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  1. mecha /edit: I was offline for 3-4 months* cant modify post on phone, sorry.
  2. @snorlax Finally thanks for interest. I didnt write because I already wrote a few times on my older topics. So here you are; 20 level warlock from Eu Emerald, Bearsight is main character of that account. Let me know if I should write information about warlock or anything else. Thanks.
  3. @mecha If you want and have time, I can explain every question on your mind. Whoever stayed close to me in game we had great friendships. But whoever I had fight, that bad relationship gone worse. Its my fault, Im bit aggressive player in game. But some people that I cant really understand why (One of them is Sexpert) hated me and lied behind me to hurt me. When someone scammed, they blamed me. I always talked about it to prove my innocenity(I wish its right word). They continued spamming chat, and I couldnt pretend like blind I talked more and more. If I could stop care them they would stop but my fault again I didnt. Btw person who got scammed never blamed me, only same players always lied about me. That was funny also annoying. But I think finally I got rid off from them because I dont see anyone talks bad for me. Atleast not about scam. And about leaving; yea as I wrote to Eu Emerald forum I left game because of university exam. I was offline like 3-4 hours. When I solved problems on my real life I came back. And then I noticed that my account got blocked. So I am still who I am 4 years ago in warspear. I felt bit blameful post on your letter but I liked it because I had chance to explain somethings. Thank you.
  4. How logical! Did I pay money for one day they block my account "without any reason"? I am paying money to take fun from this game. They owe me fun and enjoy for my money. So I did what they wanted, I paid money. Now its their turn but they are blocking it. I would shut my mouth if I broke any rule but I didnt. Im just waiting someone who can understand me, please god.
  5. I really dont know what should I do more to prove that something wrong happening on my account. What can I do let Devs understand me? Why cant anyone see it seriously its getting so silly everyday. Fix back what did to me, I already wasted my time for stupid things. Seriously...
  6. By the way if reason was my IP, let me write this note. I moved from my city to another city because of my school and when YouTube blocked for my country we had to use a lot of IP/Proxy programs to make it enable.(This was 1.5-2 years ago) But I dont think its problem, well better to say whatever is problem.
  7. WolfSight

    To Glory

    I would like to take song advises from you, I fell in love with that music which you used on your video. By the way, congratulations for winning contest.
  8. After Warspear Online Support Team didnt care about my problems, not giving attention to my letters, not giving chance to explain it I had to find another ways to get back what I gave to this game. Because somethings happining unfair here, and nobody wants to understand it. Sent 4 long tickets and made 2 important topic on forum, still couldnt explain my blamelessness. I'm innocent but judging like guilty from DEVs of this game. I am still trying to take my account which got banned without true reason, without any evidence. There can't be any evidence because I'm still defending myself that I'm innocent. I'm tired of fighting for this, so I made topic at www.hukuki.net, complainted there. I said that I'm innocent, I paid lots of money to AIGRIND company but one day without any logical reason they prevented access to my account. I know many people who made cases in that forum and got what they wanted. I wasted 2 months with sending tickets and making topics here. I tried to explain myself in formal ways, no one cared. I saw many topics that they made like close friends of DEVs, and they got helped. Also I want to say I reported some people who scammed many players on game with screenshots a long time ago. They are still on game and continuing scamming. Now I dont care about them. But I got blocked without any evidence, its really so sad to see. I dont know am I unlucky but I dont think its not about luck. Support team should(actually must) work better. Specially me, so unfair decide about me. Cant understand why DEVs did this, and how cant they see this fault. Seriously... In short; I still want my account, because I'm innocent. If still nobody cares me here, I'm going to find true justice on law. Here is my topic at best law forum of Turkey: http://www.hukuki.net/showthread.php?109751-odeme-Yapilan-Internet-Oyunu-Hakkinda-sikayet
  9. But you are also breaking rules. You are trying to scam accounts. Should I share screenshots about your fail try? So justice will do best for you too. As did to me in your opinion.
  10. I tried to send personal message to r0nald. Noticed sending message to moderators are blocked. Copied here. __________ Hi r0land, I dont know will you receive this message but I have to try. I must try. I'm losing what I have.I'm creator of http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99135.0 topic. Can you please read what I write there again, because its too much important for me.And I am owner of 20 level warlock Bearsight at Eu Emerald.Here is your reasons to got block."- selling and trading accounts- creating and using more than 2 accounts- using someone else's account- changing password and login of account you didn't create" Everyone knows that I'm not account seller/trader so first is cant be. I have 2 accounts, rogue and warlock's accounts. And my cousin also have 2, he doesnt use forum so I wrote his chars to my signature. So I think second and third one is also cant be. Its look like only last one is true, my login id is [email protected] I dont know is there any mail like that but "Burkay" is my name. I did because of it. And before that id if can you check it was [email protected](Its my own hotmail account.) I changed it because some of my friends used my phone and I doubt did they learn my id. I gave my 4 years to this game and huge moneys to that blocked account. If I lose it, it means I lose my future on game. Spent 3.5 - 4 years to game, and kicking from it by mini reason. Its really not fair. I cant even count how much money I spent. I was planning to spend more. If it was not strong account I wouldn't pm like this. But please check that account and understand how important is it for me. I spent my many nights to get that demo costume. Gave all of my wallet to make that weapon. I dont wanna lose what I gave to game. And game shouldn't lose me. I got great friendships there. Please also check my rogue's account. [email protected] Its also pretty strong. Please understand me, and let me contunie where I left. Dont let me lose everything because of breaking mini rule. I dont even know whats wrong when I set my id to email that I didnt create. But I learnt it and fix it after I take it back. Take this as wish, take this as beg. I just have to give what I have. Waiting your response. _________________
  11. I have to write more serious and detailed to take attention because there is something happening that I didnt deserve. I dont even know reason of blocking my account, I just guessed myself. I'm here to contunie being one of strongest warlock in emerald. Spent lots of money, lots of time and suddenly account got blocked. Its also happened when I was at holiday. It means I wasnt online. I'm sure someone tried to get my account with sending tickets to support when I said that I left game. Just tell me should I write account's old login id, last login id, password, miracle coin sms codes, warlock's item information etc.(By the way I wrote all those things in my first ticket.) I'm playing my rogue now, I am keeping my money for warlock. Try to understand me and do what is correct. I'm sure I didnt do anything wrong. Thanks, waiting.
  12. Do you remember their nicknames who likes to talk behind? Because when I came back, didnt see anyone on blaming me. -_-
  13. Goddamn magazines are always capturing where they want!!! Its not fair. :(
  14. Thank you for your wish freakstone. And frone I know that but I sent all tickets before they gave a break. Waited too much, I would wait more if its just normal time. But we are in event time and I really dont wanna miss it. And cant wait without do anything when my account is blocked, to be honest its so scary. -.-
  15. When Gandalf the Grey fell with Balrog, he disappeared too. We all thought we lost him and he wont come back. Gandalf was "sent back" as Gandalf the White after defeating Balrog, and returned to life on the mountain. Gwaihir, lord of eagles, carried him to Lórien, where he was healed of his injuries and re-clothed in white robes by Galadriel. So, my brother; dont lose your hope. Magicians are always disappears and appears back. Just hope she will come back as Reizyaa the Pink. Good luck, let us know last news about her adventure.
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