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  1. Its says japanese on my translator..Cmon Mods we need u to retaliate against this invasion
  2. Hmm, Works fine on PC but...on my tab, its taking a bit more time! Ty for this new layout but where is the signature?? Edit:okay got it!
  3. Before posting, please think about why you are posting this topic..Why do you think that the support team has any role in this.If u dont want to be infamous, say it to your friends or whoevr u want but DEFINTELY NOT SUPPORT.I think tavern or general would be a good place to post
  4. I think moderators must have given u a hint for ur ban.Mainly, using abusive language and breaking the forum rules can lead to this. Good luck!
  5. I farmed black jack 7-8 times..My pt didn't get costume...yet..Is the drop rate still low?
  6. Aww.I agree with your point of view but we cant "Arena ban" them... Right? I would like to suggest-Stop arena demand if the character is not moving, not chatting or not doing anything for 30seconds(Just idle). (Auto Demand Cancellation)
  7. I dont what to say ...Is this topic a suggestion or you're directly saying that they should remove it.This is a debate-able topic.And as far I know, r0land said this wont be removed from mc side.(Zombatar's word..not mine) If u had used the search button, you could have found out more abt it. Its not useless..u can dissamble, it gives a lot of craft resources which can be sold out in a market. Although, you earn less gold.I hope, they would reconsider this problem in the future
  8. sir, dont you think a month is a huge period of time??
  9. ahem, firstly I wanna draw attention to the fact that not many go online on forum.As being a player, I had joined forum just to see News and announcement. And many still do that.if I hadnt lost my characters, I wouldn't have given my 70% time to support cuz I wanted to help others. Secondly, even I dont look into every post...the only people who do are developers (I bet:not all), moderators (not all too) and My friend Angelo (Zombotar) I had to dig up your previous posts to find your warning( and Zombotar hadnt found your post....yet)..And tbh, you cant call that an official warning.And, by official announcement -i meant showing announcement in game (at login window)Sorry for being angry but I am being realistic here. Ik im being very annoying.Ban me from forum, if u please. Thank you for your time
  10. Lol..does it shows - "? "On map?? Quest when done, other quest chain are not seen by map or minimap..It is overlapped by the quest finish sign-"?" And again-please give a screen shots of quests and your map
  11. thats odd I have no problem ... try cancelling some quest.. Please send a detailed scenario(in case, it doesnt work).tell me the quest name, location, whatcha eating (kidding ).I'll try out that quest .
  12. So..its a clear No to V2.3.6.. R0land ,please make an announcement for these things in future(like removing parameters, this case too) I mean Real announcement..not like -I had already given the warning.I had dig up some posts to see your warning..
  13. Hi(nvr got to say before..=.=) it is already suggested.and one thing to add.Who said they are useless O.O?? I disassemble them to get catalyst (got just 2 from so many weapons..sucks right?) Still, u cant say its useless. Ok good luck..hope u see my point
  14. Last time...pretty please ??????? Its the new boss O.O
  15. Actually, im familiar with this problem..It mainly happens wen u have been playing before quest reset.After quest reset, u can get them but u see old quest icons (previous day dailies) Restart the program..it will be fixed After doing a quest..some quest get unlocked.i often donot see them on my mini map but I see on the map (the big one ..lol im sounding funny ) reboot and see what happens
  16. Depends who wants to gain more you or your buyer? Its better to sell single peices if you want profit.
  17. My hands up to delete this topic pls.ITS KITIGE vs all players.if u cant handle mc clan..pleaseeeeeeeeee join elf side =.= noone forced u to join the mc side.
  18. Exuse me R0land, would you mind giving back the none parameter and again make it like this, cuz I have one friend who just borrowed Demo suit . Would you call it bad luck? I know you had warned but still he is not much familiar with this forum business. Just one last time....Pls dont say no plus you can have this personal parameter back soon
  19. Ah ok..watevr they wish O.O
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