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  1. test server download link dead?
  2. Absolute Reflexes. The mechanics of the skill was completely changed. In case of successful evasion Rogue gets attack speed bonus for a certain time period. The effects are not summed up. - is it attack speed or dodge? when i played test server it was dodge.
  3. I cant copy+paste texts on android please fix this. Thanks.
  4. try finishing all the norlant swamps yellow quest
  5. and to add with this pls give BDs a machine gun that can kill ALL mobs and Players in 1 map.
  6. Finally a reply. We'll wait for it to be fixed then
  7. wth msquincy is an old player? is the ranger his/her main char before?
  8. ofc people will panic coz you dont give estimated time on when to finish this maint
  9. good job devs get ready pala's ill be kicking your a**** again
  10. lets say 2 healers are left and fighting each other when 30seconds tick then they both die = draw good idea
  11. well if they make circle 7x7 too maybe you guys can also adapt ayt?
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