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  1. Then untill You guys plan some 1h magic and Heavy gear with magic.. Heavy armors & shield will be useless to charmer.. Or no there is something i am overlooking
  2. Peter if i am not wrong there is a techno mace that have magic in first slot.. that amps magic .. so why not some at low lvl?
  3. Well great update.. so excited... i think its time to introduce Wands DEVs.. Wands will be 1h magic weapon with lesser amount of magic dmg cd and any other bonus... So that can be used with shild.. I think its time to gear up again..
  4. Daria, Please tell us if lvl 24 can get costume and passive skill drops at Hero Bg tower?
  5. Dear devs, we know that uniqe items should have 4 bonus. But the Boots of fierce Filth being a unique gear dont have 4th bonus. Please add a 4th bonus that you think is good like accuracy dodge or mp regen or change it to rare. there is many other unique items with 3 bonus too. Hope you will add the 4th bonus to all or make them rare A screen shot is given for you... Thank you
  6. For your Kind information a BD can be easily killed by Legion classes as the have the all mighty stuns. And if you talk about rogues .. now a days rogues going almost 5 to 6 k Def and 1K dmg. They can easily kill other classes if know how to play rather than crying on forum. You said Priest are balanced... Can you explain it? I think priests are the only class that are pure support .. with out any proper stun they are always a easy kill for any melee classes. so they are not balanced. I would only suggest a stun for priest nothing else.. Cause Bd=barb Pala = Dk Lock = Mage Ranger = Rogue Necro = Priest... All are pretty much balance unless you have the skill play around
  7. Sorry Guys But realy I dont find any sense about your suggession to nerf bds. While Execpt Priest Every other Chars Got good Stuns and skills. No Offense But If you dont have skill to Use your skills against bds you just should stop complaining and start practicing. No one complains against rogues.. If you want to nerf bds then pls Nerf rogues first.
  8. I dont know why every one always after Blade Dancers. While Rogues are op too.. other chars like druid necro lock shaman every one have good skills. If you dont have skill to play against bds its your prob. Not BDs..
  9. In ancient past in Arinar there was a fierce battle called the War of Spear between the two clans Sentinels and Legions. The battle faded as many of the heros of both sides died and the Supreme Spear broke and scattered Into pieces. The war ended. Remaining warriors of both clans were exhausted but the fire of hatred was burning in their heart. None were happy about how the war ended, neither the Dark God. He used the power of hatred of People and resurrected six dead worriors and turned them into demons. He ordered the demons to collect all the fragments of the spear so that a new spear can be forged. On one of the darkest nights in arinar one of the demons named Knightmare found a fragment of the spear and got a taste of power. He then ingested the fragment and became more powerfull. Even the Dark God started to fear him as he unleashed his terror over the world of Arinar with his demon friends. The mighty worriors of both clans fight bravely to stop the terror of knightmare and his friends. But they failed and gave thier life away. Then the Elder Priest and Elder Shaman took charge and combined their powers.They fought Knightmare but they were also no match for him. They decided to sacrifice themselves to put a curse on Knightmare and surround they land of Arinar with a holy shield of friedship and collaboration. The curse worked and they sent Knightmare and his friends deep below the world if Arinar to sleep. The elders warned both their clans not to hate each otherso the power of the doesnt loose its power They died. The peace came to Arinar. Centuries have passed, the warriors of Sentinels and Ligions became more and more powerfull. They start fighting each other for glory. They invaded Dungeons in search of better weapons gears and accessories. In the lust of power they forgot the warnings of their ancestors.They engeged themselves in severe battle to capure each others teritory. The fire of hatred ignited again and the curse was broken. Knightmare and his friends emerged. He sent a msg to the people of Arinar. One of his Friend have came to Nadir shard And reading his messege. "I am Knightmare The Ancient Knight, Most powerfull creature of Arenar commands you, the people of Arinar, to surrender. If you dont, Arniar wont survie this time." Now its up to mighty heros Arinar if they surrender or fight Knightmare to free Arinar from his terror. Behavior on map : I will move all direction following the play who is tank where ever he runs in the map. Untill he leaves the map ( means the boss will not evede.) Hp : 1.5 mil Hp regen 100/5 sec 4 miniboss 100k hp each Energy : 200 Energy regen 5 / 5 sec Physical defence 5000 Magical defence 3500 Physical Dmg 550 Magical dmg 300 ( Actual dmg on heros will depend on ther def and mdef) Damage per second : 200 Skills : Dark Slash : Knightmare deals heavey physical dmg on the hero tanking boss( Energy 20 Cooldown 10 sec) Shild Strike: Boss rushes to the enemy and hits him dealing low physical dmg and stun for 3 sec ( Energy 20 cooldown 30 sec) Black hole: A dark hole in the ground cause ing stun to all in its radius for 4 sec and drains x amount health after stun over. ( energy 30 cooldown 30) Magma Carpet: A spell that make lave come out of ground to put magical dmg all the enemies surrounding him for 3 turns( energy 30 cooldown 30) Bone shild : Knightmare will be able to use a shild arround him to absorb certain ammount of attac (energy 50 Cooldown 50 )
  10. why only 14 days for 2 events make it a month will be better for all those who missed the previous
  11. There is nothing to cry... Those who love arenas they will do it fair and square.. rest will try bull shit for rewards xD
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