compare the damage a rogue can do with that of a seeker or bd, because imagine if the rogue gained 25% attack strength because "he's weaker than bd and seeker", it would unbalance the game because rogue has one of the strongest combos in the game, it does very high damage in a short time and seeker doesn't have it, and would have the same attack strength as a seeker, even using 1-handed axes. He has more survival than hunter or seeker because he can have very high dodge and decrease enemy accuracy by 45% and can leave with negative stats, isn't that defensive enough? And it can heal very easily too, it's not like the seeker who has to use 1 useless skill just to leave the target bleeding in order to heal. Imagine if he gained +1 defensive skill. Rogue can reach 65% speed using 1HAND AXES only with skills and guild buff lvl 10, which aggravates even more than what I said about rogue having attack strength above. But yes he's bad at gxg, but imagine if he had a GOOD aoe damage skill, which would make him more accepted in guilds, then the charmer would be the new "worst at gxg" and complain too, and we'd have a new topic about it on the forum.
  22. All classes have some bad or even useless skills, it's normal, you just mentioned the ones the rogue has. Frenzy isn't bad, +20% damage taken isn't a big deal as you're not a tank class, but I agree the duration is very short, it should last longer. By the way, these 2 skills are wonderful compared to these other 2. That would be copying the mage's ability, nothing original. Instead, he could damage anyone nearby as well. It would copy the seeker's invisibility too. The stealth is already good. You're not planning on attacking the flag alone, it doesn't work. Wait for the legion to rally to attack while the mages are busy dealing with the invaders, use the jump. While this is true, on the other hand chief has the best mobility in the game, even better than the seeker. Yeah, that sucks. Aigrind needs to remove these pots from the arena, it's pretty unfair. Yes rogue is currently one of the worst classes for gxg. But I don't think there's any way to fix this without indirectly buffing the rogue in other aspects of the game, which is difficult, it's being replaced by hunters in guilds because they're better at gxgs. The same is happening with seekers. Yes, you can't compare the damage of a rogue with that of the seeker. This really is broken. There is no worse class in the game, there are only classes that are good in one place and bad in the other. In this case rogue is good in pvp and bad in gxg. Rogue like you said has the best dps in the legion, and he's very good at pvp too. Ranger doesn't have a skill that makes him 50% accurate, he has one that gives 25%, and still is reduced to -20% with just 1 skill. Rogues are being kicked by the guilds because guilds are being competitive in gxg events and want to get stronger as much as possible by putting good classes for this type of event in the guild. And unfortunately there's nothing you can do, even if the class is buffed to be competitive too, someone else would suffer the same problem, and that would end up buffing classes that don't need buffing and would unbalance the game.
  23. Em termos de habilidades úteis para gxg, elfos em desvantagem. Pode ver que nas atualizações passadas mcs ganharam skills que são boas para gxg, já os elfos não, quer dizer além do templário claro.
  24. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    Yeah, for me this charmer would be perfect. About the dogs...yes that change would be nice too, but nothing would change about the relic letting them give them multiple critics in a row.
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