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  1. Awwww the poor thing!!!! Nuadu will haunt you haha be careful xD
  2. Taray mo teh! Hahahahaha xD Luv ya! ;D ;D ;D ;D
  3. Haha . I'm a druid lvl 19 . his name is Asherlex :D
  4. O my God!Haha . This is amazing! Well I guess one of the amazing stories I've read in this competition. And to think I got angry with the water snake about killing me when I was on level 6... Awwwww! SOOOO G.U.I.L.T.Y !!!
  5. Hey! I finally got the chance to read yours! This is sooooo AMAZING and FUNNY !!! Hahahaha Lord B is so cheap :P And the guy who wants the ring and not his Fiancee is a ♥♥♥♥♥. How could he do that? Anyway. I love this so much! Well not that much. Haha I still love my story of that cute bunny xD Hey.. I want to talk to you ingame. What's ur character's name? Huh? TELL ME!
  6. This is just epic! Haha the word that touches me the most was the 'ashes' haha i dont know why. Maybe bcoz my char is named ash haha xD Anyway .... This is an interesting story I can tell :D
  7. I will totally read yours! Haha but now now... My internet speed is like shit. I need to be awake this 1am just to read yours. But I'll do it anyway haha. Thanks again for ur awesome comment :D
  8. Hey Calaquendi! Haha! Thank you! I saw ur pretty druid in Riff . nice staff btw x*
  9. Yes i agree. But i have to limit my characters to 3900+ haha not exceeding 4000. Thanks for the suggestion though! I totally appreciate it !
  10. Life was just too hard for me. For being a bunny, so cute and fluffy, all I do is always hop around the grass looking at elves and humans running, screaming, battling, and doing anything I can’t do. I closed my eyes. Ugh, I want to be just like those big fierce monsters like Black Unicorn, Maraksha, or maybe Hydra. W-wait… Maybe not like Hydra, I don’t like growing another head if one is cut off. Maybe Dinalt, yes Dinalt, with that big sword his holding cutting through flesh of the elves. Haha just thinking of it makes me excited. I opened my eyes and in my surprise there was this old man with long beard who was standing in front of me. I tried to speak but he cut me off. ‘Little creature, why do you hate being yourself?’ The strange man spoke. He seems oddly familiar. ‘I-it’s not like I hate being myself. I .. I just ..’ I trailed off. ‘You want to be bigger and fiercer?’ He started. My cute little eyes widened. How was he reading my mind? He’s so freaking weird. Then I realized there was a wisp floating in his left shoulder. Wisp? Wait! I recognized him. The old man, I saw him at the altar of, Nuadu. ‘N-nuadu?’ I spoke with fear in my voice. He smiled, such a warm smile that made my face lit up from fear. ‘Yes my child. Now do you still want to be changed?’ He said rubbing my ears. Feels so good I can stay like this forever. ‘I-I dunno…’ I said in such a low voice. ‘Child… I think you should look at this.’ He started swirling his staff. Wait, where did that come from? Oh, he’s Nuadu of course full of surprises. -Burp- D-did he just burped? Yep. Full of surprises. ‘Sorry child. Haha, must have been the Ale.’ He said. He’s been drinking but I thought Gods don’t need to be fed. Who knows right? Then he got back to swirling his staff. Then a sphere appeared. ‘Take a closer look my child.’ I hopped to him slowly then looked at the sphere. I gasped. My eyes widened again. ‘Don’t be scared little one. It’s just a - burp – illusion showing what’s happening right now in every part of this world.’ I tried not to laugh because he burped again but the image I’m seeing now brings chills right through my heart. Hydra’s head was being cut by the Forsakens and the Mountain Clans and after every cut two heads grow back. Hydra finally gave up and fell to the ground. He didn’t seem to take much pain any longer. The bolts that was shot at him and the blades cutting him. Blood was everywhere then the Forsakens took his – or her – heads then walked away. I flinched after Nuadu changed the Image in the sphere. ‘Now this.’ Nuadu said. I felt tears forming in my eyes as Dinalt was slaughtered, cut, shocked, and pierced with the blades. I w-wanted to turn into that? Being killed and live again just to get killed AGAIN?! ‘Now you see my child. You are blessed just being a cute little bunny.’ He made that warm comforting smile that helped my ache to fade away. ‘I-I .. uhmm … I’ I can’t seem to say something. ‘Child .. cheer up. It’s how nature was supposed to be.’ ‘I-I’m sorry’ I muttered slowly. ‘Don’t be little one. It’s alright to dream but don’t push yourself into something you’re not.’ After that he suddenly disappeared in thin air. I looked everywhere for him but I can’t find him now. I paused for a while then I saw someone coming to me. I shivered in fear. ‘Awwww! How cute!’ He said happily. I noticed someone was with him. ‘Yeah I know… C’mon let’s go hunt Dinalt now.’ I froze. ‘Ugh, one more minute Ash.’ ‘Zac!’ ‘FINE!’ He stood up and run towards the person called Ash. But he came back to me with something. ‘Here you go little bunny.’ He placed a cheese and an Ale. Ale? He ran to Ash again. Probably talking about Dinalt now. I sighed. I grabbed the cheese and the Ale then hopped back to Melvendil. I hopped again to the cave where Nuadu’s altar stood. I placed the Ale underneath his altar. ‘I-I don’t like Ale so I came here to give it to you.’ I whispered. I smiled and hopped away.
  11. Why does Data Caching takes so long? I've been waiting for 2 hours and the blue thingy still doesn't move .. Why o why? I need to lvl up my druid plss help T.T
  12. Every topic I see I comment "AWESOME!!!" That's because it is :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  13. Did I just saw a awesome emblem? OMG! I did!! :clapping: :drinks: :friends:
  14. Is that bad? so sorry :unknw: :fool:
  15. Haha Thanks ;D And no, it's on EU-Emerald and it's not official because I just made it this past hour. can i as you a question ? I have no idea how to put an image before the "attachments" so i just put it in the attachments. Can you help me? I know that the rules is: 1. Name of guild 2. Image 3. Description I put the image at the end O.o And how exactly do you delete a topic? I seemed to put 2 topic here .. :facepalm:
  16. Guild "Angel Wings" Let me explain this : *The [glow=red,2,300]Gold[/glow] and [glow=red,2,300]Silver[/glow] color of the shield - The color gold means Ambition, the ambition of any players for success (success on having a drop during farming, successful PvP battle, etc.) and the silver means Peace, who would want war in their own Faction except for PvP ?? *The [glow=red,2,300]Eagle[/glow] in the middle of the shield - We all know that means "Protection" but mostly "Strength". What's offense without defense, right ? *The [glow=red,2,300]Cross Symbol[/glow] inside the shield - Is well known as the symbol of Christians. Holy Powers needed for healing. *Finally the Guild Name "[glow=red,2,300]Angel Wings[/glow]" - This named just popped out in my head while i was playing Final Fantasy Advanced. I notice that the fairy used some king of healing powers to it's ally, haha. That's the story of the name Angel Wings. Hope you'll like it ::)
  17. Ouch .. That really hurts :cray: I never thought that I'd get a bad 1st impression from a stranger. I wish I didn't join this competition just for me to get this kind of outcome. So what if it's really true that the devs got bored and picked any random topic to win? Is there a way to delete a topic? Cause I'll delete mine if you want, it's just not right that my name is on the list of winners and people would go "he won?! My topic is cooler than him but he won?!" Is it bad to join a competition? Even just for fun? FYI, i really appreciated the ones that liked my photos, it really made me feel happy but you shouting my name .. Now that's harsh. bye. :mega_shok:
  18. 3rd place?! Awwwww ... Thank you :cray:
  19. Pasali naman po!!! hehehe .. Jhobbie pala pangalan ko :)
  20. ;D Haha , I have many accounts but my main is a druid, and yes, I am a noob rogue in MC and I always see ur posts in trade chat ::)
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