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  1. only hard tower, even if he doesnt finished heroic the quest will still remain, but no yellow quest remain in map 2. the guarding is in legion i also take screenshot from legion quest. also if he finished hard tower he can proceed to ayvon if you see the SS no quest available . i dont know what seems to be the problem. is it bug?
  2. he finished you see theres no yellow quest remain, he done hard tower, i guess after this he can proceed ayvon quest, but if you see the screenshot theres no yellow or daily quest in ayvon. for now thats the quest he has in the screenshots.
  3. can you help me my friend encountred a problem i think he is bug, he doest have ayvon quest although he done the tower quest. what ssems to be the problem. he is lvl 21 rogue yet he played only in map 2 for daily quest.
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