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  1. warspear stuff is in holiday now. u will get answer on 9 th january :lol:
  2. christmas time is the best from all the year. Best movies at Tv. and too many gifts also and. its. the time when i can buy more mcoin than in rest of the year :lol: :lol: :drinks:
  3. 90% from Thecore are trusted guys :drinks: and always give u a hand of help
  4. in last time i saw people calling u perv xD is that true? uh :)
  5. i didnt gank anyone for 2 days :fool:
  6. ruberius drop ice queen great ring and amulet :'(
  7. get a set of. extra pockets. u sure will have enough space ;D
  8. santa claus didnt come with my 8400 mcoin :cray: i dont understand why :cray: my wish >:D
  9. frone


    i dont understand :fool:
  10. ginies seems a nice person ;D i think just seems. :bad:
  11. game is on for u :facepalm: in nokia,game auto close.
  12. game relms will not be avalaible for ~180 MIN. Never hours..only minutes :tease:
  13. red is making girls sexy. I dont think ur girl if dont know this U prefere blue flowers or red flowers? :bad:
  14. gifts on holiday quest make it avalaible for players 3-20 :facepalm:
  15. 450 cc better than a shit costume like dominwtor oxy armor :facepalm:
  16. these caskets too lucky :facepalm: always get something good. :drinks:
  17. borrowing account is ilegal coz that means sharing account. and this is the.most usually reason to lose an account i guess :bad:
  18. frone

    scammers list

    there i dont see anyone of the biggest scammers or.scammers who still are actives.:facepalm: and proof. if 5-6 guys said got scammed by same scammer,i think dont need ss or anymore.
  19. cum pot face ss dupa tab??
  20. sure disabled it...is fear to create 50 characters and spam this quest?? And coz this quest..server get lagged coz too many people. And... Price got at 40k....is too low for an ice.. And the quest will be avalaible again soon during this succesful event :drinks: :drinks: :yahoo: :facepalm:
  21. cookies lover & cookies maker :yahoo:
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