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  1. I named it spring jester, as the upcoming event is about the spring season and jester as it means bringer of joy/happines. And the over all comeout of my costume look so much like a jester, thus the name. And this costume represents life because spring as we all know is the start of another life from long hibernations. Arinar has been disturbed by war and has made its people robbed out of joy and peace. So I guess a little bit of light and life is good for Arinar. -So my costume is made of leaves as you can see from its head, a face of a flower bud, a bust of green fungus, a black torso with no meaning - just black, those belt of flower buds, and a pants of an upside down flower/leafy green bud. And it floats, as you can see, no feet at all. - Dimensions 24*45 square pixels. I had included the exact pixel size, enlarged size and a little sneeky peek in the pelion. Character: SORAYAH Server: SEA-Pearl
  2. All i get was potions minions and rune. No costume or skins hahahah anyways, thank you!
  3. Aaaaawww hahah i opened my sora right now to see my rewards Nah imma sleep now and wait again tomorrow
  4. Hand in hand with the mighty warriors of Sea pearl, we bring you back the holiday happines and together let us welcome a wonderful and prosperous 2019! Keep up the good work Warspear. Cheers to more entertainment you will bring! P.s. I hope i still made it. Welp. Better to be late than never ๐Ÿ˜˜
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