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  1. @Nolan Why not just make it passive at once and do something the Wardens have always asked for? (That and Warden only at guild lvl 10 without any other cooldown buff...)
  2. During the development of classes, some classes became outdated or simply do not fulfill the role for which they were originally created. This is the case with Death Knight and Paladin. Both classes have skill kits and relics that do not favor their second role, or simply fail to reach their full potential due to class limitations. The Paladin is currently a Tank / Magic Support and the Death Knight is a Tank / Magic DMG (if we take the skill kit of both classes and interactions with relics and buildings mostly Magic). This leads me to the question, what's the point of both classes wearing Light Armor instead of Cloth Armor? Firstly, the Kit of both classes benefits much more from the parameters acquired through Cloth Armor. An example of this is the Set 32 Mermen which would be much more useful than the current Set. If both classes do a build based on auto-attack, their kit becomes almost useless in the PvE aspect, which makes both the first and second skills of the set almost useless. There are some Paladins and Knights who attempt such a feat, but it is clear that it is not something that benefits the class's kit 100%. Paladin's Magic Healing and Death Knight's Magic Damage constructs would be extremely more effective and viable. I would like to know the opinion of other players who use the class on the subject. Do you think Cloth Armor would be more useful or the current Light Armor is good?
  3. On the BR Tourmaline server it was like this for a long time, until we started investing in magic construction. Currently with my 2 Hand Hammer DK and set I can tank Orcinus without a healer or pet just with vampirism. Obviously not everyone does the same, but currently building magic with vampirism is vastly superior to PvE and PvP.
  4. If we take into account that your Paladin antagonist can stun in area and silence, I think it's a fair buff in the current functioning when dealing with a single target. In addition to being another way to keep the enemy in the Knight's Curse.
  5. It is extremely frustrating to have one of the strongest DKs in the game, and to be blocked in the arena by enemies running around with scrolls and pots that are easily acquired. The only thing that is undeniably good about the Death Knight these days is the survivability due to vampirism. However when it comes to defense and damage the class is only half-assed. The class is outdated when it comes to PvP (That's because I still have Octopus book, the only reason it's not easily controlled), today the DK is not a Tank, but a Bruiser easily fought. As long as you can do damage, you can survive. My suggestions are similar: Shadow Shield: Change in skill formula. In addition to the current reduction which is a raw value, implement a % damage reduction of +- 0.5% for every 1000 physical and magical defense that comes from the character itself (Runes, Equipment, Amplification and Extra Class Ability Books). Emanate: Instant skill cast instead of strengthening auto attack. Hate Aura: Removal of defense boost and addition of Ability Cooldown or Attack Speed parameters depending on the predominant damage type. Secret Reserves: Rework the skill to work with the % Health parameter instead of Health Regen (Similar to the Templar Mantra). Threads of Darkness: Increased root time which is currently around 1s after pulling the enemy to stagger (1s / 1.5s / 2s / 2.5s / 3s). Sharp Shadow: No more need for the 80% stun chance cap as there is now the resistance parameter. The chance at level 4/4 should be 100%. In addition to an increase in cast distance as it can be resisted, parried, blocked and dodged. Blood Protection: This is the only skill that is actually on the right track. Because it is a significant increase in damage reduction, the way it works is justifiable. However, the skill needs at least + 1s duration to compensate for the high cooldown. Knight's Curse: I believe the class mechanics are correct. The Knight's task must be to keep the enemy on fire. But your current kit doesn't allow you to do that. Steel Hurricane: the only complaints I have about this skill are in relation to the strong visual bug to hit the enemy. And the new talent tree skill, which needs to be at least 25% instead of the current 15%. Such changes are fully compatible with current class mechanics, and would not change the game's style and proposal in any way.
  6. I literally sent the print of my main character full magnitude +10 from the book Octopus full book and half set mermen Tank. Which shows you didn't even look and simply wanted to defend the Sentinel classes... That's the point, have you already paid to compete for a seal with a rank class that does that? It is impossible to stay on the seal. In addition, even if it resists the stun, it activates again almost immediately with a few seconds of use between one Flow and another. Literally most Templars use only Flow and Mantra and gain a Seal. No, I'm not exaggerating. Paladin is one of the most used classes by Sentinels on the Brazilian server. People gave up on creating Warlocks because they died extremely easily because the class's unique defense skill left it useless awaiting death. In group battles most died without even being able to use skills thanks to the Templar flow. If you read the last change you will see that this possibility was removed from the chief. And literally on the Brazilian server in every war there is a Mage who spends around 300 Revives Scroll just doing that. Remembering that when the Death Knight did something similar with the Curse the skill was removed almost immediately from the game... I'll pretend I didn't read that. Do you want to compare a Skill that increases the dodge parameter with something that leaves the Seeker with absolutely absurd damage and defense to the point of not even needing the resilience parameter? Please... At least have valid arguments if your goal is just to blindly defend something. I also have Mace and Shield build my friend, Barbaros full +10 sword and shield greatness do the same and die just as easily. No matter the Build, I've already tested all contractions, skill sets, team synergies and the result is mostly the same. The Ranger is blowing up every class he faces.
  7. Congrats to you, but my char this way dies easily for a PvP +10 ranger without rare books. I didn't see anything wrong with what was said, everyone knows that the Ranger's damage is totally unbalanced. The Templar's abilities for example are at such a low CD that even the strongest characters in the legion have difficulty fighting. The paladin's Heal, Shield and Area Control is so ridiculous that in most 5v5 battles where there are 2 or more regular Paladins it becomes almost impossible to win. Not to mention the various skills for example that no longer cause damage to Legion structures while a Mage with Revive Scroll and Leap can remove most of the HP from the War flag alone. Seekers are going into the arena using half a light mermen set and half a greatness set tanking more than tank classes and dealing absurd amounts of damage. Obviously the company wouldn't do something like that on purpose, but the imbalance and advantage of the sentinels is clear compared to the Legion's classes today...
  8. @Ogull This is the correct construction. When I'm going pvp I just use Resilience and Ferocity and shoot them again. Even not busy you continue with the buffs for 30 minutes. The same in relation to the T5 Book. I only use it when I'm on T5 or GvG Mermen. With this PvE build I can tank all Boss Raids without a healer.
  9. The idea of this skill book is to be an attack booster skill against Tank classes or even damage increase against Mine-Bosses (Since Bosses and Raid Bosses hardly take group control). A Low Hate drop book as well as Orcinus and Octopus for the Map 6 Raid Boss. 🏜️ Desert Fury Type: Passive Deals 1% extra damage from basic attacks and 5% from abilities to enemies that are under the control effect.
  10. No need... The skills already give increased damage... The best books to use is what one that gives only 3% penetration...
  11. @Higgings @Ogull @Speedom Updating. Octopus Book, Only the Orcinus is missing.
  12. Don't be so hard bro. It's still possible. The current bug for players using the class and trying to create a tank, when the developers refer the class to a Vampirism melee Mage. But I agree that the class needs at least one more effective area control skill. It's embarrassing that Sharp Shadow for example has an 80% stun chance on 4/4, which goes into Parry, Resist, Dodge and Block parameters. While some enemy faction classes have area control abilities that don't even need to select a target. In other words, they are skills with incredible potential that are totally outdated if we consider the current mechanics of the game. Just like the Secret Reserve itself
  13. This is my current build. I'm still updating items to 32 and new talents. For a long time I used one-handed weapon and shield, but the two-handed Hammer is more effective. The area damage and healing is extremely high so I suggest you test such a combination.
  14. up The flow is extremely unbalanced. Such a change will at least make it viable to play against Templar in a guild or faction battle.
  15. Thanks @Nolan, I updated the topic with the videos. In case it's too confusing, also the previous video sent by another DK that shows it more clearly. When using Breath or Emanate, a statue absorbs the debuff and not just the damage. This is an almost unfeasible arena for a DK the Templar because it is such abilities to be resistant, blocked, in addition to the dodges being also the statues that should only receive damage. The post sent earlier was from the link: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/302797-habilidade-do-templario-estátua-de-deyti-não-funciona-como-na-descri %C3%A7%C3%A3o/#comment-2101536 The post sent earlier was from the link: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/302797-habilidade-do-templario-estátua-de-deyti-não-funciona-como-na-descri %C3%A7%C3%A3o/#comment-2101536
  16. This error has been presented several times by us on the BR server. But just for the sake of clarification, is this in fact a bug or is the skill description wrong? It is clearly said that the skill has the ability to take only part of the damage taken by templars and allies. However, as seen in the video, in addition to the damage of the basic attack, the skill also receives the negative effect of the Death Knight's "Breath" Skill, completely disabling the DK in the arena with 1 skill. This without even taking into account the various other Class Control Skills. It was said several times by players on the BR-Tourmaline server and the post is simply ignored or removed from the forum. I await the answer.
  17. Muito bacana esse post. O mais interessante é que não vejo nenhuma reclamação agora que o Templario e Paladino ganham batalhas em grupo apertando 1 skill e controlando 5 membros de uma guild MC sem sofrer dano. Ou que templario consegue dominar um selo e ninguém tira ele de lá até mesmo indo os 4 contra ele. É muito bom ver seu empenho visando o equilíbrio das facções. Meus parabéns. Partindo do pressuposto nessa teoria, os elfos agora precisam tomar nerf para que haja o equilíbrio das classes né? Na realidade chega a ser até mais grave, já que antes os MCs dominavam 3, e agora os elfos dominam as 4 arenas né? 🤔 @Nolan visando um maior equilíbrio do jogo, por gentileza avaliar tal situação. Creio que o dono desse post acha isso algo inadmissível no momento atual. De forma algum iremos aceitar falsa demagogia já que temos a explícita realidade de prints do rank arena.
  18. There are two ways to do this with a magic construct. The first is to use Emanar before the Threads of Darkness, after rooting the skill cast is immediate. The second is with Shadow Sharp immediately after the strands. Remembering that the Threads of Darkness itself causes a rooting of a few seconds.
  19. Basically I keep the same control as DK PvP with the differential of the high vampirism of the Sharp Shadow + Saturation combo and the Damage in area of the Knight's Curse. It's very common in a War for example I don't die while the Knight's Curse doesn't end. On the BR-Tourmaline server, books and equipment sets are really cheap. Currently the most expensive Triton set costs an average of 3kk, but it is very easy to find parts or even the Distortion Book for example at 1kk. The most expensive book costs 21kk.
  20. The only complaint I currently have with the class is the Shadow Sharp not having a 100% hit chance. Not too much, a class is great. I think what you need is to try out new builds... Both in PvE and PvP.
  21. Seria bom opção de escolha entre Bau do Deposito pessoal e o Bau da Impunidade. Eu mesmo ja estou com Bag pessoal full e fica basicamente ocupando espaço na bag.
  22. E notório a crescente onda de jogos NFT que estão surgindo no mercado atual de jogos, o que torna cada dia menos atrativo jogos como o Warspear Online, em que há mais desvantagens do que vantagens quando se trata em Investir em melhorias no personagem. De forma bem resumida, o jogo se aproxima cada vez mais perto de seu fim se comparado aos lançamentos do mercado atual. Uma das formas de acompanhar tal evolução, seria a possibilidade de converter Gold em Miracle Coin, e a possibilidade de transformar o Miracle Coin em alguma Cryptomoeda do mercado atual. Obviamente, taxando a operação entre 5% a 10%, isso converteria o jogo em um Play to Earn. Além de atrair muitos jogadores, isso possibilitaria o retorno em um investimento no personagem, sem comprometer a jogabilidade atual ou quebrar regras e diretrizes do jogo. Afinal de contas, dificilmente o jogador se sujeitará a negociar itens fora do jogo se houver a possibilidade de transformar a moeda corrente do jogo em algo de valor real de forma segura e autorizado pela própria empresa.
  23. Exceptional Defense Talent is not working properly. 2-Handed Weapons are being considered as a shield due to the deactivation of the Shield Slot when used.
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