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  1. Alright but if i expent millions of gold on costumes like dragon servant, avenger and more, and now i stop play that character, i dont want to buy those costumes again for having them on other.. xD well i see fair if u expend lot of gold on costumes u can unbind them ( paying more xD) wildboy and faceless are gettin older and cheaper, no sense And probably most of those players earn that gold playing or buy cheaper and ilegal to other players, making the costume unbind option for miracle coins will make, sure proffit to Aigrind ;)
  2. I propose that the developers add that option even if it is paying miracle coins like you can do with the equipement , i dont know why that option dont exist, it would make many players buy miracle coins, its good for everyone. Or also enable it as an event for a month or something like that where players can pay for unbind their costumes one month a year or for ever!! what do you think? I THINK WE NEED IT!!
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