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[2018.12.28] Contest "Greeting card - 2019"

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The holiday of the World Creation Day is gaining momentum, so it's time for the contest "Greeting card - 2019"!

You have a great opportunity to prove yourself, show your creativity and get valuable prizes for it!


We don’t put limitations on how you will create a postcard: it can be drawn by pencils or on a tablet, a sculpture of plasticine or a photo collage - do what you want! And remember, the more imagination you show, the more chances you have to win!


The greeting card must contain:

1. Christmas/New Year greeting

2. The name of the game - "Warspear Online"


Do not forget the main rule: one member - one work.


In the works, you can use any attributes of the holiday of the World Creation Day: images of locations of the Snow Boundary, characters, costumes, poems about Warspear Online and everything that will come to your head.


You must create a topic in this section of the forum, titled it "[your character’s name] - [server]" and add your card to January 13.


We will choose five winners, and each of them will receive 50 Magic Christmas Caches and a Christmas Hair Stylist Set!


But if you do not find your work in the list of winners, you still have a chance to get a pack of Magic Christmas Caches!


We are starting to accept works today, December 28, and the results will be announced on January 16.


Happy holidays!


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