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  1. "В игре не так много друидов". На вашем сервере игра не ограничивается русским сервером. PS: У Вождя есть книга орка
  2. It's very funny to read you say that there are few druids, as if you only hear Russian servers in the game. On Chinese and Brazilian servers where Elves are the majority, you can do absolutely nothing against such classes.
  3. There could be 50. That doesn't change the fact that none of them are Shark and Octopus, which improves the character absurdly. When your character blew mine up in 3 attacks you said it was normal. Now I accept the fact that you can't beat me, and stop crying.
  4. It's great to see your desperation now that your extremely strong classes have been nerfed. It doesn't even look like the same guy who was invading the City and TW on the MC side at Hallowen every day and called the MCs weak at Global.
  5. Hi Telles, as always feeling embarrassed and crying but let's go. Literally, the Druid is giving the same srun in the area without even having to put himself at risk, and you can see it in the video itself. My DK, as you may already know, is literally the strongest in the game, and is fully buffed, against several PvE players around. But obviously you prefer to cry instead of calling 2 mages with banishment and greatness to kill me. No problem, even if Escobar literally does the same thing with his Magician and I never saw you on the forum. Or the Druids in the arena destroying all MCs with a skill area greater than DK's Call. NOTE: I still die easily against strong Mages who use banishment. Think instead of crying and maybe you will achieve some success.
  6. I believe that the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the resistance skill, making it similar to the Mage. After doing this the class will be "normal". Same with the Orc Book. Время перезарядки: 30 сек. Расход энергии: 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 Длительность эффекта (сек.) : 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
  7. The problem itself is the fact that the ability that ignores controls is working infinitely. Why are Mages, Dks and other classes with similar mechanics not as strong? For the simple fact that at some point they take even short controls that make it possible to kill them. A simple correction of the Resistance skill so that it does not work infinitely would already solve the Orc Leader's problem.
  8. Em relação a Proteção, a única coisa que eu concordo é aumentar a duração que realmente e muito baixa, mas o corte de 50% e ótimo como está. Em relação a asa, não faz sentido. A única mudança que ainda precisa, talvez seria uma % de redução de dano baseado na defesa mágica ou algo parecido (1% de redução de dano a cada 1000 de defesa mágica por exemplo). A função do DK ou é cortar dano, ou causar dano. Qualquer coisa além disso iria tornar a classe mais confusa ou terminar como sempre em Nerfs desnecessários.
  9. Over the years, the inefficiency of the Death Knight's damage-increasing abilities has become clear. Compared to its analogue the Paladin which has the Tank/Support role, the Death Knight has increasingly been played for the Tank/DMG parameter. The first skill has the same functionality as a basic paladin skill, and the Paladin skill is even more effective as it completely immobilizes the enemy without even the need to use another skill in conjunction or self-attack. The second ability, the damage increase, becomes an obstacle rather than a support, as it further increases the waiting time for applying what really matters, the damage. Furthermore, it is much less effective than the Paladin's ability Banner, which increases the damage received by enemies in the area. The objective is to actually provide parameters that add to the Death Knight's kit and needs. The game in End Game became completely focused on group battles. However, it is very difficult to be able to use any skill with different abilities to control the enemy faction. Furthermore, DK's magic damage has been extremely nerfed over the last few updates, beyond what is necessary, as the class's main damage ability cannot be used on objectives such as thrones, pylons and flags. Blow of the Silence: Deals the "Power of silence" buff to the character for T sec. The effect increases the resistence parameter of the character by P%. An attack under the effect will also deal the "Mute" effect for R sec. to target and all opponents within a radius of 1 yards. Maximum number of player targets is Y, there is no limit on the number of monster targets. Skill level 1 2 3 4 T 5 6 7 8 P% 10% 15% 20% 25% R 2 3 4 5 Y 3 4 5 6 Energy expense 18 20 22 24 Cooldown 14 Knight's Curse: Applies the "Kiss of death" debuff to the opponent for T seconds.The effect deals magical damage in the amount of P% of the magical power of the character every 1,5 sec. A cursed zone is formed near the enemy for 15 sec. All opponents in the zone receive magical damage in the amount of D% of the character's magical power every 1.5 sec. Maximum number of player targets - Y, number of monster targets - X. Skill level 1 2 3 4 T 1,5 3 4,5 6 P% 10% 15% 20% 25% D% 65% 75% 85% 95% Y 3 4 5 6 X 8 10 12 14 Energy expense 24 26 28 30 Cooldown 30 Usage range 4 yards
  10. It doesn't change the fact that even with 2 hands and the strongest books in the game, I have no ability to survive or cause damage. Based on your comment, then shouldn't BD take damage? Or a Seeker that is completely broken causing a lot of damage and resisting a lot? Shouldn't mages have defensive skills that reduce damage to 0? Shouldn't Druids be immortal in a 2x2 arena with infinite healing and controls? Obviously it shouldn't have the same ability to withstand damage as shield classes, but this doesn't make up for it in other areas such as damage that is constantly nerfed. This just confirms the fact that the class needs a buff. And yes, I've already used the tank build with shield, but reserves have become an irrelevant skill, which most of the time is disabled because it has a global cooldown of 90s. In addition to the fact that it only works as a second life, enemies just take a little longer to kill you using full control.
  11. This is my DK currently, and unless I use parchment and pot with resist parameter, I get full control in most battles that are not 1v1 or 2v2. The blood protection is easily removed with the Mage's "Banish" skill. And the Curse's damage has been nerfed so much that it's ridiculous to have 1400 magic damage. The death knight does need a buff, considering the fact that it is easily controlled.
  12. One of the most self-punishing skills ever created, similar or perhaps worse than the old Death Knight Saturation. It doesn't make any sense for all the damage to pass to the reaper if the ability's function is to reduce it. In this way that I am suggesting, the Reaper will receive a damage reduction similar to the Chief since the rest of the damage will pass as periodic damage, effectively becoming a delay to the damage and not a conversion of direct damage to periodic. Delayed Death: Applies the “Delayed Death” buff to a character for (10/11/12/14) seconds. The effect absorbs (40%/50%/65%/80%) of the damage caused to the character by automatic attacks and skills with instant damage and causes the “Imminent death” debuff to the character. The effect deals (60%/50%/35%/20%) of absorbed damage to the character for 8 seconds, every 2 seconds.
  13. Unlike other classes with similar abilities, the Reaper is one of the only classes with completely disadvantageous abilities. This ability is one of the examples because it is extremely ineffective as it does not prevent control and is difficult to activate before the character's death. The intention is to make the ability actually advantageous, without exaggeration as the only difference from other classes is that this ant-stun is activated passively. Maybe this way the Reaper will actually be able to do something before dying and even be able to actually accumulate enough hate to transform into Demon form. Unwavering Will: Every few seconds, the reaper receives an “Unshakeable” buff. The "Unshakable" effect allows you to ignore the collection of the control effect. Ignoring any control effects removes an "Unshakeable" buff. Additionally when they receive (5/4/3/2) debuffs it instantly applies an effect to the reaper. When changing to demonic form, 2 "Unshakable" buffs are applied to the character. Type: passive Accumulation time of each buff: per 24 | per 20 | per 16 | per 12 seconds Accumulation of buff triggered by debuffs parameter: max. once every 2 seconds Max buffs: 2
  14. I agree in parts. Indeed, the branch of talents in a partial form should indeed function as if it were transformed into a Demon. The only difference should be that in this form the player does not receive the 25% hp and mana, nor converts speed into skill cowdown. The branch came up with the idea of being an option for those who don't want to change the speed parameter when transformed, but the way it was done it even seems like it was a mistake, because it's not worth it. The only thing that really needs to be done, and remove the gain from HP, Mana, changed parameters, and keep all other gains for the talent branch to actually be an improvement and not a Nerf.
  15. Something I can say regarding the second talent from experience on the BR-Tourmaline server, because my DK already does practically that with Reserves and Blood Protection. After I used such a construction and simply being an immortal dummy, all Mages in the game without exception started using the Banishing skill which practically nullifies the skill. Also, the DK loses what little damage it already has. In addition, if even like Book Polvo I have difficulties using the skill due to the controls, the others will not be different or worse. With that in mind, the same will probably happen when all DKs use this talent. But I really must agree that gaining only 15% Critical Strike is demotivating compared to other talents. If there was some additional gain like 10% Penetration maybe the talent would become more attractive. Which is not absurd considering that there are new talents from other classes that give more than one extra attribute. Example: Запах крови С шансом, равным значению параметра "Критический удар", исцеление от параметра "Вампиризм" имеет шанс стать критическим ударом. При восстановлении здоровья от параметра "Вампиризм" персонаж получает бонус "Запах крови" на 12 секунд. Этот эффект увеличивает показатель критического удара на 1,5% и проникающую способность на 1% за каждые 5% от максимального запаса здоровья, восстанавливаемого вампиризмом. Максимальный бонус для параметров «Критический удар» и «Пробитие» составляет 15% и 10%. @Holmes I know we still need to do tests, but it would be interesting to pass this observation on to the developers.
  16. That's exactly what I did in my PVE build with the new 2 Handed Reload Axe, which surprised me very positively. Damage is extremely high, most of the time being the TOP DMG of the group. Being more efficient than the Speed build.
  17. In my view, taking into account my DK. The first talent branch is only usable in GVG. The second branch of talents is one of the most useful, however, it still has its drawbacks. HP regeneration is an extremely problematic stat to collect in PVP as it takes the place of much better stats. In addition, the cooldown is still high and the skill does not reset when leaving the arena, thus making 3 points wasted for some time. Apart from the fact that such a construction is only for Tank (which for me, who am a magic PVP for example, is not so attractive). Also, the Blood Protection in me is almost permanent because of the Shark Book. Few people understood the potential of the third branch in PVP, so I'll try to exemplify. Basically any DK can collect 20% Critical Hit with a crystal in the amulet. The skill itself adds an additional 15% and there is also a relic that adds an additional 15% when Fury is active, totaling 50%. If the DK has all the hallowen talents up (And the Vampirism skill book) he can collect 55% of vampirism with the additional 3% that will come, add 15% of vampirism with the Relic of defense, 15% with Low HP Vampirism Book. In addition to the Vampirism received as HP is low with the new talent. In summary we have a DK that can achieve the following parameters: Critical Hit: 50% Vampirism: 85%~100% Add the fact that Vampirism's Heal is considered a Critical Heal and it has the Rage Revelation Book that will activate every time the DK heals.
  18. @Nolan Why not just make it passive at once and do something the Wardens have always asked for? (That and Warden only at guild lvl 10 without any other cooldown buff...)
  19. During the development of classes, some classes became outdated or simply do not fulfill the role for which they were originally created. This is the case with Death Knight and Paladin. Both classes have skill kits and relics that do not favor their second role, or simply fail to reach their full potential due to class limitations. The Paladin is currently a Tank / Magic Support and the Death Knight is a Tank / Magic DMG (if we take the skill kit of both classes and interactions with relics and buildings mostly Magic). This leads me to the question, what's the point of both classes wearing Light Armor instead of Cloth Armor? Firstly, the Kit of both classes benefits much more from the parameters acquired through Cloth Armor. An example of this is the Set 32 Mermen which would be much more useful than the current Set. If both classes do a build based on auto-attack, their kit becomes almost useless in the PvE aspect, which makes both the first and second skills of the set almost useless. There are some Paladins and Knights who attempt such a feat, but it is clear that it is not something that benefits the class's kit 100%. Paladin's Magic Healing and Death Knight's Magic Damage constructs would be extremely more effective and viable. I would like to know the opinion of other players who use the class on the subject. Do you think Cloth Armor would be more useful or the current Light Armor is good?
  20. On the BR Tourmaline server it was like this for a long time, until we started investing in magic construction. Currently with my 2 Hand Hammer DK and set I can tank Orcinus without a healer or pet just with vampirism. Obviously not everyone does the same, but currently building magic with vampirism is vastly superior to PvE and PvP.
  21. If we take into account that your Paladin antagonist can stun in area and silence, I think it's a fair buff in the current functioning when dealing with a single target. In addition to being another way to keep the enemy in the Knight's Curse.
  22. It is extremely frustrating to have one of the strongest DKs in the game, and to be blocked in the arena by enemies running around with scrolls and pots that are easily acquired. The only thing that is undeniably good about the Death Knight these days is the survivability due to vampirism. However when it comes to defense and damage the class is only half-assed. The class is outdated when it comes to PvP (That's because I still have Octopus book, the only reason it's not easily controlled), today the DK is not a Tank, but a Bruiser easily fought. As long as you can do damage, you can survive. My suggestions are similar: Shadow Shield: Change in skill formula. In addition to the current reduction which is a raw value, implement a % damage reduction of +- 0.5% for every 1000 physical and magical defense that comes from the character itself (Runes, Equipment, Amplification and Extra Class Ability Books). Emanate: Instant skill cast instead of strengthening auto attack. Hate Aura: Removal of defense boost and addition of Ability Cooldown or Attack Speed parameters depending on the predominant damage type. Secret Reserves: Rework the skill to work with the % Health parameter instead of Health Regen (Similar to the Templar Mantra). Threads of Darkness: Increased root time which is currently around 1s after pulling the enemy to stagger (1s / 1.5s / 2s / 2.5s / 3s). Sharp Shadow: No more need for the 80% stun chance cap as there is now the resistance parameter. The chance at level 4/4 should be 100%. In addition to an increase in cast distance as it can be resisted, parried, blocked and dodged. Blood Protection: This is the only skill that is actually on the right track. Because it is a significant increase in damage reduction, the way it works is justifiable. However, the skill needs at least + 1s duration to compensate for the high cooldown. Knight's Curse: I believe the class mechanics are correct. The Knight's task must be to keep the enemy on fire. But your current kit doesn't allow you to do that. Steel Hurricane: the only complaints I have about this skill are in relation to the strong visual bug to hit the enemy. And the new talent tree skill, which needs to be at least 25% instead of the current 15%. Such changes are fully compatible with current class mechanics, and would not change the game's style and proposal in any way.
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