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  1. Selling Wedgehead Harvester for 300k Gold, Pm me here or in-game. Server: EU-Emerald IGN: Lacunacoil, Elf Side
  2. Hahaha, Memes invading Warspear :rofl: even snorlaxx found a way to make a facepalm
  3. Ladygi is becoming a good meme maker :rofl:
  4. Support is asking every details like Date Creation and real Id of account not the email you use to login.
  5. at this crowd of MCs and Elves.. NUBROSE still killed me first :rofl: all it takes to clean elves is revive and earthquake.
  6. Warlocks are not weak nor overpowered unless high amped. :) Place the Dark Circle right, dont let enemy fool you. Most of the warlocks ive killed with my mage place dark circle too late, others who caught me in dark circle cant deal damage enough to kill me (probably +7 or below) I think warlock is very effective on those enemies who dont care about "magic defense" same with mage. Warlocks and Necromancers need equipments with Sun Resistance just like Desert Wanderer Items right now, but between level 20-30.. warlocks and necromancers will be op when they have these appropriate
  7. Reply to the first post.. Blessing is really a curse to the enemies when you are like Darkzeid, 694 normal hit.. imagine blessing works 90% :rofl:
  8. Selling Baton of Sudden Doom, Pm your offer here or in-game. - Milk - EU Emerald
  9. 1. Yurith suddenly appeared. 2, His/Her croc slash cat costume suddenly came out of nowhere before September 3. 3. He/She only edited the face of the Cat Costume and blend the colors. 4. 2nd and 3rd placers created WAY MORE better costumes than this. 5. No offense, I dislike the judges who voted for this.. IN SO MANY WAYS :facepalm: Anyway, congratulations yurith :)
  10. On the bright side, be amazed on other mages who can still defend themselves or even win against these warlocks and shamans :rofl:
  11. Against a high amped warlock/shaman with max stun skills, it takes half of my hp before i can deal a damage to them :facepalm: so its like a pvp with handicap, even if you chains them first you'll end up dead, unless all your 3 skills hit critical 800-900-1000 :rofl:
  12. Probably got lucky, i went random arena and won against a mage with sd baton and a mage using full arena set. :)
  13. Got lucky, maybe yes. Who in the right mind will confess i killed them just like that :facepalm: I dont use crossing techniques, i dont even know how to kite :rofl: and its not the +2 Astrologer Charge that killed them, its because Sun Aura is enough to help me last long in battle along with resilience.
  14. Questions? Everyday i go nadir to kill MC, i dont take screens of every warlock or shaman or necro i killed, i dont know their equipmens either but sure its good cos they are level 18 or higher :facepalm: Lv 20 Shaman Babuxx used pots twice to kill me, Lv 20 Warlock Daoloth died 3 times 1v1 with me before he +8 all his equipments :facepalm: Maybe its luck but hell im using +2 staff only when i killed them, the rest you can ask elves since we are both in elven side.. its no bullshit, its reality. Im not boasting here, some skilled shamans and warlocks can kill me easily about this topic, Su
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