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  1. Let's totally forget that Charmers can reach maximum block with less block gears. Oh yeah update totally benefits Warden
  2. I don't think you understood correctly, you can just parry DoT damage now.
  3. Yep, was really hoping for more. Pretty much the new normal relics are only things for normal players (the majority of active players)
  4. Good stuff! Group relics seem cool - Does a group mean party? And do they work only in group? - Also do they differ depending on the castle? Was hoping for new experts and fixes in older skills, along with map4 extension, I guess we'll have to wait more. This update holds almost nothing but the new relics for normal players. Btw thanks for the generous +1 hotkey.
  5. I think you can max both, there is few moments where you need to decide between pene and crit.
  6. Hehe nice vid to show the randomized match making in 3v3, it is not enough to stop win lose.
  7. Traps are not gay because their dicks are just giant clits and that is not gay. julie
  8. Finally it is over, I was excited for its end so that devs can finally release a big update, cus they know otherwise the game is dying.
  9. Gladiator


    I suggest making them give periodic HP and mana. The amount of %hp and mana stays the same as now for the food types, but it will just give it back over time, that'd make them helpful if you use them before starting the fights in dungeons/farms and PvP. Otherwise I don't think there should be special buffs because there are scrolls and pots that give every kind of buff you need.
  10. Are you hearing yourself? you get the drop chance of 2 dungeon runs in 1 run, let's say 10 mins. Instead you'd spend 20 mins to get the same amount of drops, how the f*ck does that not affect the total drop rate in the server? As I said in my previous post, it is only possible if the chance for each drop is reduced by half. P.S. Rate: drops over time, in other words: Rate = amount of drops / Time, Rate ~ Drops, Rate ~ 1/time, that means as time decreases, rate increases.
  11. You're throwing 25% 2 times so you have a higher probability to hit number 1. And no, you're right only if we want to draw 2 number 1s (number on on both dices), but that's not the case, only one number 1 is enough to give you a drop. The only way you don't increase the rate by adding 2 drops instead of 1 is if you make the drop chance on each one of the two half of the original chance, and thus you're paying 2 stams for the same drop chance even if you get 2 drops, but the chance to get a good one is half on each one (equal if we count both drops). And that's not worth it,
  12. My suggestion is the same as yours but I think the dungeon should become harder as a price for 2 drops OR x2 drop chance (SAME THING) in half the normal time, and that's why keeping it as an option that players can choose, so weaker players can get in heroic with the easier mode but less chance, and stronger players enter the hard one if they want more drops. AND in YOUR suggestion, the chance of you getting a good drop increases because you get 2 drops. It is the SAME as doubling the drop chance. CAN YOU PLEASE UNDERSTAND? If you're totally against increasing the drop rate, then delete t
  13. This dude isn't understanding that increasing the drops count from 1 to 2 automatically increases the chance of players getting drops by the double?
  14. He always finds the strongest 1v1 char and plays it a trap.
  15. I'm pretty sure Illumination and Call deal around the same damage, even if not, Deathknight is way tankier so might as well sacrifice some damage for that.
  16. What's the difference between increasing the chance by x2 or keeping the chance but doubling the amount of shots. Imagine a dice with 4 sides with each side numbered from 1-4, there is 25% chance to hit the number 1. If you take 2 shots, there is 50% chance to get a number 1 from either of the throws, as you will get 2 times 25%. Now take a coin with 2 sides, numbered 1 and 2. There is a 50% chance to get number 1. It still actually has less value than a 50% chance, because in each one you have only 25% chance, but anyway, I wouldn't mind to have it the first way instead of doub
  17. But you're suggesting to add a 2nd drop in the chest, that's practically double drop rate, same thing. You could change my "double chance" with double drop, the suggestion stays the same.
  18. It didn't take them so long to figure it out.
  19. Gladiator


    I like that, if you want buffs from food, then you're char will be slower in movement and attack speed
  20. Gladiator


    I mean, there are potions and scrolls that give those buffs.
  21. I mean crowd literally, so permanent AoE which is ridiculous and, luckily, doesn't exist.
  22. I agree but on keeping it as an option and with a penalty. Dungeon runs could be priced differently depending on loot chance and difficulty level. Keeping the current normal 1 stam option, if you choose to pay 2 stams you'd get x2 chance but also the dungeon will be considerably harder, and that's the price for paying less time because you're obviously getting an advantage over the 1 stam option. I also wouldn't mind having 3 stam option that would be almost undoable except for very good players. That could offer more than x3 the normal chance as an extra reward (or maybe not). By the wa
  23. OR maybe get a barb/charmer/dk/hunter in your pt because those classes can stun druids and palas before they can do. OR literally any class that can stun the character that is stunning you or gonna stun you or at least heal you. OR try mixing gears and adding a little bit of resistance without giving away all the resilience. As long as it is not permanent crowd control, which is not, it is not OP in any way. I'm sure devs knew that some classes will be able to fully stun 1 character as they were putting the skills together, it is not an accident that they didn't expect or s
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