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  1. This is just so weird that you wouldn't ban the actual violators of EULA like gzgzgz and Vsopb who share accounts with other people so that they can keep getting ap while they sleep. They use auto click bots for demand as well. Instead you'd ban someone who hasn't done anything wrong and won't even listen to him. Good job, team!
  2. Is it just me or lvl6-16 arena accessories are missing from imperial shop.
  3. Cut the devs some slack, it's not easy to do bug fixing in production.
  4. Did you even read what I said? I'm not concerned about where high level guilds spend their stamina. I'm concerned about giving comparatively new guilds a fair chance. Everyday new people join this game, and why would they hang around if its completely hopeless for them.
  5. Higgings we were in second place twice and third place four times, and we can do easy nadir only.
  6. Hello Developers , I would like to point out that only first position wins are getting counted as wins for the criteria to unlock nadir dungeons.Even Guilds which have been on second or third place in guild tournaments many times can do easy nadir only. It's highly disadvantageous for comparatively new guilds. Since they can not compete with other guilds or attract players to join them because its next to impossible to win first place when few top guilds rule in every server. They won't be able to grow like this. So, I would suggest counting second and third place wins in guild tournaments also. This would encourage new guilds into thinking they still have the chance, rather than disbanding and players running off to those top guilds. And even in such guilds, the number of players that can join are limited . Please give everyone a fair opportunity! So that both old players and new ones may feel they're still in competition . Thank you :)
  7. It stuns,after slowing down if warlock uses pool of darkness.Its clear you have not seen it yet.
  8. Instead of nerfing warlocks,devs give them another stun.wow
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