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  1. U mentioned them because they are strong. But I never saw them pvping people. Newbie can know their name because of fame. Only for that. It's not related to my topic :) my list is base on ppl I saw often pvpng at cave. If in ur list they PvP often. Then sorry but I never saw them do that. That's why I didn't mentioned them on my list. ;)
  2. I mentioned it at my first comment. I said "who do u think is the best ranger when comes to PvP" the title is to attract ppl that can answer my question in this topic. I don't have to think about it. Its u that can learn to read all the comments in the topic. And ty for those who answer me. :)
  3. I dont know most of the rangers so i will do a list of ppl i often see at cave. 1. Mikoshamet 2. Hypotex 3. Hismajesty 4. Xxpinoyxx 5. Finalsusse I mentioned only the high lvl. So i apologize for the lvl 6 to lvl 14 that i didnt mention in my list. And if u can. I want to read ur explanation for ur choose. :)
  4. Dont read topic that u dont care. :)) i posted this cause i want to know some opinion from people that "care" a topic like this.
  5. Yes. In general. When comes to PvP fight only.
  6. who do you think are the top 3 rangers when comes to PvP? I mean, not just powerful but skillful too.
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