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  1. Hej, czasami wbijam popykać jak ktoś chce pograć ze mną jakiś wspólny spam dungeona lub bicie bossów z kostiumami to niech pisze mój nick w grze Xall 28 shaman i Lae 26 dk 😄
  2. Hey guys I wanna show you my shaman hunting spring dungeon, itd totally free of mc buy account so im not very good amped, +4 staff and eq 20lvl without use any minions or boost just slow but profit.
  3. So if its not a tank and shaman or necro outscale him in everything in support role so tell me where is his place in party... That buff is not increasing amounted heal just replacing it with worse.
  4. Well since charmer is useless to party and nobody wants take him I will give some tips to devs what he should change. First of all charmer heal should be unique heal not similar to shaman to boost tank in party, second thing get taunt in expert skills to be able tank because heavey armor low dmg is not needed to pt and third thing devs should invent some eq like heavy armors with magic dmg to charmer future set because his dmg is really low...
  5. agreed with you bro, also lab daily quest no drop and ponti not anymore books hurt me by the way.. these relics change nothing in pve fights... defensive relic work for 10 secs.. and chance only 10% so once per 10 time if u are lucky... its like 2 hit from boss? too short.... Btw i bought extra magic defence 10% relic on my earth protect.. used earth protect on tank.. relic appeard and incrased my magic def not tanks.. Im getting mad about this game...
  6. I guess impossible make connect all servers and save item to server before, in test server you have copy of your character, all items you lose on test you not lose on your server... I guess also impossible make second client only for wars...
  7. lol yes all shaman stop paly and go play druids good idea bro fix all problems with skill balance
  8. dude there is no better skill for necro support from expert anyway so now 4/4 mental pit and new skill will be best choice instead of infection...
  9. new shaman skill is nice you can easy wipe floor with it.
  10. It works so stupid because not even giving you full hp bar while you have full hp and using, you need use heal to get rest hp xD
  11. I think buying that hp incrase shaman skill is pointless since ur dmg from fire totem on 4/4 can heal you more if u have lifesteal eq and be more useful in pve than that hp skill guys also u can put 3x time totem in 120sec summary hit 15 times(for example 600 when 10% lifesteal is 60, 60x15 is 900) gj devs 500 hp skill op
  12. what dmging ability you talk about? you deal the same dmg from all skill just counter nerfed and cry? lol look your race bonus and passive dmg up vs rogue bonus and compare how much bd has more def than rog because able to use tank eq lol.
  13. Thx devs for another useless shaman skill this is most useless i ever seen in game from 3700hp i get to ~4300 at 4/4 then i need heal up myself to get full hp bonus LOL 4800 no matter how much hp you have you heal around 600 and giving you empte hp bar u must heal up yourself loool and this skill even on 4/4 has 120sec cooldown explain me where this skill is useful.
  14. Dude.. But this will incrase max hp count as heal or just incrase your hp level and you will need heal to get max?
  15. Can someone explain how this shaman skill will work? It healing you % hp and giving you incrased hp or just giving you empty hp? if second answer it will be most useless skill in game lol.
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