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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to Hamstring in swaaz will be leaving :)   
    I remember that. seems like it was a personal favor.. which is fine if the person is suitable for the position..
    but now..
    keeping kathi as mod would be sending a bad message and promoting skemthievery + poor behaviour
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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to Azebu in Regarding Poley and the stolen gears   
    Reminder to not respond to Nelson "Insullah" Sulla.
    He is the main responsible for:
    • Derailing threads by mentioning completely unrelated matters • Ad hominem insults meant to attract attention to him • Stalkings of at least four females from Warspear Online • AoA winning tourney 40 times in a row • Hostile takeover of EU-Emerald market • Amplification system • Leaking account data in 2011 • Posting developer items in chat • Shutting down megaupload.com • Removal of Rank system • Making Pvprange quit • Successful assassination of Shitzo • Successful assassination of Kuzmitch • Attempted assassination of r0land and snorlax • Deliberate bugging of free miracle coins system • Extreme homophobia • Twinking on level 6/10 arena • Overpowered arena season rewards • Attempted assassination of Azebu (ongoing) • Personally overseeing the amendment bill to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement • Indefinitely delaying music feature • Killing off most characters in Game of Thrones • 6 million accounts created • Long wait times for Symbian clients • Profanity filter   His ultimate goal is to kill Warspear. However, you can help to stop him. Spread this message!
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    Ihtehotdogx got a reaction from Turtle in one day?   
    To the top and fly through the sky to pierce the heavens!
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    Ihtehotdogx got a reaction from Chickenfly in Report pervert ppls,nothing happening   
    Chickenfly, join us sapphire
    I miss our times at eu lol
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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to MuMei in My photo for this contest   
    U wot m8
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    Ihtehotdogx got a reaction from MuMei in My photo for this contest   
    koo koo xD
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    Ihtehotdogx got a reaction from MuMei in Signs Of Imperishability   
    all day long baby
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    Ihtehotdogx got a reaction from KingCree in critcree's frist entry :3   
    Nice one cree, lookin fresh bruh
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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to baskentli in Mecha Coup   
    it's ws forum, we can give our opinion wherever the DUCK we want.
    if mecha isnt a mod on russian server there's not reason to bann him,that should be handled by a russian mod.
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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to Ihtehotdogx in Mecha Banned me "Seduce"   
    He's the one who started this and for the record he uses commonly used quotes like "Idk who he is ingame"(Also since i posted this he's gonna reason this again)
    First off after he unliked my comment i replied and he replied too.After a week he decided to find a way to ban me since i finally decided to talk with him.Also why paranoid anyway? That's not in my mind anyway.Don't use words that affects emotions since its a sign for unbeatable peasants.Finally Mecha its really none of your buisness since i noticed you and when you noticed me you decided to find a way to ban me.
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    Ihtehotdogx reacted to MR X in the memes / funnies   

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