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  1. hi:) i was wondering how to get gm-game master:D if u dan tell i would je very thankful:) thx
  2. Lol nemozete kupit mcoinse hahahahaha
  3. We are the best we rule at snorlar :D
  4. They are jeaulesu od you wolfsy you pro im so happy when i sebe you i even ss you :D dont let them to ♥♥♥♥ you :) u best player on eu-server :) :)
  5. i think that it should be given 1 set suprise chest because of new server :)
  6. who need chainless quests on elf side meeting today at 21:00 gm +1 in caravan shop we do all cl quests i hope lots of players come :) you will see me il be with my druid lvl 16 xmrhealx :) :)
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