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  1. what happen ...he game its broken ? Solo for nokia and ovi store?
  2. hello am keidoblast and this is my account and I want to say that because I have an issue volvere pending on my account of the game that I was sabotaged by traitors who sold me my account had much appreciation and soon I'll be at the rate of those who me robbed and greetings to my friends carefully keido
  3. bug patch the game is one horror ....... Ok whait one day more and restore he error the game bug fixed xddd go go snorlax
  4. great opening for he update xd xd xd xd very very good ...snorlax you point is 1 ¡10! :)
  5. coments my friends the warspear !!! XD :) thir photo have new effect hehehe
  6. my creation and edit the photos who in the rules.... In modify the photos i like my photos .....:( win or lose ....i stay in the competition i like my style...:)
  7. peoples of arinar .....i post one tribute and post for recruit more people for play warspear and watch my photos ;)
  8. changue two new photos .....welcome a my nig post .....coments and ty
  9. good photos xd its cool the 4 faction and 12 class xd
  10. my first photo represent at my char is my favoruite... Xdd
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