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  1. I think this would make boss battles to easy. When the boss attacks the highest damager this causes us to work together even more, and allows the battle to be real time. If we could control the boss in any ways then hunts would be out right boring. I like the unknowing element to boss battles. Maybe leave it how it is.
  2. I understand completely how you guys feel. When I heard about 2hand sprears for pala I was crushed. I put so much effort into one hand and how to effectively use that build. And now it seems that any pala with a half ampt sd spear can be extremely hard to kill for anyone of the same lvl. Just with healing and and that kind of dmg, not to mention the illumination skill for undead players, pala has faired very well as a pvp class. But after I thought about it I felt pretty happy. Now pala can actually match a dk's magic / melee dmg. They are truely equal now. Heal vs. dark shield, illumination vs. (cursed weapon i think it was). fetters pur combo dmg vs. threads stun att dmg. I amped the sd spear to +10, and I must say, for dk and all other classes (except rouge and ranger), 2hand spear is the way to go. But before the SD spear, no pala could ever beat an equally amped dk, no never. Now I understand why this update has a 2hand pala vs. a 2hand dk as the background image. Cant wait for the lvl 20 spear. Hopefully they will put magic dmg on a hammer. and btw, dk can use 1 hand mace now??????/ Thought i saw a dk with one. :drinks: guys
  3. Everyone knows your not a scammer bro. :good:
  4. +10 spear is amazing. Unlike any weapon I have seen for pala. Max dmg with dmg crystal enchant bonus is 605. And still with 480 heal. Really OP. With that much power combined with heal and 4700 def/18%res (arena gears) you wont even notice a .2 of a second delay. You guys are all right. This is the business. 1hand and shield, cant even come close to what i just witnessed. Yes I ampt it to +10. But damn Mecha you are right, shes a demon dude. I give it one week from today and ur gonna see hassn playing pala lmao. :crazy:
  5. Yeah I think your right, I could see it working out pretty well if the build is right. The heal is off the charts though, I did 526 max heal and aura at only lvl1. So the heal might just be the thing that makes up for the slow attack. Like I figure Dk uses a spear and it works because dk has a really great def skill that reduces the hell out of dmg. So what do you think about pvp with a warlock or shaman using a spear? Pala doesnt have any skill that places him instantly near an opponent like threads or charge. Just speculating btw.
  6. Just wanna know what you guys think about using spears, its a new thing for pala, possibly even a long awaited improvement for pala. So, you know pros and cons, opinions and what not. I think, they may prove to be useful, but not for every situation. Maybe good for pvp vs 2hand barb and Dk. Pvp with ranged classes and rouge might not be too wise, as I tried with a rouge and I managed to hit him about only 3x. If rouge does kick in the back you might as well sign off. Problem with spear is that the damn speed is really bad. Maybe only be suitable for Hunts. Imagine ur opponent evading one attack, thats like 6.8 seconds you havent landed a hit. So what do you think....
  7. Well it says "causes damage to undead enemies" and it does do that. so at least only half the skill works as it is stated in the skill description. And by the way the taunt does work. Just doesnt work to you standards, or maybe it should have more taunt power. But it does work. In any case pala is not a pvp class. we all know that pala is a support class. and for any class that can solo and tank we know that pala is the best at it. so we should accept that victory and be happy already.
  8. Many say pala's new skill is completely useless, but I have to disagree with that. In pvp vs rouge, pala now has 2 stealth breaking skills. Illumination causes rouge to engage for a split second breaking stealth. This is a 100% tested fact. Great skill vs rouge in pvp. Also against any undead enemy like Dk Warlock Necro, it causes a decent amount of damage. And seems to have a very small mini stun for anyone running away from you. My conclusion from endless battles and FOJ, is that "FOJ works best on enemies that are targeting pala". And illumintation causes enemies to target pala, so using illumination first and then immediately followed by FOJ increases the effectivnes of FOJ.
  9. Only good at low and high lvls :clapping: :tease: . Not really good at mid lvls.
  10. Not even the worst expert skill compared to others. Look at Dk's expert skill, its just a support skill for running dungeons. And no ones asking you to change your mind nir convince you. This topic isnt about changing your "gods" :pleasantry: mind, just looking at the pros and cons. If your smart you will know that devs doesnt make drastic changes to skills. Maybe tweek it some if anything. We asked for a damage causing skill and now we have it. But now we still complai. But the meat of it is this:::: Can you name all of the new expert skills that cause damage? Shaman? Druid? Dk? Barb? Well we got lucky.
  11. Yeah block is the best attack evasion there is. better than dodge and parry. :good:
  12. Haha ur cute. My enemies were high ampt. And i didnt say will get 300-400 dmg, I said "at least". Anyways my point is, its a good skill and blah blah complain %def% doesnt matter. It will have different affects in different situations. Point being its a good skill. Mqybe you should make a positive contribution to skill and stop complaining about it. Because itis a wonderful added damage in pvp against undead players. way better than astral damage. So yeah, tell devs to burn astral damage before illumination.
  13. I can answer only some of these. 1. I would say Pur5, Foj5, and Heal5 is pretty much the all around skill build. Aura is good to but only for stronger healer support and party support. 2. Depends on what your focus is while leveling. Is it arena or questing. ----- For arena I would say lvl pur first, then foj, then heal. (foj most important in arena) ----- For questing and making it to the next island I would say lvl pur first, then heal, and then aura. (aura and not foj because chosen island is really hard and your aura will come in more handy than foj). 3. I dont understand the question. 4. Most amazing class in the game. You can be warlock, a priest if your lucky*, never need pots, can survive alone in any situation better than any other class, solo bosses, arena is bad ass too ~ mixing spells/skills very diverse skill combos. warlocking the battle field, best and most needed support class there is. Downside is that your a support class unless highly ampt. but thats whats great about pala, everyone needs you. You may not get victories from having the highest dmg in arena but your foj is the most powerful skill on chosen firstborn. We would say warlocks dark circle is by far the worst right, well thats what pala can do. 5. Rate 11+
  14. I spent the whole night in pvp cave with DK. I set Illumination to its bottom level and still got 150 dmg on DK each and every time I used it. If you aint gonna try it then shut up with all the bull. This skill rocks. If you set it to lvl5 im sure you can get at least 300-400 dmg. duckin awsome skill.
  15. Yeah I noticed that too, instead of wasting my fetters now in arena I will just use illumination, and if i'm not mistaken it seems to break stealth, but then follows the gouge, so its not always a good idea to use first. @my fellow palas who think this skill is useless. For everyone who thinks its a useless skill, maybe your right. But maybe we should be looking at this game and pala from its right perspective. Its a team based game, not a pvp based game (WS wins awards for being the best team cooperative android game). All skills are basically designed by devs so that they work in conjunction with other class skills of the same faction. One class may have a great skill but that particular class lacks in something, and that's where another classes skill makes up for it. Pala is a tank and support class to sort of speak, so the skill illumination is primarily used for keeping enemies with high dmg off and away from healers and low def team members. Its a good thing if you like contributing to team wins.
  16. Gabraunth

    Paladin Stats

    My current build/stats for hunting. If I finish my def enchants which seems impossible at the moment my def should hit around 7.6k, and then pop a def potion I can get about 8k def witch would make for the perfect dungeon run and for hunts/solos. Also I switch between healing accessories and block/parry/dodge accessories depending on the hunt/solo. And for pvp and arena I will just go full arena gears, that's the smart thing to do, i think. All arena gears except the mace, which is currently endless war. The sacrifice of 2% parry from sd mace to endless war wasnt to bad because there is about a 20-25 dmg jump in which case for a 1hand pala makes a massive difference.
  17. Some history.. http://www.4shared.com/video/jeKqBc_1/Rise_of_the_Elves_-_By_Gabraun.html
  18. No please dont do that, think im gonna cry. This is an amazing skill for war like being in the center of a huge battle. Great for extra damage on an cursed enemy players. I busted this in arena with wartlock, necro and a dk all on the same team and surrounding me as after I used fetters in the center of them and I saw pretty high damage on all of them. This skill possesses mage power capability. And to top if off, think im gonna cry :cray: , its the same skill that Chrono has from chrono trigger :cray: :cray: :cray: im gonna go play chrono trigger now. :cray:
  19. Mecha says dk doesnt need distance to use threads, but a dk will never use threads without getting distance. I pvp'd with many dk for a long time, and the all try to get distance to use threads. My point is that dk will need to CLICK/TAP away from you in order to walk away for a small distance, same with barb for charge. Your Illumination skill will force them to re-target you if set at a high study lvl. And that will break their focus and cause some confusion with their combo. (Players cannot target another player while walking in the opposite direction). Lets just say I have done it enough times to make barb look dumb trying to charge, and enough to stop threads and cause extra good damage on dk. I hope that you test it before you reply, because I think when the cats out of the bag you'll be saying damn that skill a is pretty usefull skill. Well you should try to use this skill in pvp with dk. Set the skill at 3 or higher and and have a pvp match with dk,
  20. After using the skill in many various situations I started to realize that this skills primary focus is to be used against Chosen's arch enemy. So players like Dk, Warlock, and Necro will be effected the most out of this skill. And for all those pala who find it extremely difficult to pvp with high amped DK's and their sweet skill setup, we now have a skill that causes decent damage, offsets their combos and timing. Pvp with Dk: If used at the right time can prevent dk from getting distance to use threads (as dk begins to walk away use illumination to bring him back, followed by fetters and yeah you know the rest). Work this skill into your combos but from an enemy's skill stand point, and you may see how it should be applied correctly. It's obvious that this is what Devs intended to do. And I'm sure all the new skills play a certain role in balancing the game whilst still keeping it a diverse game.
  21. Ok, I will go ahead and remove the claims. So what exactly is a paypal chargeback? Does that mean that the payment never went through?
  22. Crap post. The skill is not useless, works just fine for me. It's not supposed to destroy everything in sight. it's just a skill that you need to learn how to work into your current combo's. I use it in arena and it is almost like fetters only prevents the enemy from attacking other party members for a long enough time to have a better chance at winning. Remember pala is a support class, so why are we expecting them to give us a non support skill. I say leave the skill. Not to mention this skill is maybe more suitable for a tanking pala being 1 hand and shield. I payed close attention to this skill, it is a little similar to dk's skill (the one that makes you lose your target). Only you don't have to re-select your target, only your attacking direction is temporarily shifted. Also i'm sure it fails sometimes too, like all skills. I wouldn't say it only works on certain classes.
  23. A month ago I purchased miracle coins. A week after I sent an email to the warspear support explaining what happened and what hasn't happened and I gave them all of my account information (server, char name, and registered email address), and to this day I never received a response. So today I went into my paypal and opened a paypal claim. And what do you know... my warspear account has been blocked now. I'm really confused devs. Why are there delays like this when we purchase miracle coins? And my account is blocked now as if I did something wrong. It's business, I am the customer and you are the merchant, I play by the rules as you have set them, but I don't think it's fair that you sell a product and then have really bad follow through. So can someone please answer me, send me an honest email about whats going on. Even reply here would be fine.
  24. Small correction: Block is in the same category as parry, having no opposing stat. Unlike dodge, your dodge % changes based on your attackers accuracy. Dodge ~ Accuracy (can avoid all kinds of attacks, but with random % based on attackers acc) Parry ~ --------- (can only avoid physical attacks, *i think) Block ~ --------- (can avoid all kinds of attacks and % never changes no matter the attackers stats).
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