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  1. Its not true for example on those 2 ru servers there is few strong guild and on elf side there is not so many so its easier for them to win war and raid bosses so there is huge difference . While other servers who got same amount of active guild on both side doesnt really have chance against those elves . Great example is kingdom from br server . They got war buffs castle and raid bosses books but they cant beat elfs . Ppl still complain about lock even after they got huge nerf with their aoe skills. 3 classes are only usable for gvgs and thats shaman that only gives heal then chieftain that only does dmg and lock that only can stun . While on elf side almost all chars apart from seeker and warden can be usefull in gvg . Also to ppl that say that seeker is weaker than rogue and it shouldmt be nerfed its false . Seeker got way too much power with just 1 talent . Seeker does more dmg. With autoattacks than rogue with skills and they can tank while seeker doesnt have counter for their defansive mechanism rogues got . On my server theres tactic with seeker . Players around him just buff him with all they got and on top of that mage use resist on him and seeker just goes in like kamikaze taking out 2-3 players in few secs and guess what he doesnt die. Never saw such a thing in legion side
  2. Reaper would be decent char withoht hate. Thats just nerf from start
  3. I think lower dmg on curse and making it like eagle eye would be reasonable but then we would need buff in other dmg skills But again that would be like death call Idk what but curse need huge rework
  4. Dk does do good dmg but it have huge downside with being easily avoidable or countered by cleanse or tp pots in arena or by heavy merman or cleanse skill. Or by just simply walking out from fire which most pll have learnt about . And thats insane downside. Not to mention that curse need 6 sec to start doing dmg . Barbarian got insane dmg with atk speed and they are tanky with same build while dk cant do same. Even physical build paladin does insane dmg . Wardens that dont use block rings and equip withohut dmg bonus also can outdmg deathknight. And dk without curse cant do dmg in magical build to be called dmg and that skill is easily countered.
  5. Death call talent isnt even near to class talent that other classes have and it can only be used in pve . Also that call dmg ur talking about is i would say decent if ur using it for tanking with magic build otherwise its just waste of skill points. Unlike brb that the stone skin ignores 1 hit per build. with the talent you increase the chance of it activating and even zero the damage when it loses 33% of hp, very good skill. There is almost no difference between having dark shield and not having it. It is good skill untill u come to endgame content where it doesnt help as it was supposed to Its way to slow since u need to hit with desth call to activate that silence . Ppl these days wait dk to do that combo with their stun on dk so when u pull ur target u will be stunned and ur enemy will be silenced but if its ranged enemy dk will again have disadvantage bcs u need to wait for threads cd to try it again. Also vamp relic can be used by any char so that doesnt change fact that itd useless skill. 15%more cd wont change anything atk speed might to but i would rather have aura as heal skill bcs its (aura) Reserves is only usefull in 1v1 and in pve in other things it useless and adding 20 more dmg reduction to players too would be way too much since it does heal dk and with merman blood shield and aura we would have 90% dmg reduction and to add up dark shield it would be broken . Also how can saturation cover dk with lifesteal if u need to waste skill point on it to work. Price of runes books and other things doesnt have influence on clas mechanic. Thats like saying shaman is broken bcs he have octo book. Reserves doesnt fill anything ur talking like u have unlimited skill points while comparing dk to chars that have normal amount. Its just silence and nothing else which is pointless for 1 expert skill . If they make duration 1 sec shorter and make it aoe skill it would be good then. I explained alredy that thread combo is easily countered so i wont repest again. Again same thing with death call but its hurricane now. Based on what u said it seems like u dont have skill point limit while other chars are limited.
  6. Also dk problemis that they dont have any passive defansive skill like others
  7. That wouldnt fix problem when u can resist thread and there is nothing else u can do vs ranged classes if its resisted. Also thats not main problem of dk i think main problem is lack of survivability in pvp . Right now even dmg classes lile chief seeker and mage got betted defansive skills than dk
  8. Secret reserves and lack of dmg and support is main reason dk is useless in pve and outdated defansive skills make it even worse in pvp
  9. Deathknight with every update just becomes more and more outdated and weaker. I think that developers gave up on dk . Just look at the talents . Some characthere got insane talents like chief seeker barbarian and many others but we are stuck with nothing . This char got worst mechanic in the game and as we all know that tanks and healerd became useless thanks to insane game balance i dont think its fair for people that play and are hoping for some kind of buff to come . Im one of them . Im wating 3 years for buffs but desthknight is 0 . Just look at skills . Dark shield got old mechanic and i dont even consider it defansive skill anymore. Thread of darkness is just used in pvp to deal with ranged chars and that debuff doesnt change anything. Seekers got silence and pull in 1. Then lets switch to expert skills . Aura is really outdated skill it only works if its maxed and we dont actually get benefit from that 15% dmg and 15% def is pointless . Barbariand got combat fury that works like heal and it gives then bonus dmg. Also with % dmg items we dont even get much dmg with it. Reserves is worst skill in the game i would say and ppl are complaining for years and when i saw that developers finally decided to "buff" reserves i was happy untill i saw what we got from that. Skill should change mechanic since its useless . We need to put hp regen instead of vamp or something else to get heal once in 2 min. Knight curse is also extremly bad . After devs forced us to go to magic build they first nerfed dmg of curse . This skill is only way to do dmg expect with sharp shadow and its easily countred by simply moving out of that or erasing it with resist . 6 sec debuff while merman erase 1 debuff in 5 sec. Saturstion is also bad skill since it only give us life stealth and nothing else. Blood protection is decent with new talent . Blow of silence have 8 sec duration but that dmg buff doesnt give anything .Hurricane is nothing special its same with or without talent . Death call is used only for tanking mobs. If we look at this i would say only good skills that dk got is sharp shadow and exhalation of darkness(which need auto attack to apply dmg and stun) rest of them are useless. Rest ot the tank classes got heals/shields/bonuses and for pve they got better dmg since most of them got some skills fhat increase stats while we got aura with 15% dmg and its useless if it isnt maxed
  10. I think that hatred parameter should be removed bcs its making charather unplayable. Whole char is based on demon form and u need to do 12 hits to even activate it and it just last 1 sec for 1 hate which is useless . Cd on demon form is useless since u need to obtain hatred to use it and it kills dps of char for cd. This char is worse wersion of bladedancer with stupid mechanic that makes it unplayable. I mean whats point of going in arena and u cant even start with demon form bcs u dont have enough hatred . If enemy keeps u away from them u wont even get hatred and defence of reapers is close to 0
  11. So rangers and bladedancers doesnt hit too much like rogue or ur not mentioning them bcs they are elf chars ? Ranger got highest burst in the game if im not wrong
  12. Funny how seekers with same amp as me does 1600-1800 dmg with just their auto attacks and im dk so there is also my dark shield and u complain about rogue that does dmg only with 1 skill while seeker does same with auto and not to mention that those rogues use axes while seeker use daggers
  13. I hope there is going to be huge skill balance with these chars since some chars will just stay outdated and this is changing meta in the game
  14. So since seeker with talent starts with low hp and there are books that are being a activated when group is under 50% hp. Seekers are able to abuse those books and always be able to have them active . Those books got better stats than normal ones bcs they have requirement to be activated and seeker will start with them from start
  15. As i know mage got one of the best defensive skills in the game or am i wrong Even after i gave u clear example of how broken paladin is u still try to cover it with some kind of sarcasm . Idk what else do u want than clear evidence
  16. Look at how much does this paladin heals and this is without buffs since u get heal from castle buff and potion and on top of that u get more magic dmg and then tell me again paladin is balanced char For example i as dk player need to use hp regen items and hp regen is worst status in game to get to full hp once in 2 minutes and it doesnt even reset after death or after arena battle and all paladin need to do is wait 10 sec with normal stats to get to max hp
  17. So if u are +8 u should do same like other side can do as +10 and bcs of that thete is no need to balance ? If u ever watch arena videos or even do arena u can see paladin heal from 0 to 100% . Also yea my bad its not aoe stun its aoe silence that roots u and with relics it have like sec gap to be used again . Warlock is actually outdated class if u compare it to templars and mages . They got some def with that talent but not even close to being tanky as templar or mage with shield. Warlock aoe got huge cd and itd easily countered. So losing to elfs is balanced bcs they play smarter . Idk what u need to do smart when almost every class got aoe control skill . Idk if u even do arena or ur just acting like u dont know . As i know pvp is as important as pve and if we are going to talk about pve then u should switch to other topic bcs theres a lot to say about seeker bd and ranger
  18. Can u give me 1 example if its possible to do somehing in those situations or ur just speaking nonsenses bcs u play on sentienel side
  19. Pvp issue lets talk about pve then where legion side got only 1 actually good dmg class which is hunter while on the other side there are seekers rangers and bladedancers. U might say chieftain is also op dmg class and yes it was be4 all those nerfs it got. Lets turn back to pvp on sentienel side thes got aoe control and support skill on almost every class and sentienel side only actual aoe control have 1 char. Mc side got rugged hide and shaman cleansing while elfs got paladin shield + paladin heal that heal up to 10k+ druid with that skill that saves u from dying i forgot name and templars mantra. If we compare those skills one just save u for a bit and others makes u immortal. Priest aoe cleanse is also very broken . Buy yes mcs are overpowered bcs "charmer dogs are too op ". Charmer is easily killed if u kill their bird or if u got aoe dmg skills. And for those ppl who say just dont rush in paladin he wont stun u if i remember good paladin and mage can tp to group and stun whole group after that so tell me how to stop something like this ? Split maybe ? What to do if ur splitted when they will kill u 1 by 1 then
  20. Try to play with knight curse. Only way to deal damage and u dont have control over it and its easily countered
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