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  1. How will I know? I just know that on my server there is a mc guild that wins from the best elf guilds, even though it has a smaller player population. It doesn't really matter because the subject is about a damage skill.
  2. The point is that the shield does more damage than the shaman's attacks and can be used in any situation, so they have constant damage based on their attributes, while the counter attack does very little damage even with high attributes and only can be used when the dancer is the tank (impossible). It would be fair for the counterattack to receive adjustments to be at least usable. On my server there is an mc guild that constantly beats the best elf guilds, and the arena rank is mostly mc at the top, and they also win wars. this mc is weaker compared to elves thing it's just a matter of player population.
  3. I also don't play death knight or warlock
  4. I'm talking about the shaman's lightning shield, i was fighting a shaman with my bd and i just lost more than half of my hp because i got hit multiple times by the shield, and the shaman was being stunned, there was no way he could get me hurt with other things. So I have 2 questions: 1. How is this allowed? We've been through this with the bd counter attack, with him dealing damage "without doing anything", and it rained complaints about how it was unbalanced until they nerfed to the end, now they basically do the same with a shaman skill and there's nothing wrong? 2. And the bd counterattack? He's so nerfed he's useless for anything, and now a shaman comes with a 2.0 counter attack out of nowhere and we bds are left with nothing?
  5. Can you increase the daily knowledge limit? Because it's so low, it would take forever to complete all the talents.
  6. Costumes say a lot about the enemy player
  7. You need to farm to first buy your class skills, good equipment, then buy signs and or spheres to amplify, then you will need to farm to buy arena equipment, buy more signs and spheres, and that if you're lucky in these amps or like having a weak character. If you play as a tank you will have to amplify your entire set to have physical and magical defense, if you play as a dmg you will have to buy physical accessories with speed that are expensive and if you play as a heal you will have to suffer to amp the staff. All this should give you more than 1 year of farm or even more depending on how many hours you spend online. To get 2 pieces of set 32 is several more months of farm....
  8. I recommend not playing if you don't have the money to spend on the game. If you don't, you'll have to farm endlessly for months and even years to make your character reasonably good, and this completely takes the fun out of the game and makes it boring, repetitive and frustrating.
  9. And your hunter has no accuracy on set?
  10. Templar is even better than lock in pve. He has, heals, shield, the statue that reduces damage from mobs, and even has better damage. Sand Hurricane does a lot of area damage and also has the punch and particle that do a lot when they are leveled up. I've even seen a group of 3 templars a mage and a pala go dg mermem without problems. Lock lacks AoE damage and is quite fragile as well. Necro also doesn't have many support skills, it only has the basic shield and healing, and the acid rain combo that you can't even use in certain situations. The mcs dmg classes also don't have attack strength like the elven classes do, but if they had they would be very unbalanced in pvp, so not having it also makes them inferior to the elves' dmg in pve, something should be done about it. Rogue also lacks area damage, but that's something that bd also lacks, so I think it's balanced, but it would be nice if both classes had it, because not having area damage only makes the classes devalued, because all the others dmg classes in the game have area damage.
  11. I do not think so. Mcs have very strong classes in pvp, but I think they lack a little in pve compared to elves.
  12. There's no way to compare other relics to this one. Relics are meant to be used as an extra effect to help you defend yourself or an eventual improvement in your attack potential, but no other doubles damage so freely. The relic is so broken that most charmers in the entire game assemble their characters solely for this relic. And do you think that doing critical damage to someone who was not supposed to do it because of resilience won't affect pvp?
  13. Fury is not difficult to activate, if you have the accessories + enchantment on the armor and shield. Nobody talked about removing the pet from the charmer, we're talking about the relic they put in that pet.
  14. As I remember this relic existed long before the demonic pact was invented, it was impossible to sustain 3 dogs even more without the continuous effect relic
  15. At that time, charmers couldn't increase pet damage by 55%, deal damage in area or summon 3 pets, currently after these balances the relic is a problem now.
  16. With other classes the relic works differently. They put the relic in the skill, use it with fury, and then have to wait for the skill to recharge. Now with charmer and very different, 1 single rage activation is simply infinite crit until rage ends. Why is it not the same as the other classes? And with the 55% strength buff, the pet does more damage than any dmg class, no class can do critical damage freely against someone with pvp set. Also the dog also does area damage, which effectively makes the dog do more area damage than the mage or chieftain. And not to mention that the charmer can call up to 3 of this pet. And charmer is a hybrid class that has heals and uses shield and heavy armor. I hope you guys have a better argument than comparing other classes to this.
  17. The person complains about a serious matter and what the guy says is "cry more"
  18. Charmers with rage is already used on all game servers, very normal for a pet to cause you critical damage with each attack, ignoring the fact that you use pvp set with resilience. In the eyes of legion players this is totally balanced This should have already been fixed with all classes that have a pet
  19. Daily rewards have been nerfed. Seems like aigrind hates giving things away for free.
  20. Quando vai ter craft de item lvl 32?
  21. Sinceramente esse jogo ficou uma bosta desde quando a aigrind inventou de colocar speed em tudo no jogo, ainda mais com a existência do vamp. Não existe mais jogo em grupo, qualquer classe dmg pode ir os done tw farm tudo sozinho e solar tudo.
  22. I don't know where these guys get the idea that spirit of resistance has a lot of resistance... XRecorder_Edited_13022022_180340.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_13022022_175947.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_13022022_155432.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_13022022_155002.mp4
  23. Just to clarify, the flag has 0 defense, just like the dummy. Test the banner and the swooping army and you'll see that they both do nearly the same damage. The damage the dummy takes is the same as the flag as well, both have 0 defense. There is no reason for the banner to deal more damage than any other skill. And another thing, the Mcs try to revive on the flag and are pushed by the flows, ok, and when the Elves do the same thing, where is the circle and the zone of the lock? The two prevent someone from being able to use any skill. A dk can also pull someone farther than a flow can push. A paladin has nothing against stuns or damage after he dies and revives, he can easily be stunned and killed before he does anything. There is no perk that makes him always succeed in reviving and attacking and other classes cannot, all skill buffs including the one on set 32 are disabled after he dies. And stop wanting them to remove the damage from the banner to the flag like the curse, the curse was nerfed by an exploit that the mcs themselves used, the banner doesn't have any exploit, everyone is using it fairly. If there is a bug in the banner that causes lag, it will be fixed, but there is nothing wrong with the damage.
  24. There were never any bugs. The curse this change because mc players used the curse on an elf and that elf used teleport to receive the city where the flag is and made the curse explode right there on the flag, causing it to fall without even an attack. Yes that was an unfair anti-gaming exploit. The banner is nothing wrong with it. It's working as it should. I don't know why you're comparing a rework of a skill that the mcs used as an exploit with another that is working normally.
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