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  1. People will find out how to defeat this cat sooner or later... And yes, I'm agree with the poison that will kill afk people
  2. Because stun is a must to be maxed :P what else would you level instead
  3. Hello everyone, I need your suggestions about a Hunter build for skills. Currently I´m lv18 and my skills are: Shot 3/5 Stun 5/5 Poison 1/5 Dodge 1/5 Combat Stance 5/5 My question is, which expert skill should a hunter buy 1st? And so until level 26. Also which ones are recommended to level up, and I know it will depend on your gameplay style: PVE or PVP. Thanks in advanced!
  4. Hi forum.. Greetings from an oldtimer
  5. AIGRIND team, you shouldn't dissapoint your players. I think we deserve more than promises
  6. I think he's never afk. Edorath just doesn't likes fighting :blush: he show us the meaning of the word peace xd however, he's cool :yahoo:
  7. Leo asked to upload them xd We love you, Edorath :give_rose:
  8. Muy bueno, PRofundo ;D me alegra verlos bien, mantengan la guild en pie :give_rose:
  9. Hola, I'm from Argentina ;D
  11. Finally found him ;D he's a nice guy xd
  12. -_- luckily, someone kept ur nicknames
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