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  1. Justinas


    That's really not much...
  2. I just update the tenor in the future as soon as this update is coming and all the things that players will now be
  3. Best gold is from bears for Fistborns and Mountain Clans...
  4. I think the emerald server will be best...
  5. This game is just few months old and play about 1000players , so think about it.What happen after 1year if GM don't stop game upgrading...Then they create not 1 or 2 servers.
  6. Destiny, I agree with you...But that is too good to became true
  7. That's is great, but possible make little more 'smiles' and add to game chat mini smile menu
  8. I play on the server and the Russians are now very distressed, because more than 60% of Russians do not know to speak English language ... I thought that would be interesting because a lot of people for that server, but it's a big mistake
  9. These fluids is for if you to not want to wait until when HP regenerate...And if you are herd previously raise druid? In addition to these fluids is difficult to raise...Besides for fights is special fluids which you can use fighting
  10. Fistborn race is not any better at and is a race made it easier quests and is characterized by a hits
  11. If you were not so hard to create more server and take care of them that could create a server each country ... Of course not to all servers in the world but the country from which players are playing
  12. Everybody has their own opinion...I think is best way to make gold is kill bears...They drop skulls and teeths ( not always ) so that is 12gold...But some players think that is wrong so I don't say that is BEST WAY TO MAKE GOLD...
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