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  1. raima

    Buy acc.

    wow many acc byuying such miracle coins no pls
  2. its ok, just ginis and ginies should be banned too ;)
  3. he is reported yesterday, but no answer from support .. ;x
  4. cherrybia , yeah, no problem :blush:
  5. raima

    From zero

    Start from zero, who join ? :blush: ::)
  6. Now he act like in drama :crazy:
  7. yeah i know, just saying, i want that other ppls dont get scam of him. I was stupid.
  8. Hi, I lost my char on EU-Emerald, i have be scammed by Ginies (bladedancer 20lv). ALL BEWARE OF THAT NOOB. My barb nick Diedlight. Does it possible to get it back? P.s Look at images. :diablo:
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