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  1. ah well why i didn't think about that..thank you so much guys ;D
  2. please help me :( i really don't know what to do now
  3. hello devs i need help , REALLY need help because im stuck ,so this is what happen i have warlock lvl 10 and i was running a quest "sarcofagus" and i "accidentally" pick some item quest that i think it's unnecessary it was hammer blacksmith , stone , clerk pen and paper ,all of those item is i can't drop ..and all my bag now full with item quest that are unable to drop so can you help me "hack" trough my bag and drop one of those hammer or stone that i can't drop so i can buy a new bag ?i'll show the image in here so you can see im really stuck i can't do anything ,please help me ? my id is [email protected] with nickname Loonatic
  4. hello for anyone play use MC , i need help to kill druid in first island , and i ran out my gold..my weapon almost broke..maybe if you all mind , you can give me some gold..pm me "Genderuwo" thanks..i really need help..and i dont want play it from beginning..
  5. hey admin..im new in warspear..and i love playing this game..and i want give you a few suggestion on the game..here is my suggestion 1. Moving Controling i playing on my PC..and my finger tired because always clicking mouse to move..and my suggestion is..using moving controlling use keyboard ..like key "W" for move up , "S" for move down , "D" for move right , "A" for move left..and mouse is only for fire or talk to NPC.. 2. Auto Move When Quest this suggestion is , if my first suggestion is imposible..auto move is mean..when we get a quest from NPC we can move auto to target..so we can easier to go to quest target.. ok thats my suggestion..i hope in next update..i can see my suggestion being realized..thanks you admin :D
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