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  1. i notice you guys added the missing items in arena elf shop. thnx :)
  2. yep halloween 3.9 winter 3.9.5 bug fix 4.1 bg tower 4.3-4.5 new island 8.9 version xD
  3. i already report it. snorlax said they fix it together with the 9lvl arena staff that is also missing ONLY in elf side.
  4. leeann

    Warspear music

    we need music.... come on... halloween soon... we need creepy music!
  5. as i reported before in this topic http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=94602.0 the 9lvl staff at elf side is missing. :facepalm: (when you gonna add it?) now i notice that the 11lvl gloves are missing from firstborn arena supplier too... but they exist in the mountain clan... i mean come on... just coppy the code from mountain n paste it on elf too... or whatever its that it causes it, FIX IT!!! :facepalm:
  6. this would be a great step for warspear. i like the idea!
  7. why would someone put unity signs in warehouse? you can store 50 in only 1 slot.
  8. 9lvl arena staff at firstborn still not added.
  9. leeann

    9lvl staff missing

    mc / forsaken / chosen have 9lvl staff. firstborn doesnt.
  10. as you can see in the following pic, the 9lvl arena staff on elf side is missing while the others have it. please fix it as soon as possible.
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