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  1. lallous well i was in a hurry... :'( i feel bad, but 2 almost 3 years feel like too much thats a big part of my life. i wanna focus study, training and other stuff, i wish someday we'll meet again :give_rose:
  2. Darklock

    good bye!

    bye guys :cray: quit game
  3. matie x ur chars need to be active during the summer, and i doubt thats why theres a maintenance
  4. i really like hope u win, its a cool suit and id love to see a scary version of this also because i have a warlock named scarecrows :)
  5. have u done these? it looks like it for other game so i think i know the answer
  6. bulldog costume, throw him a bone and he will be your pet :blush:
  7. it not the maps its the class :facepalm: none of this maps is for anyones advantage in that case it would be because the CLASS is OP not the maps fault. the only map that would make it easy for melee classes is a ♥♥♥♥♥ small map nowhere to run, and who would like to fight on that huh? so stop ♥♥♥♥ around and start ♥♥♥♥ think :facepalm: and to all other out there make your own map that will: *look cool *exciting *cool theme (volcano, castle, lab) *be fair to all classes. then ill shut up but til then this topic = closed
  8. new map! volcano map! (without teleportation) teams start on respectivly sides and can choose between start a battle in the middle area or go around the map to ambush their enemies or just camp on one of the 4 bridges! :pardon:
  9. hmm guys it is hard to me to figure out the "perfect map" both for melee and ranged BUT i will keep making maps as long i got ideas and we'll see if one them seem to be more "perfect"
  10. new idea! "the graveyard"! each team spawns in corner up left and down right. they can go in middle and start a main fight or they can run around the map to ambush their enemies from behind!
  11. this be the coolest circle *look my prof pic*
  12. make so you get guild points even if you lose a arena fight because lets face it, no matter how strong we are, the warlock can kill us anyway :search: make it smaller amount i dont care just make us get gp if lose :diablo:
  13. nono you fight on the walls. the spawn/start areas is the bigger areas to the leftbesides this is just ideas, the things that i want added is the theme. For example: lab, swamps and citadel.
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