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  1. I post my costume but until now the post not show up -.-
  2. Long time ago born Goat with red eyes and he's name is SLAV. He blind, cant see anything but he can smell more than other. One day he say want join warrior but he get bullying from other goat because he blind. One day when father and mother slav was war he running at home and he travel world. But its not easy, he almost die because starving. One day live old Lion at jungle. The lion see Slav at dangerous. Many bandit want kill slav, but the Lion helping slav, he fight with stick and he can win easy. The old Lion ask why he travel when he cant see anything. Slav answer making the old lion
  3. All, i have suggestion for add new features craft elements for weapon. Its like perocity but its make random damage for PvE or PvP. Each element has weaknesses and strengths. Fire > Water > Wind > Earth > Fire Example : if i have element WATER PvP with someone have element FIRE my damage will increases ?%. How if FIRE vs WIND ? its same damage. If FIRE vs NO ELEMENTS ? FIRE will increases dmg ?%. Now how about PvE ? gm must add elements for mob or boss. how to craft weapon with element ? Add new item features craft elements and u can get element item from dg or boss like essense
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