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  1. Death call stunning enemy for 0.5 sec every 1.5 sec at 4/4 is supposed to be insane. Whos even going to spent skill points on that and about thread of darkness it wont literally change anything bcs its useless to keep it more than 3/5 with must use +2 yard increase relic to actually have some value with shitty skill
  2. I dont even know how is dk supposed to be played now since they took last thing dk had which was stun cycle and with that they also took dk magical dmg. Now they even made call not able to do dmg so dk cant even silence enemy when they are pulled . Not to mention many bugs with knight curse and other mechanics which are never going to be fixed at this rate.
  3. Doesnt that dk have octo book. Literally even with octo book it still doesnt have same value as warden who doesnt need octo book since they can reach 100 resist
  4. He was afk at start only but whatever
  5. Couldnt find other chief with pvp build and barb isnt inspectable
  6. Both chiefs were buffed and can u tell me who doesnt run merman gear in pvp
  7. Paladin winning 2 chief and barb . Why cant 2 broken chief win 1 paladin
  8. Hmm, idk, threads were TOO good 5-8 years ago, when resistance was from "0" to "very low". Now it just need to has to be buffed like "reduces amount of enemy`s resistance to that skill for 5-8-12-16-20%". Nthg more, I guess. Skill was only good when it had 5 yards and its pretty outdated in my opinion . Only thing that is able to get us close to ranged chars is being resisted most of the times. With teleport it would be much better variation and i dont think there would be any need to improve dk movement. Bcs rn im pretty sure dk have worst mobility out of all melee chars in the game . Disagree, its powerful enough and has best-game synergy with Sharp Shadow to use combo. I mean, no other class has passive chance for Distortion as well as ability to use combo "passively", just with one other skill - everyone needs to wait for GCD. So ur using this on 4/4 to have chance to heal more from disto is pretty bad decision in my opinion. Other chars are having way better stat booster than life steal and synergy with sharp shadow doesnt depend on saturation lvl it depens on sharp shadows lvl. Agree ONLY if healing amount will be lower, like 5-7-11-15%. Since it`s too good to have 20% of healing, ranged distance of use, huge damage and stun at the same time Why is it too much for dk to have 20% heal while chars like bd have 35% heal and even seeker have 30% from their skill. Not even gonna mention counterpart like paladin whos able to keep himself +1 other player alive with heals. Disagree that it`s bad skill, of course think that penetra / CD / even AS will be better, but we should just get used to the thought we are tanks, not dd, and its too imbalanced to have this dd-parameters for 80 sec with skill CD 25-30. It is bad skill ur barely even noticing its buff . Lets say for example magic build dk is having 10% dmg from guild 4% from faction 20% from rings 30% from amulet and cloak. In the end that 10% is barely noticable . And about def its pretty weak considering that after certain point we get just lower and lower def% . Accu was added last year and when saw that it was useless they made curse dodgeable which is sad . It not the best cause of toooo low dmg, I remember to deal 97 (!!!) dmg with +10 sea maul in Mermens BEFORE adding resilince to mobs, and DKs definetely dont need more vampirism. So only removing life steal effect and adding dmg for the second hurricane up to 50-66% is the solution. Its pretty nice when ur doing solo things and in arena its only good bcs that both hits can stun but buffing its dmg or vampirism would be nice since dk have all 3 bad talents if we compare them to other classes. Its TOO good for DKs with Crit Heal + all 4 vamp books + Subjuction when crit + Revelation of Fury, but very weak branch for ANY DKs how are not able to hold specified stack of books. Even with 300 books i dont see any value in this branch . It sounds pretty op but lets be real death face branch gives more dmg which also mean more heal from vampirism . And mid branch is tankier than this branch and it doesnt require u to do dmg on target
  9. As i said having 25% perma dmg reduction on ranged dmg char is bshit
  10. So u want to have perma 25% dmg reduction on a ranged dmg char Its normal dodge skill its not comparable to hunter one That means that hunter and rogue should also get same skill
  11. Dk has been pretty underwhelming char and it lacks mobility and dmg in pve and pvp . Dk is also only tank char that doesnt have passive defansive skill. So please go look at my suggestions and leave ur opinions on this. Thorn of Death: make this skill same as steel hurricane so that magic dmg dks should have some benefit from it since right now even with physical dmg this skill still does low dmg. Exhalation of Darkness: this skill is very slow with animation and fact that dk need to perform autoattack on enemy which is very slow. I would make this skill work instantly on enemy since its pretty slow right now and it feels outdated. Provocation: this skill should give some buff to dk since some other tank classes also got something else than just agro Threads of Darkness:this skill need to be reworked . Its pretty hard to close gap between enemy with amount of resist in this game and considering that this skill is only one that gives dk chance to get close to enemies it should be reworked. Make it work like paladin jump or mage teleport giving it lets say 10-20 % dmg so that we can instantly silence some1 when we jump in. It shouldnt be problem since paladin ,reaper and barbarian have instant stun too without combination of skills Dark Shield:make this skill work on 65% chance and make it work on all skills . I would also love to have this skill as active with mana consuption bcs its easily removed by mages/chiefs also bcs dk is only tank that doesnt have pasive dmg reduction skill Death Call: give us some buff in dmg if we wont get it on another skills Steel Hurricane:this skill is fine Saturation:this skill isnt worth upgrading just for 5% more life steal on each lvl . Also this skill should give another stat like lets say cd or penetration. We lack attacking stats in pve and in pvp. Sharp Shadow:this skill should just be adjusted that dk still gain heal if attack is blocked or dodged since almost all classes got healing skills and this is only one that can be blocked or dodged Blow of the Silence:this skill is doing fine but considering how other classee got better 2nd effect its pretty bad . 25% dmg boost only work on 1 attack. I would remove that and make enemies slow down for 5-10-15-20% Secret Reserves:this skills should be activated after arena is over Aura of Hatred: well this skills doesnt give too much value right now since 15 % def and 10 % dmg is almost unnoticable. I would either give dk some resist with this skill since dk only gain resist from buffs and its pretty slow and lack mobility or make it give penetration or cooldown Blood Protection: this skill should have Dark guardianship effect that gives deatkinight 50% of effect when skill is used on ally and if we dont follow that branch we have pretty bad skill. Since right now its worse version of shaman totem /paladin shield /chief rugged . If we compare it with shaman cleanse and chief rugged it doesnt have 2nd effect and if we compare it to paladin shiled it doesnt give anything to dk when its used on ally Knight's Curse: this skill should work like Damned Echo . Same thing with blood protection in case if u dont go with talent u have pretty bad skill. TALENTS: Enjoying Blood: this talent is probably best out of 3 but its still pretty weak compared to other classes. We can either make it give more vampirism from 2nd hit or we can increase 2nd hit dmg. Bounty of Death: this talent is good in pve but it should not have 7 yards limit . A Dead Man's Howl: this talent actually doesnt do anything its pretty bad i would say that it would either need rework or make debuff work on enemies that are being hit rather than enemies that are close to u when u use skill. Branch “Death face”: this branch is pretty good but its being ruined by 1 thing and that thing is Damned Echo . Its pretty bad in pvp bcs if enemy have magic resistance book or similiar buff from scroll it makes whole branch feel like actual nerf to a dk since normally without this talent dk does 12 hits and when we have this talent it does only 4. Also its said that when debuff end prematurely that curse zone will be placed but when its decreased by magic resistance book it doesnt. Branch “Dark Fortitude”: this branch is pretty good for deathknights with shield but i would only buff if Dark guardianship effect that when u use skill on ally is applied on normal skill without talent. Branch “Vampire Essence”:this branch has been worst out of 3 and i actually dont see it becoming better.
  12. When will kinight curse be fixed . If its being removed by talent " horror deliverance " fire doesnt apply
  13. No changes to dk curse again its almost a year since i started to complain
  14. This talent literally doesnt do anything its just supposed to give us better placement. And considering how it work ur nerfing your char when u learn it
  15. And considering that its reduced to half by magic resistance book it makes 18:2-3= 6 Or if its removed by horror talent then it wont apply no matter what
  16. Can some1 tell me if this talent is changed or not
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