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  1. not bad qwest but wery hard buy mc when hard to understand payment i newer sen thust transfers in me all life ...
  2. whay you put 18lvl items in swams best game items from qwest that was litle stupid dout you think ?
  3. beter up all stun ataks to max your damig maby will be low but nowhan cant tuch you .
  4. need help with first islend bosses plys help :P
  5. all players are nice thusr ask at trade chat they show you wear and what .
  6. i not come bicose am a newbie :D
  7. Reaperxox


    boring nothing interesting .
  8. me cosen got clan wow well done legijonas .
  9. i hate first island to meny wacking :P
  10. its nice when admins fixing bugs ,but when thay fix all dc problems .
  11. duck thus ubdates you making of game Cerkes v2.8 was the best
  12. Reaperxox

    dc bug

    whay so meny conecsion problems with servers ?
  13. plys make 1 vs 1 at arena funksion plyssss :)l
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